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He Wouldn’t Listen

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003     We all tried, but he wouldn’t listen. He was a young American who is studying history in Switzerland. He came to the Kotel with two friends. We got his friends to put on tefillin, one of them for the first time in his life, but he wouldn’t do it. His friends had a great time, and they even tried to convince him to put them on, too, but he refused. I tried everything, but he had a deep-seated problem that kept him from putting them on.

     Just then, an America Chassid walked by, (picture) and he tried. He told him that he is an insurance examiner, and that one day he went to the president of Mercedes of all America, and when he went to his office the secretary told him that he had to wait…the president was busy. But then, the president called out from his inner office and told her to let the man in.

     He was amazed to see the president of Mercedes sitting there with wearing tefillin! He was davening (praying) and the secretary knew not to disturb him, but a Chassidic visitor was welcome to go in.

     Still, he would not put on tefillin. He wasn’t even moved.

     One of the Chassidic boys who helps out, tried, and he even begged him saying, “Do me a favor. Do it for my sake.”

   He refused.

   Then with a bit of anger in his voice he told me what his problem was, “You do not believe that all people are equal!”

   “That’s right,” I agreed with him. “Black people are better basketball players, at least there are a larger than proportional share on them on the professional basketball teams.”

     “Ha!” he grunted at me, “So you think that basketball skills are genetic?”

     “I don’t know about basketball skills being genetic, but tallness sure seems to be.”

     He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I tried to explain, “We are all one, but we are not all the same. It’s like the organs in your body…each organ is extremely important, but none of them are the same. Different people in the world have different skills, and different roles to match those skills. Apparently, blacks are better at playing basketball, and Jews are better at winning Noble Prizes.”

     It didn’t help. The fact that he didn’t walk away showed that really he was interested, and that he wanted to be convinced. He was an almost radical liberal trying to make his “all things are equal” philosophy work. He was studying history and wanted to have an “overall objective” view. But the truth is that he was throwing away reality.

    “You are studying history,” I told him. “When you go to a new place, you don’t tell them what their history is, you try to learn from them. You should be coming here open and inquiring, not refusing.”

     It did not faze him, not in the least. His attitude was so unfitting for his field of study. He should have at least been inquisitive.   

     I told him, “You know why I want you to put on tefillin?... Because I know that Jews who refuse to put on tefillin most likely do not care if they marry a Jew or not. And I want the Jewish people to survive. Would you marry only a Jew,” I asked.

     He said, “That’s not important.”

     So that seems to be the bottom line…do we survive as a thriving people, or do we end up being a mere remnant in a history book?

     The truth is, G-d has promised us that we will be redeemed, and that we will inherit our land. We know this will, and in fact, is happening right now. So really the question is not, will the Jewish people will survive. It is certain that we are going to survive. The question is, (if you are Jewish) will your family be counted among us?

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  1. your no different then the xtians who say if you dont believe in jc your going to hell . Only mashiach by his sense of smell knows whos rightous and not .he'll no the psychological experiences of every individual what makes. every incarnation and the rootes of there soul through the sense of smell . Likkutei maharan explains the nose and mashiach .


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