Friday, January 06, 2012


Esav or Iram?

by Dov bar Leib with minor edits by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

[ Ongoing Geulah speculation, where we try to align current world events with specific hints from the parsha, the navi’im, midrashim, as well as prophetic hints in the Gemora and kabbalistic sources, as well as bringing associated statements from gedolim, tzaddikim and mekubalim. ]

goat cliffYears ago the Lubavitcher Rebbe said something very cryptic, that America is a country of great G-dly origins as opposed to being of Xtian origins and has the potential to become the 11th prince of Edom. 

The 11th prince is named Iram.   Most of Edom is stuck in the frame of Magdiel, who is Rome for sure.  All of our mephorshim (holy sources and commentaries) say that Magdiel is Rome.  With some thanks to Shirat Devorah, it appears that we can say, "Rep Rep Rurray".  Rome Esta Pulta.  Rome has fallen.  As the Italian government bond markets go off the Vesuvian cliff because of a combination of Asarah B'Tevet and the 2nd Aliyah of parshat VaYechi where Mashiach ben Ephraim is blessed to come from b'kerev HaAretz as opposed to Yosef's Malkhut in Chutz LaAretz.

The process really began on the 12th of Cheshvan this year when Italian rates first thrust above 7% and seems to be climaxing as we speak with a precipitous collapse in the Euro and the Italian bond markets.  This is sending the Vesuvian goat finally off the cliff. 

As the Euro continues its steady and accelerating collapse which started to accelerate today, hundreds of millions of Europeans in the Eurozone will find that they basically are broke.  There will be a sudden drop in American exports, and American unemployment will start to rise to new highs. 

At the Iowa caucuses, a new leader seems to have emerged in the Republican Party, not just another vESUVian (Italian) as we have come to expect, but a man who understands America's G-d centered founding values to the core of his being.  His name is Rick Sant (oram).  He is the one with Iram in his name.  Actually Santorum is Saint Iram which seems to fit his character.

Iram is special for unlike Magdiel who plummets off of Mt. Esav (Vesuvius), Iram somehow makes it whole to Yemot HaMashiach.  Now this next point is critical.  It is not necessarily the case that Iram be this positive force for good in the world.  Iram could morph into Iran and according to Grimm's Laws of linguistics (see The Word by Dr. Isaac Mozeson), Ms and Ns are etymologically interchangeable.  So Iram could refer to the Aryan nation of Iran. 

bufffaloThis could only happen if America chooses not to take on Iran, but to turn isolationist and blame the fact that Iran is taking over world on Israel.  Now let me see, which of the Presidential candidates seems to fit this mode?  This will be the choice of the independents that suddenly find themselves unemployed.  Such people will not be rational and will hate Israel despite its extenuating circumstances and will choose the candidate who will seem to represent their most evil side, bringing America's final curtain call. 

How?  If that candidate wins those primaries and becomes the Republican nominee, since Amalek can never win in America, the 11th horn in Sefer Daniel will likely be re-elected. 

Yet, if Iram wins, G-d will continue to bless America.

But if the Amaleki suddenly starts to get the independent crossover votes of 10 million sports fans out of a job who cannot put bread on the table, no where in America will it be safe. 

Don't worry about us in Israel and the other Amaleki in Iran.  G-d has promised we will be saved from this last Persian king.  But for the U.S., I have no idea what life will be like under the 2nd term of the 11th horn.  Pretty it won’t be.


  1. I answered a whole bunch of questions about the above post at my End of Days blog at . Come join me there in the post about Saint Iram in the comments section too. Thanks. And Shabbat Shalom.

  2. With edom i always worry about xtianity and immorality mixing creating amalak . B"H the founding fathers and the constitution have enough of a noose on this country until mashiach ! the 3rd rebbi of chabad said something very cryptic when jews immitate the ways of edom theres no anti semitism . The assimilation of edoms ways and with edom and the remnant who keep torah and mitzvot is so few ,,,,,


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