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Levels of the Straight

(The Rebbe Rayatz, the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, brought this explanation from his father, the Rebbe Rashab, the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe…)

There are tzadik, yashar, tamim and chossid.

Tzadik is so called regarding his fulfillment of the positive mitzvot, thereby eliciting revelations inherent in the creative order (the seder hishtalsh’lut, the order of downward progression.)

Yashar (literally an upright person) is so called regarding his fulfillment of the negative mitzvot (avoiding the negative, controlling himself) – which draws forth revelations beyond the creative order.

Tamim (the man of) earnestness elicits revelations (for a level of G-dliness at which) “the taste of the tree and it’s fruite is the same” – the co-joining of the Encompassing (soveiv – a mode of G-d’s creative force transcending the creative order) and Permeating (memalei – Divine Eminence enclothing itself within the creative order).

Chossid, highest of all with 3 levels:

a. Worldly affairs do not disturb or distract him [his Divine services].  Every individual can and must attain this level.

b. All his affairs “are G-dliness”.  Though this level “is not distant from you (Devarim 30:11)” it is still not within everyone’s reach.

c. The level described in Tikunei Zohar, “Who is a chossid? He who conducts himself with benevolence towards his Creator – towards His nest (Tikunei Zohar 1b) – which means that he seeks to unite the Holy One blessed be He and His Shechina within those who dwell in the lower worlds – not merely to quench the thirst of his own soul; as explained in Tanya.

Many paths to righteousness, each according to the abilities and desires of his soul.  But the highest involves helping others.

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  1. beautiful: one's avodat Hashem is both for one's own soul and to help others.


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