Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Beit Shemesh Update #3

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I passed through Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet rather late this evening, not expecting anything to be happening.  I was surprised, it seems the protests have become community entertainment (in a very negative sense).

The same group from last night moved up a block to the main square of Bet…


The same 20-30 protestors from last night seem to have turned it into a nightly vigil.  Same unreadable sign, same moaning sounding pronouncements…


The big difference having moved to the main square was community youth participation.  Lining the street, buildings above, patios, and a nearby synagogue entrance was a large number of children, 8 to 14 years old. 

As ANY vehicle passed by that appeared to be official, a city vehicle, police vehicle or even private security vehicle (anything official-ish), the protestors would scream out “NAZI’S”  (actually, in hebrew the plural is “naziim”).

Then all the youths would stand tall wherever they were and join the screaming, “naziim, naziim, naziim”.  They seemed to find it entertaining and would run towards the sidewalks in groups when this occurred.

As I stood on the far side of the street casually trying to take some pictures which my pocket camera, a challenge at night without using a flash and drawing attention (not holding it up but setting it on a street barrier to steady it for a slow-shutter night shot), three 25 year old men crossed the street and challenged me with a bit of intimidation.  “Nu” they said as they headed towards me looking at the not-obvious camera, “who sent you?”

“I sent myself” I answered straight, not reacting to the unspoken intimidation.  They stood there for another moment and then walked away.

A few moments later the whole protest group disappeared as 3 vans pulled up and they quickly got in.  I’m not sure if they suspected authorities coming (though they weren’t doing anything beyond yelling) or it was simply the end of the protest, though the dispersal was very quick as if they were in a rush to be somewhere.   (This didn’t stop the children from continuing.)

So while they were doing nothing more than exercising their free speech rights, and we’ve certainly seen a large group of protestors in the U.S. equally exercising their democratic right to be stupid, they’ve also engaged the neighborhood youth to (verbally) attack any official as “nazi’s”. 

I am NOT a fan of Israeli police.  But every society needs a functional police force, otherwise it descends into anarchy or gang rule.  (Pirke Avos says that directly.)  And while Israeli police have done a poor job of community relations, involvement or inclusion in the police force, this segment of society is having problems of gang rule due to refusing involvement with the authorities and not creating a functional substitute.

I should note though that this situation has moved beyond ridiculous.  We literally have secular Israeli newspapers accepting “op-ed” pieces calling for secular civil war (literal and deadly) against the religious…

“Silent majority may have to resort to violent, non-democratic means to save Israel…  "Just not a civil war," we mutter to ourselves yet another sane, old mantra. But why not, actually? What was bad for the US, England, Spain, France, Greece, Finland, Russia and Yugoslavia can't be good for us too? It is very possible that the State of Israel's current and future form needs and is worthy of more than passive resistance on our part.” – If I wrote that here on Mystical Paths, I’d be visited by the Israeli Internal Security Service and investigated for incitement (guess how I know this.)  But when it’s written in a mainstream newspaper against the religious/charedim it’s ok???

Overall good people on all sides have to stand up and get this situation straightened out before it causes more damage.


  1. We mustn't get distracted!

    As this blog has already pointed out, there are powerful people pulling the strings behind the scenes of whom even the protestors aren't aware.

    Read Prof. Paul Eidelberg on "Demophrenia." It is similar to schizophrenia. One of its symptoms is focusing on the peripheral rather than the central. Others have already pointed out that there are still missiles crashing into Israel and Jews have been killed, in addition to the millions of horrifying atrocities around the globe, yet the entire world (including us) is focused on a group of 20 men rotten-to-the-core who are yelling things in a little town in a teeny country in the Middle East?

    The police could have rounded up these rotten men a long time ago.
    Why haven't they?
    The police have no problem beating up teenagers at outposts, knocking a Knesset minister to the ground, or sexually mauling teenage girls in Atzmona. Sara Yocheved Rigler wrote of the bestial -- and wholly unprovoked -- conduct of police at a peaceful demonstration she attended. So why the kid gloves now?

    Obviously, they WANT things to get out of hand. It is merely the next step in the war against Good.

    One obvious reason is the power of the kiruv movement in Israel. And the fact that many Israelis, even if they aren't technically shomerei Torah u'mitzvot, still value Torah u'mitzvot and do keep some things. In other words, the pintele Yid is alive and well. Another phenomena that is rarely reported in the media is that of religious Jews across the spectrum who reach out to secular Jews, who in the course of their daily grind behave with derech eretz and middos tovos thereby opening secular Jews' hearts and minds to Torah values. For practical reasons, only a small percentage of this has been presented on this blog, but it's really happening constantly all over the whole country.

    The insidious puppeteers behind the scenes WANT a spiritual civil war. They have already tried to destroy the spiritual spark of the Medinah through propaganda, indoctrination, assassination (Yaakov Yosef Dahan), flooding the country with non-Jews (60% of the Russian aliyah, the African refugees, the Far Eastern workers & tourists), the destruction of Jewish homes and Gush Katif, and catering to Islamofacists.
    This Beit Shemesh fiasco is merely the next step.

    We can fight it through pouring our hearts out to Hashem, maasim tovim (such as the people protecting the girls as they go to school), doing chessed and tzedakah, and ahavat Yisrael.

  2. Sorry, I meant "Amona" not "Atzmona."


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