Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Don’t Make the Mistake!!

by Rav Nati @ Mystical Paths

(via a phone conversation with Rav Nati)

Current events between the ultra-orthodox and secular in Israel are clearly a strong move by the Yetzer Hara.  (Not only by the Yetzer Hara, we can directly see the influence of outside forces financing parts of the situation.) 

The Gr”a tells us in Kol HaTor that as part of the final birth pangs of Moshiach, there will be incitement and violence between the religious and non-religious Jews.

Justice and siding correctly in the situation no longer apply, as the list of inappropriate actions and incitements by both sides has grown long.

I was personally attacked by two zealot-thugs and stoned in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet for looking at apartment listings on a netbook mini-laptop in my parked car.  The next day I was punched full force in the face in the middle of Shemona Esrai (the silent standing prayer during services) during Minchah in Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef by a mizrachi (modern orthodox Jew) for wearing a Jerusalem Meah Shearim style coat (and the people wearing that style of coat are NOT involved in the events in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet).

Now, on erev Ararat B’Tevet, the day before the fast day of the 10th of Tevet – which focuses on the starting of the siege of Jerusalem, it is time to cool tempers and call for peace among brethren.  What may have started for a righteous cause or righteous reason (however it was sold to you on either side), it no longer is.  It’s only the Yetzer Hara sowing discord among the Jewish people and weakening Klal Yisroel.

It’s hard when you’ve literally been attacked to stop and say peace.  But while the Yetzer is causing us to hurt each other in minor ways, he’s setting up our enemies to hurt US in major ways.

We CAN sit down and work it out.  Otherwise we may as well hand ourselves over to our enemies right now.

On a side but important note, I find myself in some major personal challenges right now.  (This has also prevented me from blogging for some months.)  I hate to ask but have reached the point where I have no other choice. 

I need some help, some direct financial help.  If you could give some tzedakah, some charity, to help a poor man survive some serious troubles, it would make a major difference in my life.  Please partner with Hashem and make yourself a channel for help, and in the merit of doing so may Hashem provide you with many blessings.

You can donate directly here via Mystical Path’s charity account donate button below or clicking this link:

Thank you.  May everyone have an easy and meaningful fast for the 10th of Tevet, and may we all see healings, salvations and blessings from Hashem in a big way!

Rav Nati


  1. The last time I used my credit card to help out a group in Israel, I had big problems. Can I send a check to someone here in the states who can get you the money?

  2. We can work out the theological differences when the Mashiach is revealled. Until then, we need to put 'religion' aside, because we may be in for a big suprise that we all have missed the boat.

    We must start unite now. Tomorrow it may be too late.

  3. This is Ariela, I am no one special, I have been treated really badly all my life from Jews and Goyim alike, I am a convert so to some Jews I am a Jew to some I am a dog, To Some Goy I am a Jew which makes me a dog. I really feel for you and feel for my people the Jews. Why people can not see we all have the same goal just different tools to cut the path I do not know. HaShem I would think, would not and is not and will not be happy with all this discord among ourselves. Although I have been treated badly I still love, and I still fight to be a the best Jew I can be everyday, I miss the mark on some days and hit it right on other days, Me and my family struggle and work hard to help others and Love, we find if we are busy helping others we do not have time to judge if the skirt is too short or the cloths are the wrong color, we also find if we are trying real hard to please HaShem those around us notice for their own selves if their dress is appropriate or not, If we speak with love most times we get love back, So we get treated like dogs, so what, just so long as we are doing our best HaShem knows. So Rabbi at the end of the day you have your tikkun and your a blessing to those around you too. Shalom with love.

  4. Good to be aware of this, that the Yetzer hara is trying it's best before it is eliminated when Moshiach comes. We need to take controls of ourselves and stay strong with our good middos and ahavas yisrael bezrat Hashem

  5. hang in there everybody the rollercoaster right before the end goes upside down !

  6. rav nati hang in there many people are homeless many people are unmarried your both B"H hang in there . I hope your not sick ? If you are refuah shleimah . Hashem set it up assimilated jews are millionares billionares chassidic jews cant sell a can of pepsi what do you want its how Hashem set it up !

  7. Rav Nati,

    I'm sickened at the thought that you were physically attacked.
    Your yishuv hadaat and determination to continue being the open-hearted person you are after being attacked creates a huge merit from Am Yisrael in Shamayim. I would say the same for Ariella. I really daven that neither of you will have any more nisayonot, not in gashmiut and not in ruchaniyot.


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