Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Social Commentary by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Not in my lifetime has the United States operated departments to monitor, influence, intimidate and control the citizens.

We have to look back to history earlier in the century to find Nixon’s political monitoring, influence peddling and intimidation.

A generation before that the U.S. had McCarthyism, as government officials interrogated citizens for regular activities and ‘blacklisted’ citizens suspected of improper political leanings from working in jobs that might influence the public.

A generation prior found the U.S. rounding up ethnic Asian citizens and ‘containing them for their own safety’ during World War II.

But it’s been a while since the Nixon years, about 35 years.  “Not in living memory” of anyone under 50 years of age or so.  It had seemed the United States learned from it’s mistakes and was living up to it’s ideals of equality, fairness, justice, ‘equal justice under the law and equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness’.  (No government can guarantee or provide the result of the pursuit, just the opportunities to do so.)

The current administration has brought a different “tone” to government.  Chicago Style Politics they say, meaning influence peddling, control, and now monitoring and an implicit threat of intimidation.

The amazing thing is, Israel had these patterns in the past and has been gradually but significantly improving them (yes there is plenty of room to continue to improve, and in many ways in these areas the U.S. is still better than Israel).  Yet as Israel moves towards a positive future with more individual liberty and opportunity, the United States is clearly and directly moving the other way.

Pay attention, that knock on your door is no longer a complete paranoid fantasy.  Today it’s headline news!

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  1. Akiva, are you sure you live in Israel??????

    Look into "Promise" software.


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