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X-ians Complain

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

     My video Answers to a Pastor is stirring up a lot of interest. It has been translated into several languages, and all combined, it has had more than 120,000 views. Along with the many positive responses of those who have enjoyed it, have also come complaints from the “believers,” who do not like to see their messiah/man-god shown to be a myth. Here are a few of the many comments, and my answers to them…

X-ian -  “Maybe this Rabbi should actually read Isaiah 49 & 53. Y-HVH [Hashem] tells us Himself who the Messiah is and yeshua [Yashka] fulfilled all that Y-HVH said he would.”

Gutman  - Isaiah wrote in chapter 41:8, "You, Israel are my servant... Jacob, you are my servant." In chapter 49:3, Isaiah says, “You are My servant, Israel….”

     There is no reason to imagine that the servant spoken of in Chap 53, or anywhere else, is a different servant than the one the Prophet already named, and it is not the one you are voting for. It is Israel, who is also call Jacob (i.e. The Jewish people). This is inventing scripture to fit your hopes / position.

X-ian – “Give me a break. In the video this Rabbi is speaking of yeshua messiah picking grain to eat because it is against their oral law. They call it the Oral Torah when it is nothing but the man made law added to Torah. The oral doctrine of Judaism is as much to blame as is the doctrine of christendom for the continuing divide between the children of Y-HVH. Both have added and both have taken away.

Gutman - The laws of Shabbat are not Rabbinic. The Rabbis explained these Torah laws, as have they explained all of the Torah’s commandments. Regarding your choice of messiah, the Torah tells us that the Messiah's father has to be from the tribe of Yehudah. Who is your "messiah's" father? According to you, it was a ghost! [They say that the “Holy Spirit” impregnated a virgin Jewish woman named Mary.]  Sorry, there are no ghosts allowed in the tribe of Yehudah, only men whose fathers are also from this tribe. The children of Israel are not divided on this one. Virtually all Jews agree that yashka (your choice for messiah) is responsible for killing Jews, not saving Jews.

X-ian -  “His name is yeshua (hebrew version of the commonly used name). What the hell is Yashka? And he didn't kill anyone. And don't act so pious. You live in Israel, but Gemara Ketubot 111a says Jews should not use force to establish a state before the Messiah comes. According to you, he hasn't come yet, so why was 1948 not in violation of the Talmud law I just quoted?”

Gutman - We are told, "Do not let the names of their gods come across your lips," so we give your false gods nicknames, like ‘yashka.’ We are not using force to establish a state, we are using force to defend ourselves. Why are you now accepting and quoting Talmud, but rejecting it when it says that yashka was not the Messiah? You are arguing and betting your life both in this world and in the next on a belief without having seen anything, and neither did the person who taught you those beliefs see anything. Messiah will be born from Yehuda, not from a ghost!

X-ian – “You call my Messiah a false God and you want to know why everybody hates you. If I said the same thing about your religion, you'd whine and whine forever about anti-Semitism. How hypocritical. Irgun and Lehi were committing massacres against civilians. This is clearly documented, even by Israeli scholars. That's not "self-defense.’"

Gutman - You are getting angry again. Your radical beliefs are affecting your logic. Everyone does not hate me, as you said; most people like me very much. I do not whine, I explain. You pick and choose your sources for history the same way you pick sources for your religious beliefs--just so they fit what you want to believe--and ignore the facts. Why do you believe in something that you did not see?

X-ian – “Then don't change the subject. Talmud says no force to establish a state, and the Israelis certainly used force to establish a state. The one you're living in. You can insult my religion because of what your Torah says. You can make a cute joke now to deflect, or you can answer the questions. Let's see what you choose.”

Gutman - Look at what you are doing. You are ignoring the subject to look for a fight. I said to you that the Torah says that the Messiah's father has to be from Yehudah and your "messiah's" father is a ghost, and you again ignore this and instead charge that the Jews are breaking the Talmud by defending ourselves from arabs so we can live in Israel! Your religion has caused the death of millions upon millions of Jews for 2,000 years. This fact is not from the Torah, it is from world history! Do not expect me to approve of your beliefs.

X-ian – “You're either ignorant to the history of Zionism or you just don't want to admit the truth. Regarding the truth about the founding of the state of Israel, I'll direct you to the ZIONIST Israeli historian, Benny Morris, who clearly proves that the Israelis were fighting largely a war of offense.

    “Your religion is steeped in anti-Gentile hatred, from Maimonidies' racism against blacks to insults against Jxsus and Mary in the Talmud. Do not expect me to approve of it.”

Gutman – As I said, you choose your historians like you choose your “bible,” as long as it agrees with you. Apparently, you hate Jews and our religion, so you accuse us of hating you. The Torah tells us that G-d loves all righteous people and He hates the evil ones. History tells us that nation after nation has attacked Jerusalem, and they even exiled us from our Land, yet we have come home again. Redemption is happening right now!

     From here on, his language got nastier and louder, and all pretense of reasoning was left behind.

     Do I think that my answers will change him? Highly unlikely. Then, why bother answering them at all? Often, others also hear these answers, and these truths give those others good reasons why they should not follow the ones who cannot be reached.           

     We have been given the task of being a “Light Unto the Nations” and this is an opportunity to try to fulfill that assignment.

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