Wednesday, December 28, 2011


How’s Your Memory?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     A friend asked, “How’s your memory?”

    “I forget,” I answered.

     I know it sounds funny, but it can be frustrating when you walk into a room for something… stop, and ask, “What did I come into this room for?” No big deal, you just go back out and do something else until you remember what you went in there for.

     But my memory is not so bad. Well, at least it doesn’t seem so bad when I compare it to my friend’s memory. He’s at the stage of sitting at the kitchen table desperately looking around…looking under plates, and asking, “Did I eat that cookie?”

     Also, when you live in Jerusalem, and stay with your daily schedule it’s a lot easier, because if things get bad enough, you can always ask someone what time it is, and then you can figure out where you were going.

     But like most other “older folk,” I do have my “senior moments.” They usually happen when I go to the store. Obviously, I make out a list of the six things that I need—I’m not forgetful enough to think that I will remember them all. But, what always happens is… I forget to take the list!

     One time, I was standing in the store searching my pockets for the list. Then, I realized that I had forgotten it, and there was an American-looking man there going over his list. I went over to him and said, “Excuse me. But, could I borrow your shopping list? I left mine at home.” He looked at me like I was nuts, but he actually handed me his list. I thanked him and gave it back.

     But like I said, here in Jerusalem, it’s a lot easier because of the more obvious Heavenly help that we receive. Like a few days ago, I had to go to the store to get matches. I did not have enough for all the days of Chanukah lightings. I made up my list, putting matches on top and I included the other five things that I needed. I remembered to take money (which I usually do) and went to the store. I got two or three of the things that I needed, but I forgot what the other three were, so I reached into my pocket for the list and… you guessed it…I had forgotten the list!

      I did pretty good though, and I thought that I had gotten everything on the list, so I checked out. After paying, the checkout lady looked at me intensely, something she had never done before, and said in a seemingly harsh voice, “Happy Chanukah!”

    “Wow, that’s weird,” I thought. “Why did she say that so gruffly?”

     I took my change and started to leave… then it hit me: “Chanukah! Matches! I need a box of matches!” I smiled.

     “Thank G-d for all the assistance that You give me.”

     I went home and checked the list. I brought home five out of the six things. Not bad, huh?


  1. For your brain:

  2. just as you've tied many tight with tefillin straps, so may you be Blessed with friends neighbors relatives & merely passing Jews who help tie your memories & intentions tightly to you!


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