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A Very Good Question

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


Hi Rabbi Locks,

     My name is Umar and I hope that you are doing well. Rabbi Locks I had two questions for you concerning Converts and life. Why is it that when people, after studying Philosophy, Theology….convert to other faiths, beliefs. Think of it this way, a Christian woman studies Islam and converts to Islam because she says she knows that christianity is false. Another christian rejects both christianity and Islam and becomes an Atheist. An Atheist studies christianity and Islam and converts to Judaism. My question is this, how do we know who is right and who is wrong? When one says G-d is not a man and the other says G-d became a man, someone here is wrong.

    My second question is this, Christians have faith that (their guy) was resurrected, Muslims have faith that Muhammad wasn’t just making things up. What do Jews have faith in?

Thank you Rabbi Locks. Have a good one!

Shalom Umar,

     You have asked a very good question. It is a question that philosophers have asked for ages: Since all belief is merely belief, how do you know if you are believing in something foolish, or in something true?

     Here are a few tests to see if your beliefs are justified: Does what you believe make sense? Some people create a god, via a statue or such, and then go on to say that their “god” created them! Obviously this is foolish.

     Where does your belief take you? How do the ones who believe in it live? Are they sensible, calm, loving people? Do they have healthy families? Are they able to provide for their families? Do they contribute to society?

     The philosophy you choose will greatly affect your life. For instance, there is a philosophy called “existentialism.” Is existentialism true or not? Well, anyone can see that those who really believe in it become depressed. They consider death to be an answer to life! Obviously, this is not a healthy philosophy.

     Even scientists change their minds from time to time. Whenever they learn that one of their “facts” is wrong, they simply change their theory and move on. So what is the bottom line? What should we believe in? What is true?

     The Torah tells us that when G-d first created the Universe, He did so demanding a standard of Justice. “Justice” means Truth. Whatever a person does he is immediately accountable for, to the letter! Well, G-d saw that His creation could not stand up to such a strict standard, so G-d created Mercy to come into the world and actually throw down Truth, so there could be Peace. Peace is the goal of life. As wonderful as is the Truth, Peace is even more wonderful.

     So, what I recommend to you is to test your beliefs and see if they lead to Peace. If they do, then most likely, you will do fine by following those beliefs.

     May G-d bless you with a peaceful life.


  1. Or you can watch Rav Keleman's "Rational Approach to Divine Origin of Judaism": or Rav Mizrachi's "Torah and Science":

    if you are looking for a different approach.

  2. calm stable peaceful lives good home lives id say no on all 3 deist religions ! there a terrible desecration of gods name all 3 of them . i think the hindus and buddhists more spiritual from there dna are better at this . as far a jc being a man god he works for a lot of people rabbi locks thats why they paray to him constantly and praise his name . If only our mashiach could be as famous ?!

  3. Peace is indeed wonderful. But can there be peace in the absence of truth?

  4. But didn't Shlomo Hamelech say there was a time for war? And what about milchemet mitzva - that is a war that comes from a place of truth. I'm not promoting war, but in some circumstances it comes from a place of truth. On the other hand the European Union completely based on apikorsut has promoted peace across the continent that eluded it for thousands of years. Just saying.

  5. Gutman, according to some of your criteria you should become a Mormon. Another one of your criteria I would certainly stay away from Orthodox Judaism as I know many incredibly disfuntional families. There are very decent Goyim and Jews in this world and religion does not seem to be the total determining factor. I have met some messianic Jews here in Jerusalem (no I don't follow their man god lie) but if you based it on your criteria, I would run to them based on their actions and midot. They where very decent, but deceived not following the historical Jews teachings but that of men. Seems to be a common problem in religion today.

    Annon, JC, the roman counterfeit lie based on the historical Torah observant jew does work for many, including Jews. The biggest problem is that he has been made into something he never was. If you can discern between his actual teachings and the lies, it's incredible stuff. The coverups on all sides if ever exposed would set the world ablaze. Don't kid yourself, our Mashiach is as famous, he's just being kept from view by all of the big 3 religions. See Isaiah 29:13. Just a hint, he only taught the written Torah and Tanach to his followers.

    David, the truth has been covered up by all religions. Until we shed the lies of religion, including Judaism as currently being taught, we can never attain our goal. Until we gather a critical mass, nothing will change. The problem is the leaders are deceiveing us daily with religion. Read the written Torah of Moshe, then really think if it's what we follow today. No one can honestly answer yes. We have this golden calf the Talmud instilled in our minds that it too is from Har Sinai. You've been lied to, and you want peace. As a dog returns to his vomit so does a fool return to his foolishness.

  6. Ad mata'i Rav Gutman, will your wonderful website keep on serving as a missionizing platform for certain commenters who come here to speak on behalf of their "historical whatever" and try to subvert your pure teaching??

    How could I possibly bring to your attention that tolerance is not always a virtue? (Sorry, no disrespect here, I'm aware you're a talmid chacham and surely know millions of times more about Torah than I).

    How can we tolerate someone coming day in and day out here, to this holy virtual space, to sling mud onto our Chaza"l and to call our compilation of Oral Torah, the key to understand the Written Torah, a "golden calf" (lehavdil!!!!!).

    We've just read Parashat Pinchas... Does it suggest something?

    Thanks for your time & hope to see you soon in EY.

    R. Halevy.


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