Monday, January 02, 2012


It’s an Opportunity

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Since the beginning of creation, each generation has gone lower than the previous one. This is likened to throwing a stone: The further the stone travels away from the hand that throws it, the more the force of gravity is able to pull on it, and the stone is pulled lower. Even though the force of gravity is the same in each generation, since it has pulled on the stone longer, its effect is greater, and the stone sinks lower and lower--until it hits the ground.

     But, to the very opposite of this, the closer each generation comes to the Final Redemption (which we see is just around the corner) the greater is the opportunity to go higher! This can be likened to standing in a dark tunnel: As you move even a little closer to the sunlight that is radiantly glowing outside the tunnel. With each step it gets lighter.

     This means that we are at a time when we can either very easily get bogged down with the never-ending daily tribulations, or we can pick up our heads--even a little--and we will begin to see that gorgeous light. It is actually easier to accomplish more when it is harder to do. The result of doing a good deed when few are doing it is much greater than doing that same deed when everyone is also doing it.

     When things seem to crash in on you, take a deep breath and say, “If I lift up my head, I am going to see the light.” Then pick yourself up. Some things that will pick up your head are: slowly reading a few Psalms in a language that you understand, helping a Jew to do a mitzvah, or even, just smiling at someone you love. You will begin to see the light.


  1. Thanks, i have different challenges. But i try to enjoy whatever moment I can BH

  2. chazak reb gutman, metsuyan! :)
    the best advice..simple,clear
    to the point and helpful. thankyou!


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