Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Have a Warm…Ummm… Shabbos!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     If you live in a cold climate and have trouble heating the room for Shabbos meals or like me live in a stone building that’s great during the hot months but won’t retain heat during the (fewer) cold months, put a small electric heater under the dining room table. If it is really cold, use an extra large tablecloth that reaches everyone’s laps.

It will be toasty!

(Reb Akiva adds - - - Clearly one should be careful that this is a sealed heater with no open elements that can come in contact with the table cloth or people, nor a forced air heater that can become blocked by the table cloth or a napkin.

DO NOT take this advice and then complain about burning down your home without using some common sense.  Like, for example, using an open element heater and a plastic table cloth that lands on it after people leave…yeah, don’t do that!  Or a forced air heater that sucks up napkins and catches fire an hour later…that would be bad.  Or a kerosene or oil heater that actually burns something, putting that under your table would be idiotic. 

And don’t build a small fire under your table.  While it would be very nice and warm for a few minutes, the screaming a few minutes later might disturb your Shabbos meal. 

Basically if you don’t have common sense, read this article and smile but don’t actually do ANYTHING.  Mystical Paths will not be held responsible for following this advice.  If you aren’t sure of the safety of a particular heater for doing this, contact a licensed electrician in your area. 

WARNING – hot things can hurt or cause damage if touched, and very hot things can cause fire.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Actually, you might be safer just sitting home in the cold and dark – that way you can’t get hurt.

Stay safe.  And warm.  But safe first, warm can be risky.)


  1. Too Warm on ShabbosJanuary 18, 2012 7:47 AM

    For Shabbos I leave the Chulent on the stove top and the Plota on. And that makes my house quite warm. Sometimes a little too much. Also the KumKum (Water Urn) helps a lot. And of course, I close the tresiiem. I do have heat in the bedrooms, though. But I do keep them on a low setting. (Again too hot!) And I also live in RBS.

  2. I also leave the hotplate and hotwaterpot on 26hrs, plus we get bldg heat from 4:30 to 9:30 (16:30-21:30) but just a little. So, I have two radiator heaters on TIMERS :-) one for my oneg Shabbat :-), and one in eating area from 1 to 4ish. The chulent helps til it's served. I find it's coldest in aftn before the evening heat kicks in. My husband was very amused when I came to the table in gloves! Hands in-and-out of cold water makes for freezing fingers.

  3. maybe you can do a piece with more tips on how to stay warm during shabbos? how can you keep enough hot water ready for tea etc?


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