Monday, January 09, 2012


The Road to Jerusalem

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


As I traveled up the hill to Jerusalem, the traffic was a bit frustrating.  Like everyone, I have to get to work on time and the traffic was in my way!

There was a break in the traffic and I darted forward.  I passed an older slower car and saw a sight…

A Breslever Na Nach chossid was dancing in the car, and he was the driver!  He had both his arms up, a huge smile on his face and was bouncing up and down in his seat!  I quickly passed him, how was he steering???

A few minutes later I passed a woman driver on my right, her mouth open wide she was clearing singing at the top of her lungs.  What a day for crazies.

But as I continued up the hill, it hit me.  I’m a Jew freely traveling to Jerusalem!  It may be to work, but for literally over a thousand years Jews have dreamed of going to Jerusalem and not been able.  And here I am, a Jew about to enter the holy city…


…and as I hit traffic again, I began to sing and bounce in my seat!  Thank you Hashem, for allowing me to fulfill the dream of hundreds of generations!

So if you’re in traffic on the way to Jerusalem and see a long bearded Jewish blogging bouncing in his seat, honk and say hello.


  1. he might've been driving with his legs (his thighs)...

    kol hakavod reb akiva! :)

  2. Akiva, I was thinking these thoughts (about Jeru'm) yesterday, before I even saw your post. :) I usually never have this happening to me. A sign ? (lol). Ha-shana Hazu (Be'ezrat Hashem) Bi-Yerushalayim !!
    Everyone, please say Amen !


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