Friday, December 02, 2011


Major Quiet US Pullback

During the Bush years, the U.S. had 6-7 carrier groups deployed throughout the world.  When they were brushing up against Iran, they moved 2 carrier groups near the Persian Gulf with another not so far away in the Indian Ocean.

A bit of quiet news I haven’t heard elsewhere is the map below.  The U.S. still has 11 carrier groups, and as normal 2-4 are undergoing service (actually 3 right now), refueling, repairs or upgrading.

But only 3 of the remaining 8 are deployed.  ALL THE OTHER U.S. carrier groups are “home at port”.  I guess that’s good for military families, but for the United States it somewhat puts them in the same position as an unarmed British bobby (policeman), “stop!  or I’ll say stop again!”.  The U.S. could not act in less than MONTHS even if they wanted to – which the current administration clearly doesn’t.

Info via Stratfor.



  1. Obuzzard seems to think that the world has been made safe for the Caliphate.

    And the 12th Imman.

    Obuzzard is pulling American troops out of Batzrah right at the point that Persia is about to build five or six nuclear bombs. Obuzzard isn't Gog. He is Anti-Gog. Except for dividing Jerusalem, he does everything that Gog would not do. Rather than wanting to preserve Western Civilization, Obuzzard wants to dismantle it and redistribute its wealth. Don't call him Gog. He is anti-Gog.

  2. intresting bar lev . mr obama be a gentelman and free pollard already what are you afraid of . a nuclear israel ? there already quite nuclear ? For the common good free him mr presedent its disturbing !

  3. Who needs ships at sea when there are ships in space?

  4. Let's remeber that the USA helped create the Imperial war machine of Japan and we were selling them 80% of the oil & gas that fueled it. When we finally cut them off, they attacked Pearl Harbor.

    This is how War Corporatism works! You feed the monster, then you stop feeding the monster, then you go forth to slay the monster, then you resurrect and befriend the monster.

    This is what the USA is doing now with China. And China? They're taking the bait! The Chinese are busy modernizing and expanding their military to include 5th generation fighters and aircraft carriers! You don't build a war machine unless you intend to use it!

    Do you really wonder why most of our fleet is tied-up with upgrades? We can't serve as the World Police 24/7. We've got a war with China that's been scheduled for the not-too-distant future. Anyone who doubts this is ignoring the lessons of history!


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