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Calculating the Geulah

“May those who calculate the date of the redemption expire, for they would (then) say: ‘Since the calculated date has arrived and (Moshiach) has not come, he is not going to come.’  Rather, wait for him, as it is written ‘If he tarry, wait for him (Gemora Sanhedrin 97b)’”

Not withstanding the above, we find that over the generations great scholars among our people did indicate such dates. (For example Iggeret Teiman by the Rambam and Maamarim of the Alter Rebbe on the Parshiyot, Vol. I p. 419).

The above quoted Gemora is speaking of the kind of calculation that could weaken people’s faith in the coming of Moshiach (as in the above phrase “he is not going to come”).  By contract, the only intention of the later scholars referred to was to fortify and arouse this faith – at historical periods in which our people’s dire spiritual poverty demanded extraordinary measures which the Torah otherwise forbad.

The latter attitude may also be perceived from a deeper perspective.

Throughout the entire exile, great tzaddikim are able to see how the avodah which Jews carry out at every day and moment comprises elements of the Redemption within itself and brings it nearer.  At the end of every day they are able to discern in what measure the Redemption has become more revealed and the world more elevated.  As these increments add up to a state of completeness, they reveal the year in which this growing completeness will be attained – the year of the ketz.  Accordingly, between the announcement and the anticipated ketz, the avodah of the interim period must be upgraded to match that complete revelation.

It is thus clear that the observations of these tzaddikim do not involve any prohibition of calculating final dates.  On the contrary: They see the great elevation that has been attained up to a certain point and are therefore obligated to make this known in order to rouse people to upgrade their avodah.

---The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 29, p. 15


  1. I NEEDED TO SEE THIS! thanks for posting

  2. still they were all wrong ! and all will be punished accordingly for misleading the vulnerable soul who trusts them !

  3. Anonymous - I will take ---The Lubavitcher Rebbe's words and other great tzaddikim words on the geula over what you just posted.

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