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In It’s Time, In It’s Time

by Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths – minor edits by Reb Akiva


[ Ongoing Geulah speculation, where we try to align current world events with specific hints from the parsha, the navi’im, midrashim, as well as prophetic hints in the Gemora and kabbalistic sources, as well as bringing associated statements from gedolim, tzaddikim and mekubalim. ]

We truly are at the end of history. There is no more Achishena (before it’s time) moments, even b'itah (in it’s time before it’s time).  The topic of Mincha Gedolah of the 6th Millennium means that the process of the coming of Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David is a pretty set process with minor deviations because of HaShem's Rachmanut (mercy) because of all that we (the Jewish people) have already suffered. 

Things like the lack of gut wrenching suffering in 5771, the 3rd year of the Shmittah cycle, were from His Rachmanut because we have suffered enough.  Yet, I believe in the general redemptive process as outlined here because while there are tests for individuals, there are no more tests on the Klal.  The train of redemption is moving full speed ahead and no one can stop it this time around. 

There is a reason for all this.  Techiyah HaMeitim (the resurrection of the dead) has to begin by the (Hebrew) year 5790 according to the author of the Leshem.  And Yemot HaMashiach has to exist without open miracles in the world as a whole except for the War of Gog UMagog Stage 2 itself. 

MountOlives10sIn that war the Mt. of Olives will split in two, which will be awesome in its scope. With great pleasure we will watch that hotel at the top built upon the holiest Jewish cemetery fall into the crack when the mountain divides toward the north and the south. 

Amazing how Zecharia (the biblical prophet) pinned down the exact circumstances of the final battle.  Yet, (according to this opinion) after that the world will settle down into a certain level of normalcy of Yemot HaMashiach (the days of Moshiach) where the Truth is popular, but people still have a Yetzer HaRa (an evil inclination or, in other words, the ability to turn their back on Hashem and His Torah and Moshiach).  That has to last 14 years, 2 Shmittah cycles, corresponding to the 14 years that it took Yehoshua to conquer Eretz Yisrael.  This maintains free will on a more limited level as long as possible.  So 14 years before 5790 is 5776 for Mashiach ben David. 

If it were not for the fact that this is b'itah (in it’s time), I would cease in the specifics because our free will could cause us to blow it again.  Yet, in this time while our free will could screw us up individually, the sane amongst us will cease to suffer for the lack of human decency of certain key people.  Baruch HaShem for that. 

So if the Leshem is believed to be correct then Techiyah HaMeitim has to begin in 5790, and that determines what must occur by drop dead dates beforehand. 

So if Moshiach ben Dovid must come in 5776, then Moshiach ben Yosef must be here approximately 3 1/2 years before Moshiach ben Dovid comes, which means that Moshiach ben Yosef must be here b'itah b'itah by this Pesach, but more likely by Purim. 

The only reason that there is any prosperity at all in the 4th year 5772 is because Moshiach ben Yosef is the Mashiach that is mepharnes HaOlam from the Highest Heaven. The world will hate his guts, but they will begrudgingly have to accept that without Mr. Yud Key Vav, Moshiach ben Yosef, whoever that may turn out to be, there would be no prosperity in the New World Order of Atereth HaYesod, the Yesod being Yosef who wears the Atarah of Malkhut when the Atarah is on Yesod.

Since he only comes to power in the middle of the year by Purim, G-d willing, the year is half poverty and half abundance. So until Purim we continue the slide toward international bankruptcy, a process that will accelerate this week if Greece totally defaults on the first day of Chanukah (though the leverage of the impact of that keeps increasing as more and more good money is being thrown after the bad, with the U.S. Federal Reserve now making moves to help save the Euro).

Now, Baruch HaShem, we were saved from the worst of the poverty of the 3rd year because Papendreou did not send those flotilla ships during Tamuz and by doing so fulfilling Bila'am's last prophesy. Thousands of tzaddikim did not die from the starvation of the 3rd year. May this geulah process continue to be with Rachamim. Amen.

Now we are in the 4th year without the gut-wrenching poverty of the third year, for 5771 was really no worse economically than 5770, the 2nd year.  The 6th year of the Shmittah cycle is 5774, a year when the special Haftarah for Pinchus is read in Shul associated with Eliyahu NaNavi running away from Jezebel and receiving the eschatology of the Acharit HaYamim Sefer Eliyahu, which is the return of Kolot, the spirit of prophesy. And the leading prophet in the 6th year will be Eliyahu HaNavi who will return to prepare the Klal Yisrael for the coming of Mashiach ben David in the 8th year.

Eliyahu lost the right to herald Mashiach ben Yosef because in that very haftarah he tried to return the Torah to G-d. And G-d told him three things:

1. Anoint Elisha as your successor.

2. You will attend every brit and every Pesach Seder for the rest of time to prove to you that Israel has not abandoned Me.

3. You are to give up 5 Vavs from your name and these Vavs were given to Ya'akov which is spelled with a Vav five times in Tanakh, the most famous time of Zecharti eth Briti Ya'akov...

Eliyahu has to appear in the 6th year half way in between the arrival of Moshiach ben Yosef in the 4th year of the cycle (5772) and Moshiach ben Dovid in the 8th year of the cycle (5776).  We read that Haftarah in 5771 to remind Eliyahu of the fact that he lost the privilege to herald Moshiach, but we also will read it again in 5774 when Eliyahu arrives on the scene in the 6th year to herald the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid after the final stages of Gog UMagog in the 7th year 5775.

Keep in mind that it is ben Yosef that represents the Vav from Ya'akov's name in VaYikra, when HaShem remembers his covenant with Ya'akov by adding a Vav to Ya'akov's Name and to His Great and holy Name so that Amalek can be defeated in the world, once and for all by Moshiach ben Yosef. Yet, without Eliyahu HaNavi heralding his coming, the full process is hidden from us (tzafun) just like the 3rd cup of wine at the Pesach Seder comes from Tzafun.

The first two cups were related to the Redemption from Egypt and the Yud and the first Key in HaShem's Name. The Yud was the ten plagues, and the Hey was the five times multiplier effect at the Yam Suf. Since there were ten plagues in Egypt, therefore there were 50 at the Sea, etc. The last two cups of wine are associated with the Final Redemption and the larger piece of Matzah, and therefore greater redemption which had been hidden.

The third cup of wine is Moshiach ben Yosef. Then comes Kos Eliyahu, and only then comes the rest of Hallel and Moshiach ben Dovid’s 4th cup…IN THAT ORDER!! Chazal made a big deal about the order of events at the Seder that the very word Seder means Order.

I noticed that the Eliyahu haftarah was also read in 5765 and 5768. As you know from my Cosmic Clock, 5765 was supposed to be the First Year of Sukkot, a year of B'itah Achishena. I distinctly remember Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, zt”l saying that Eliyahu HaNavi himself would show up in Gush Katif to stop the evacuations. It kind of makes one wonder who by their behavior stopped this wonderful decree from occurring.

Pity we blew it, for in that year many in our midst could not pass that simple test of common decency that was presented in that year of which the Targum Yonatan spoke of 2000 years ago when he described the destruction of Kiryat Dekalim by its fellow Jews. Real pity that we missed out on Gog ben Gog Bush being the kinder and gentler Gog of Achishena within b'itah. Thinking about this makes me sad and angry, but I wish those who could not be decent in that year that they would do teshuvah b'Yirah now before that teshuvah gate is closed forever.

Finally, it should be pointed out that even though this process is B'itah in its fullest sense, the only real Onshim after the Shoah for the Klal in general will be for our lack of common decency. After the Shoah for the vast majority of the world's Ashkenazic Jews at least, the tests of Olam HaBa revolve solely around common decency and marrying within the Jewish people, giving one's son a brit milah, and avoiding gossip. So the coming of Moshiach ben Yosef, the Mashiach that establishes common decency lishma, will be with suffering for those who cannot be decent since being a tinok shenishba is never an excuse to be indecent.

After Adam and Chava ate of the fruit, the Yesod of decency in the world is the big 7 Laws of common decency. Since the Eitz HaDa'ath is the soul root for ben Yosef according to Rav Chaim Vital, zt”l, human decency lishma has always been a key for human beings to have Olam haBa after the original Cheit. After human decency is established by ben Yosef as being the Yesod HaOlam, the road to Mashiach ben David will be with tremendous Rachamim even though it will take at least three years but less than four years.

This 3 1/2 year period is needed for birur, to weed out amongst those who are Shomrei Mitzvot who do not keep the Torah in order to be more decent, or in the word's of Hillel HaZaqen: "Do not do unto others that which is hateful to yourself." Those who are Shomrei Mitzvot must surely come to the conclusion that this is not just a yesod of the Torah but the purpose of keeping the Torah. End of Story.

Do not be part of the Erev Zeir by refusing to accept this bedrock principle of the Torah. For Jews who are already observant, the birur is to not be a part of the Erev Zeir. For Jews who are not shomrei Torah yet, the 3 1/2 years is to provide both a path to becoming more observant (in the 5th and 6th years) and to not be a part of the Erev Rav at peril of their own death at the hands of ben Yosef.

In the full b'itah process those 3 1/2 to 4 years of ben Yosef are essential in order that there be this final birur which was made necessary by the enabling of the Evacuation of Kiryat Dekalim which was Moshe Rabbeinu's last prophetic vision brought down by the Targum Yonatan.

One last thing. It should be remembered that the Gush Katif fiasco was meant to take place before the arrival of Mashiach ben Yosef. And the Targum Yonatan says that the residents of Newe Dekalim were gilgulim of students of Elisha not Eliyahu. So the prophet that would have shown up there to stop the evacuation if we had played all of our human decency cards right was most likely Elisha not Eliyahu. And then in 5766 during the 2nd Lebanon War Machiach ben Yosef would have appeared in the Galil.

The 5768 reference point was the last year of Gog ben Gog from the Land of Magog (land of the Apache and the Navajo) as President of the US who would have arrived with NATO (Gomer and Togarmah) and the Russians (Meshach and Tuval) to divide Jerusalem at that juncture when at that time Eliyahu HaNavi would have arrived b'itah Achishena to be mevaser for Mashiach ben David to arrive in 5769. But lo and behold, it was not to be.

So now we get a different Gog, but Obuzzard is doubtfully that man. He is anti-Gog. At the precise moment that the Persians are about to become a nuclear power, Obuzzard is leaving Botzrah, Iraq rather than fortifying his existing positions there. So yes he may turn out to be the 11th horn in Sefer Daniel, half iron and half clay (Rome and Yishmael), but we will only know that to be true if he is re-elected in 2012. Unlike the Gog described in Yechezkel, Obuzzard does not want to gather wealth for Edom. He wants to redistribute the wealth of Edom amongst the Third World. Not a very good Gog is he.

Yes, he wants to divide Yerushalayim, but not for the purpose of creating prosperity for Edom. So who is the final Gog? He has not yet shown up. He could be from the Mongol regions of the Russian Empire which would be from the Eastern part of Russia where the Mongols (Magogites) live in large numbers. Perhaps the guy who will replace Putin will be from there. Perhaps the new leader of Russia will be the gilgul of Ghengis Khan. Perhaps but no way of knowing at this time.

Please, for G-d's sake and your own spiritual survival, find Rabbaim who will lead you to the path of human decency first, kadmah to the Torah. With Moshiach ben Yosef in the imminent future, there is no more time to play games with your eternal soul.


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  2. The mentioned problem has been corrected.

  3. This post is very interesting, there are a lot of things I don't understand. But one thing which seems to be a common mistake -- Botzrah, Iraq is not the one mentioned in the Navi. The prophecy speaks of God's judgment of Edom and his appearance in it's capital city -- Bozrah, in modern day Jordan:
    It seems like if the nevuah was translated into modern times, Bozrah would just as likely be New York, Washington, or Rome.

  4. I have a question a well -- I recall hearing that Rebbe Elimelech said that he was able to nullify the decree of the war of Gog and Magog. I haven't seen anyone relate to this point. How would that fit in with the plan here?

  5. I will answer the last question first since the one prior to it would take some explanation. The answer is simple. The test in 2005 (5765) was a b'itah Achishena test. And it was a big one. It is so big that it was part of the last thing that Moshe Rabbeinu saw in Eretz Yisrael at the End of Days before he was niftar. He saw the destruction of the City of Ir Tamarim (Kiryat Dekalim)or City of the Date Palms by 200,000 of its fellow Jews. Like any bad prophetic vision, it was preventable. The Test of Free Will: Well it could have been a test in the higher level of Shmittah observance, but it was not. It was a post-Shoah test apparently for the most part on Ashkenazic Jewry, although many Sephardic Jews indvidually were involved as well, since it was primarily Ashkenazic Jews who failed the test. It was a simple test in common decency. Would we for no good reason except for about one week of international good will evict 10,000 Jews from their homes and get absolutely no promises of peace in return. As a matter of fact it was well known at the time that the most likely reaction would be an increased flow of more accurate and longer range missiles across the defunct Philadelphi corridor into Gaza increasing the range and accuracy of such missiles putting at least a quarter of a million people into immediate peril. Yet, all the enablers of the Disengagement could care less about those outcomes. Sharon wanted it done. Some wanted money for their avreichim. Some just plain hated the settlers of Gaza for tarnishing their world class image amongst their lefties pals in Europe and America. So this very evil deed was done. And no one who did it has really taken accountability on how evil and stupid they were to do this. with the possible exception of Moshe Katzav who truly believes that he is now suffering because of his rape trial and conviction for his nod in the direction of the evildoers at the time. And then there is the classic response of former DM Binyamin Fouad Ben-Eliezer (who interestingly enough was born in Botzrah, Iraq) that he is so ashamed of what he has done that he proudly holds his head high and announces that he was wrong. OK, but at least it is an apology of sorts and a public recognition that he was wrong. So that makes Fouad a better man than 95% of the evildoers of this ghastly act. He actually publicly admitted that he was wrong!! the nerve of that man. Now given this predicament that Jews in Israel along with American Jews who could care less, supported it, or remained silent could actually commit such a heinous crime on our fellow Jews, it is foolhardy to hope for anything but redemption. Those amongst us who somehow have kept our sanity through this ordeal along with the Olmert years which followed deserve better. And I fully believe that HaShem is going to deliver it now, not five years from now. Yet, perhaps the Rav Elimelech way was possible if we had decided to be decent to each other in 5765. Yet, it was not to be. We could not even reach the ground floor when a simple test of common decency came our way, and we chose the path of failure. I always have wondered how America of the 1830s could expel a very large peaceful Cherokee nation from the fertile farmland of northern Georgia and South Carolina. Yet, in the Constitution of the US, Indians were excluded from the covenant of Artzot HaBrit (Lands of the Covenant). So it was a foreign policy decision to expel the truly native people from their native lands. Yet, here several million Jews pounced upon the opportunity to do it to the people of their own covenant with G-d. Not even Andrew Jackson would ever have stooped so low. With such a horrid tale in our very recent past, let us just pray for redemption, and thank G-d about it when comes no matter how it comes. Asking for a painfree redemption at this time after performing such an act of cruelty on our fellow Jews is a bit of a chutzpah.

  6. I will follow up with more later.

  7. Let us pray that the decent amongst us does not suffer the fate of the wicked. That is the best prayer that we can offer up at this time. that somehow those who at least try to be decent will somehow be separated out from what is coming on the world. This is the final judgement after all. no more gilgulim to come back and rectify past mistakes. This is for keeps.

  8. your definitely the truest prophet of the generation dov ber and ive studied kabbalah in several incarnations , May Hashem bless you and yours to update us as the spirit of wisdom and prophecy inspires you .

  9. So shameless Shiloh? The writer's
    message of common decency seems to
    have been lost on you, who can only offer a rude & brazen "Yawn!"
    Whatever you make of the merits of
    the article, the author, in trying to juggle numerous variables, is at least using his head-- wake up & aim for the same!

  10. happy chanukka to dov and all.
    yes, its very rude of shiloh to 'yawn' at some serious writing. you dont have to beleive what dov wrote, but his asking or advicing us to behave decently to one another to bring redemption or atleast to make this world a better place should have been received atleast with a thanks rather than a yawn.
    i am sure you heard of the saying, he who laughs last....
    please wake up, even if not for the arrival of the mosiach, to atleast being a good human being. i remember my rabbi once wrote, more important than being called a jew, muslim or xt is to be a good human being.

  11. Why the yawn you ask? Dov is telling Jews to go find a rabbi. What will the rabbi do? He will take a Jew down the path that has caused our 2000 year old exile. You want to really see how decent rabbi's and religious Jews are? Show them their derech is a path that has strayed. See Isaiah 29:13 for example. Their true colors come out in every case. Such hypocrites to say mildly.

    Actually, you wonder why the geulah is being delayed and we will receive it harshly, look no further then when so called leaders take their sheep down the path of idolotry and blatent disregard for the prophets of the Tanach.

    So while Dov's call for human decency is great, it still misses the mark.

    No one knows when God will pull the plug. I personally hope its very soon.

  12. please dont bag all the rabbis together. some may have deviated, i am not denying that. but there are many outstanding rabbis or great faith and dont forget the 36 tzaddikim on whose merits the world stands and they are also with us. lets not judge others. very high standards are expected from torah scholars and rabbis, some may miss the high point, but as for us also, there is always time and room for teshuva and how Hashem rates them, only He Knows. as dov writes, lets control loshon hara and show human decency to one another. it does not cost a cent. the chofetz chaim wrote, if a word is worth one cent, silence is worth two. blessings and happy chanukka

  13. 76x76 = 5776
    Relevant to you?
    Ofcourse Jerusalem free in 5727+50= 5777, but that's to obvious.
    That's all I can contibute HaYom.
    G'd bless !

  14. 10Rainbow, you are bnei noach. According to your logic the prophets should have kept silent. Such nonsense. I am not keeping silent in knowing the causes of our 2000 year exile and our continual suffering. Since you are not part of the club, you have no say in anything we do.

    What, the 36 hidden tzadikim are rabbi's? What a joke. I suggest you go back and read the Tanach and tell me where you find that?

    Stick with your rabbinical lie of bnei noach having a place in the world to come. According to Avodah Zarah 64b, Every non-Jew is a 'son of the covenant of Noach'. To claim a few who commit to keep the Sheva Mitvot Bnei Noach are "the" Bnei Noach is comparable to a few dozen Americans claiming that because they are law-abiding citizens, therefore, they are the only Americans. Since Bnei Noach refers to all non-Jews, including Hitler, and it's nonsensical to argue that Bnei Noach have a place in the world to come in complete defiance of the overwhelming Scriptures that describe the fate of goyim.

    Bnei Noach are defined consistently in Avodah Zarah 64 b, Sanhedrin 56a and Rambams Guide for the Perplexed. Since the Flood, all mankind traces their ancestry to Noach. Just as some Americans do not observe American laws, yet are still Americans, not all Bnei Noach observe all the Noachide laws. Still they are Bnei Noach. Keeping the Noachide laws does not define Bnei Noach. The only thing associated with the brit of Noach is that there won't be another Flood, or Mabul symbolized by the rainbow. That's all one gets for being a Bnei Noach. There is NO promise of life in ha olam haba associated with Bnei Noach.

    Your job even as a non Jew is to live your life according to the Torah of Moshe.

  15. Blogs play an important role in Mashiach's arrival. They keep predicting dates that don't pan out, until nobody has any more confidence in predictions. Then Mashiach can come!


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