Saturday, December 10, 2011


Dodging a Peace Missile

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I have never had the pleasure (?) of a murderous war criminal throwing a large explosive object at my head from Gaza.  My daughter, however, experienced this exactly this Shabbos night.  Here’s how it went…

“I was visiting a family for Shabbos.  This family lives on a kibbutz, a beautiful area that is not close to the Gaza strip. 

This kibbutz was founded in 1941, has over 1,000 residents and is one of the few kibbutzim in Israel that remains a successful enterprise.  There are hundreds of families and hundreds of children, and even an old age home.

Almost all of the homes and residences are older buildings.  This means there are no bomb shelters or reinforced rooms built into the residences as are now part of new Israeli construction.  Rather, as was the style prior to 20 years ago, there are neighborhood bomb shelters (which are repurposed into community facilities).

The men when to synagogue for Friday night services together with most of the community while I stayed behind with my hostess and helped her bring the meal items to the Shabbos table.

The  men and boys returned from synagogue and sang a joyful Shalom Alechem and Ashes Chayil.  The father made kiddush and distributed the Shabbos wine and we began on our salads and appetizer dishes.  Suddenly the air raid siren went off… CODE RED …. CODE RED …. CODE RED.   Seconds to react…maybe seconds to live.

Everyone was stunned for moment, but a moment is all you get – no luxury of freaking out if you want to live.  The father quickly directed everyone to a hallway area in the house, shepherding me along as well.  The mother counted and monitored the children and made sure they were all moving and calm.  The father quickly closed the doors of all the rooms, making the hallway an isolated space.

After we at and waiting with the siren continuing to sound, my hostess explained to me that this was the most protected area they had.  An interior “room”, no windows or tile (not the bathroom), but no ceiling protection (if G-d forbid their hit from above…) and they simply do not have enough time to make it to the neighborhood bomb shelter.

We huddled together for 10 minutes listening carefully for an explosion while praying for our lives, and frankly I was freaking out.  And then we heard it…a loud BOOOOOM.  We prayed that no one nearby had been hurt or killed, but it still was too dangerous to go see.

The siren stopped, but the rule is you wait another 10 minutes after it stops.  We went out to check, having heard an explosion…but the residential area had not been hit.

Missiles did fall this Friday night, but fortunately not on us.  Nobody died, Baruch Hashem, but not because the “Peaceful Palestinian’s” weren’t trying.  And hundreds of thousands of Jews, men, women and children, were running for their lives from their Shabbos tables.

I asked my hostess how often this is happening.  She casually answered ‘it was about once a month, but it’s about once a week now.’”

You won’t hear about this murderous war crime terror from the U.N. or even from the mainstream news.  After all, nobody died.  And that’s a miracle from Heaven!


  1. Very glad your daughter and everyone weren't hurt or killed, chas v'shalom. May Hashem continue to protect us all, wherever we are in the world.

  2. Akiva: Apparently there is one man in the United States telling the Truth. And because his podium rises above what the MSM wants Americans to see and hear, it is for the best. One thing that can be said about approximately 30 to 35% of Americans is that they want to be told the Truth. Goooooo Newt!!

    The Blaze is Glenn Beck's news service.


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