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Cow Corrections

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Reb Shevach and I had originally intended to make a video showing the injured cow parts he brought back from kosher slaughter, with some explanation from him and assistance by me.  Unfortunately our schedules only aligned for a brief moment, allowing me to take the pictures I shared and gain some knowledge to share with you.

But without his expertise with me, it seems I made some errors in what I shared.  A reader, Rabbi Mandel, sent me these corrections…

Cow Corrections -

- The beis hakosos is NOT the rumen, but the reticulum.  The cow would die if the first stomach the food arrived in were the reticulum.

Reb Akiva – This was my error in receiving the information from Reb Shevach and translating it to cow anatomy.  I assumed the nails and damage I was shown had to be in the first stomach (cows have 4), the rumen.  I’m astounded to learn these make it to the 2nd stomach, the reticulum!

- In point of fact, in South America there are bloating problems with the rumen (the keres), which is where the trocar [the stomach puncture tools I shared from Reb Shevach] is involved, but that has nothing to do with the problems of foreign objects in the beis hakosos.

Reb Akiva – The puncture tools have nothing to do with foreign objects, but do result in a status of not-kosher for the cow.  Therefore (I’m told) kosher ritual slaughterers are advised nowadays to check for signs of the use of these tools in areas where it’s become common practice.

Thanks to Rabbi Mandel for the corrections! 

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  1. I very much appreciated this series. It really clarified things in a very readable way that kept my attention.
    Yashar koach!


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