Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Every Day…

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

     Every day, every minute… almost non-stop, the stories fly by. There are way too many to send them all out to you, but they are all so important to the people whose stories they are. It seems that they should be heard.

     One after the other…

     I helped this nice American family put on tefillin. I spent time with them, mostly to educate the grandchildren regarding marrying only Jewish girls.


     Three of the sons married Jewish girls and have Jewish families. But one of the sons married a Catholic girl who goes to church and, according to the brother who married her, she worships statues! How can it be? It is one family... four brothers… but this brother’s wife and children are not Jewish, and even though none of the families are religious now, his life is so very different than his brothers’ lives. He has, without giving it any real thought, pulled himself away from his siblings, most likely forever. How does it happen? One Grandfather… four sons… all nice Jewish people.


     Next, this young Jew from Argentina cried to me, “I want to do t’shuvah” (repent & follow the Torah’s teachings). I said, “You mean that you want to come home.” Although the word t’shuvah means return, for him it meant to repent and to stop sinning. But I wanted to impress upon him that he was returning to the place that he started from, his natural spiritual home.

     The soul comes into this world as a holy soul. It is only when the soul allows the animal aspect to rule, that uncleanliness covers and hides the holiness of the soul. So, returning to righteousness is really returning to your original place, your home.


       Next, a little boy helped his father to read the Shema. They are from Georgia (USA). The father sends the boy to Torah lessons once a week, so the boy knows more Hebrew than he does. Even though he is not at all religious, he loves his son very much and wants to be sure that his family stays Jewish.


     Next, three American brothers and their children pray for their families…. Look at their faces, and you can see that each has his own loves and needs.

     Then, I saw this little boy davening (praying) so intently, and I wondered, “How different life is when you are born into a Torah observant family!”


       Everyone has a story. Everyone is coming from somewhere, and everyone is going somewhere. Each of these stories is a journey, and each journey is immensely important. Every story is a life.


  1. holy reb gutman, B"H you can make a book of these stories and photos. please keep sending them. there are never "too many". send them send them send them. the way you send them is very special and touches the soul of many readers. they share them, post them on facebook etc.

    keep sending them reb gutman!

  2. the holy rebbe reb gutman of tefilin at the kotel!!!!

    Hashem yishmorcha!!


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