Sunday, December 18, 2011


Science Catches Up, Again

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


From last week’s science report:[i]

    “Research has shown that pain after surgery is worst on the third day.”

    The Torah recorded this fact more than once, the first time being when Avraham circumcised himself some 4000 years ago.

     Science is catching up fast. They did the same thing around 1910 when scientists found what they say is the greatest medical discovery ever found. This amazing procedure has saved more lives than any other thing that they have ever discovered. Listen to this: If a doctor would only wash his hands after touching a patient, especially a dead patient, the washing would prevent the spreading of disease. Doctor’s laughed when a religious Jew washed after touching a dead body. They said, “Look, we touched it, and we are alright. What are you afraid of, that you will get some evil spirits from it?” But the Torah told us that uncleanliness spreads, and that it can be cleansed with water. Today, all doctors wash after touching a patient so that diseases do not spread.

     Scientists caught up with us again about 70 years ago, when they discovered the “Big Bang.” They now agree that the world was created. Up until then, they laughed at the Torah for saying that the world had been created. “What is your proof?” they asked. For thousands of years they taught that the world had always been here, and now, “whoops!” They changed their minds again.

     This is also a great proof that the Torah is not manmade. If the Torah was just stories handed down throughout the ages, who was there to see the creation happen, and then live to pass the story on?

     Scientists keep changing their minds whenever they find new information. But the Torah hasn’t changed a single letter since it was given to us thousands of years ago. Next thing you know, they are going to “discover” that there really is a Creator of the universe after all! Stay tuned... 

[i] Jerusalem Post 12/02/11


  1. Read books like The Coming Revolution by Zamir Cohen and Mysteries of the Creation by Rabbi, Doctor Dovid Brown. Science has been catching up for a long while and these books will astound you when you discover that all of science is in scriptures. It so happens that the laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology were created by the same One Who wrote scriptures. There are many other books with the same theme.

  2. very nice reb gutman!

  3. So according to your advice (which you should not equate to Torah), it is no problem to touch non-jewish corpses, as they don't carry tuma?


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