Monday, January 23, 2012

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Who Do You Think You Are?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Each of us was sent into this world with a particular job. One of the best ways to find your job is, is to look at your name. When parents give their newborn infant a name, they usually name him or her after a loved one who recently passed away, or after someone they truly respect, or perhaps for a dream. Most parents do not realize that Hashem quietly whispers a thought to them, to guide them so that they will choose the name that is best-suited for that child. This is actually a form of prophecy.

     To find the Heavenly hope for you, look at your name and who you are named after. Learn about the relative, but also look at the source of that name. Quite often (with Jewish names at least) a Biblical personality first had that name. Look at the characteristic traits that person was known for, and then try to find those same traits within yourself, albeit watered-down.

     Another way to find out more about your earthly task is to try to see which Biblical personalities you identify with. Often, you will find one or two lives recorded in the Bible that resonate more with you than all of the others.

     When you start work on a new job, the boss has to give you the proper tools for that job. So obviously, the tools we were born with will help show us what we were sent to do. For instance, if you are very short, it is highly unlikely that you were sent into this world to be a basketball player. What are you good at? What talents did you bring with you when you came into this world?

     Once you recognize your skills, try to apply them and align them with your overall spiritual purpose. If your mother is Jewish, your deeds in your last lifetime merited a Jewish life this time around. Be sure to use your individual talents in a way that not only elevates the world, but that is compatible with a Torah life.

     So, who do you identify with? There is Abraham, with his emphasis on kindness; Yitzchok, who personified self sacrifice; Yaakov’s, who struggles and  overcomes as Israel… Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, Leah, Dovid, Eliyahu, who?

     Shall I tell you who I feel that my life reflects? In the Temple days, only a High Priest was allowed into the Holy of Holies. He could enter only once a year, and only on the most holy day of the entire year.

     But when something inside the Holy of Holies needed repair, a craftsman had to be brought to fix it. They tried to find a holy kohen (priest) who could do it, but if one could not be found, they had to use even a simple Jew.

     Now the problem was: Obviously, this Jew was not allowed to just walk in and look at the Holy of Holies, so they lowered him into that holy place in a box that prevented him from seeing the glorious view, from a hole in the roof. They lowered him to the spot that needed repair, and he fixed the problem from the one open side of the box. Then, he was quickly hauled back up and out of that holy place.

     Somehow I got into this holy place where I live, and I got to do this holy work of helping other Jews to do mitzvahs. I must have done something to merit this position, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what! It seems to be just a gift lowered down from Heaven.

     Remember, as always, my stories are not intended to make you marvel at the people I write about, but for you to marvel at the opportunity that you have to make your life a holy story, too. It all depends on your deeds.

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