Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Beit Shemesh Gone Wild

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Reasonableness has passed.  The politicians and activists are going to make their point, regardless of the result!  Organized by Facebook, web forums and blogs, 10,000 angry anti-religious will descend upon Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet at 6:00 PM today.  The buses have been chartered from as far away as Haifa (2 1/2 hours), the religious will pay!

The zealot thug gang ultra-orthodox dressing Jews will respond, they won’t take it lying down.  Their leaders have set their response, the announcement trucks are already traveling through the neighborhoods of all ultra-orthodox areas of Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem.  “Come and defend the Torah, the holy neighborhood and holy people!” they blare.  The neighborhood rabbis say “it’s not us, but the anti-religious are inciting!” (with the zealot thugs standing quietly and threateningly outside their window.)

The city officials who tolerated this while it was a small but seriously traumatizing matter for elementary school girls are now calling all parties to meet with them, or at least get photos with them.  They’re shocked they are being rebuffed.

The leader of the effort to protect the girls, Rabbi Dov Lipman, who’s the rabbi of the modern orthodox neighborhood in question and the rabbi of the school in question, has been refused access to speak at the secular anti-religious “rally” to be held at 6:00pm.  The Israeli newspapers write, “A group of Haredi residents of Beit Shemesh led by Rabbi Dov Lipman has asked to take part in the rally. Lipman has requested permission to address the crowd.” Haredi??? Dov Lipman is the rabbi of the family, girl, neighborhood and school involved!!!!!

Photo – Rabbi Dov Lipman of Beit Shemesh, Israel, speaking at a rally against violence and intimidation 2 months ago in Beit Shemesh, on the Modern Orthodox – Charedi neighborhood seam line, 2 blocks from the modern religious girls school in question.


Rabbi Lipman has worked tirelessly to calm the conflict and try to find a balance between the neighborhoods and groups.  He’s stood again and again and said “this is not an anti-ultra-orthodox thing, this is people acting inappropriately that need to be dealt with”. 

But the newspapers don’t want people who try to make peace and resolve conflict.  Neither do today’s rally organizers.  Push aside those directly involved, this is about MAKING YOUR POINT.

I’m afraid.  Unless the authorities prepare very strongly, people are going to get hurt today (G-d forbid).  Jews are going to be fighting Jews. 

My dear charedi brethren, there is no Torah source or position that allows you to attack your fellow Jew.  You are falling prey to ego and the Yetzer Hara (the evil inclination).  THIS IS HOW THE YETZER BRINGS THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY DOWN!  This is not honest kannanus (zealotry), this is a perversion!

My dear chiloni (non-observant) brethren, please do not bring your battles for attention and political leverage to this situation.  Yes, “they” started it.  But it’s the city officialdom and police who failed to deal with it.  Be honest, are you really coming to defend an 8 year old religious girl or to drive your own agenda?  Your agenda is not worth the blood of your brothers.

Dear authorities, stand up and forcefully deal with this situation before it gets out of hand!  And that moment is upon you! 

Anyone considering attending, DO NOT DO SO!

And the press, yes YOU are responsible for stirring this up to this level!  Please refrain from being even more of the problem.

RIBONO SHEL OLAM, Master of the Universe, please do not let this happen this way!  Please do not let brothers clash and injure one another.  Let it be resolved peacefully and fade away!


  1. A few years ago a friend of mine was on a bus in ramat beit shemesh, suddenly there was a big bang and everyone was down on the floor saying the shema. They thought it was a pigua. It turned out to be more of these people throwing rocks at the bus. Who knows why. Everyone on the bus was frum.

    The media may be stirring it up, but if rabbis had dealt with this kind of thuggery properly and promptly, and ostracised these people and reported them to the police, there would be nothing to stir up.

  2. Unfortunately, not showing up implies "shtika k'hoda'a"

    The Chareidi community is NOT HEARD AY ALL condemning the violence and this would be a great opportunity to do so. There won't be any violence on the side of the people at the Orot Banot school -- only the sikrikim vs. the police.

  3. All the best to you and your city, Reb Akiva.

    I submitted a comment defending Rav Lipman to the Ha'aretz article you linked to, chastised them for not doing their homework, and more. I hope it makes it. I signed myself...CDG, Yerushalayim

  4. This is a ridiculous post written by someone who clearly doesn't come from Beit Shemesh. Who are you pointing your fingers at? How can you talk about the Rabbai'im in such a way? And this woman who went to the non religious press, this is the way a shomrei shabbos behaves?

    The animals spitting at children are NOTHING to do with the Charedi community here and nor are the immodestly dressed mizrachi women who feels its appropriate to go to the non religious press. Both are as bad as each other and have nothing to do with the Charedim in Beit Shemesh.

  5. the erev rav no modesty worse then xtians openly homosexual and pro homosexual verse erev zeir chumras after chumras against a a womens ankle even if shes 7 years old . Reminds me of ali vs frazier the thriller in manilla .

  6. Just returned from Geula/Meah Shearim and they were putting up posters all over. I'm guessing but you might be seeing 10,000 haredim ALSO in BS. They municipality might need water canons to disperse ...

    Awful to say, but maybe what is needed is a wall to close them off with a checkpoint for buses in/out of their area. And a separate Mehadrin bus line. It's beginning to look like a Masada-type seige.

  7. i am shocked at the treatment of the religious jews. this is the nation Hashem instructed to be the light to all nations. and now we see this happening in the holy land, which is to be the model for the 70 nations to follow. its obvious there is a hand behind all this. i pray the mosiach will come now and solve all problems. it is obvious the dark side is working over time to stop the light of the torah from reaching others and from being practised.

  8. OMG I know Rabbi Dov Lipman. I stayed at his house in Cincinnati, Ohio on at least 6 occasions when I was dating my wife. He is a tzaddik whose core being is Mentschlichkeit and a Rodef Shalom of the highest order. He easily went back and forth between Cincinnati's Chareidi Knesset Israel Cong. and the more modern Orthodox Golf Manor Congregation. He was beloved by all. I guess it helps to grow up in the country that gave the world Adams, Jefferson, and Washington who at their core were righteous gentiles. Yes, even though Gog Washington was a Free-Mason, decency is still was still at the core of America's being at its founding. I, in part, fail to understand why decency is not at the core of our being. Perhaps we are all in so much collective pain from the intensity of our suffering throughout Ashkenazic Jewish history. And we have brought our psychological churban to this holy soil. I am not sure that this was part of G-d's plan when in Devarim he said "HaShem will strike you with madness and with blindness, and with confounding of the heart." I think He hoped that that would help us repent, but apparently it has backfired. Mentally ill people cannot repent if their brain stems reek from so much pain. I would simply daven to HaShem to cease and desist. More punishments against us will achieve absolutely nothing in a spiritual sense. So He may as well redeem us even if He has seething anger against us.

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  10. Commentary on Pirkei Avot Regarding the So-Called Zealots:

    1:6 Judge every person favorably
    * This includes the national religious and even the chilonim!

    1:12 Be among the disciples of Aharon, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving all creatures and bringing them near to the Torah
    * Treating people lovingly and peacefully is the way to bring them closer to Torah, not spitting at them and threatening them with vandalism and violence!

    1:14 If I am only for myself, what am I?
    * Selfishly imposing your will on others makes you into a monster!

    1:15 Receive every person with a cheerful countenance.
    * Smile at everybody! Treat everyone with kindness. Yelling, threats and bullying are never recommended by our Sages.

    1:16 Nothing is better for a person than silence.
    * Be humble, keep to yourself and pray when there are things you don't like in society. Or write an article and make a speech, if you really have something to say. There is no place for riots and mafia-type behavior!

    2:2 All Torah-study not combined with work will in the end lead to sin * Perhaps if people took this to heart they wouldn't have time on their hands to spend oppressing others!

    2:4 Do not condemn your fellow-man until you have stood in his place
    * Look at and correct your own faults before demanding others change to be like you!

    2:6 Because you drowned others, they drowned you.
    * If you try to oppress and force others, the same will happen to you. A turn for a turn!

    2:10 Warm yourselves by the fire of the Sages, but beware of their glowing embers lest you be burnt, for their bite is the bite of a fox, their sting is the sting of a scorpion, their hiss is the hiss of a snake, and all their words are like fiery coals.
    * For you the Torah is like a poison! Be careful with it; it is very precious but dangerous in the wrong frame of mind.

  11. Continued:

    2:11 Hatred of one's fellow drives a man from this world.
    * Love your fellow Jews!

    2:14 Know what to answer to an unbeliever.
    * There is nothing one can say to an unbeliever that would persuade them what you are doing is honorable or makes any sense! Anyone paying attention will have less respect for the Torah and those who follow it!

    2:11 One who publicly humiliates his fellowman …has no share in the World to Come.
    * Trying to shut down businesses you don't agree with, attacking their children -- what could be more humiliating?

    2:12 Receive every person cheerfully. * Not one but two major Sages said we should smile at everybody! Not shout, curse, coerce -- but smile!

    2:13 A fence for wisdom is silence.
    * Think a lot before you speak, and listen to both sides. When in doubt, stay silent. Loudly shouting without thinking is not a way to wisdom.

    4:1 Who is wise? He who learns from every person. Who is honored? He who honors others.
    * Treat every person with respect and as someone you could learn something valuable from! Who says you are better than everyone else? Perhaps their blood is redder!

    4:3 Do not regard anyone with contempt, and do not reject anything, for there is no man who does not have his hour and no thing that does not have its place.
    * Hashem created everyone and everything for a reason. There is no justification for denouncing, oppressing or shutting down thing that don't fit your own ideas or community's norms!

    4:5 Do not make the Torah an axe with
    which to cut.
    * Don't make Torah into a poison, or people will regard it as such and run away with it with all their might!

    5:18 One who causes the many to sin shall not be granted the opportunity to repent.
    * Zealots' behavior is making the many (even Jews and non-Jews aboard) hate not only them but all the Orthodox! And hating your brother in your heart is a sin.

    6:19 Among the traits needed to acquire Torah: being loved, Loving Hashem, loving his creatures, judging others favorably, establishing him in the way of peace.
    * Act in a way that people will love you, and love all God's creatures, and dwell with them in peace. This is what will promote your ideas and lifestyle -- not violence and threats!

  12. Yisahai thanks for piki avot . I believe we need a huge dose of pirke avot and less of a dose of EVERYTHING else to do with torah . dont do too your neighbor as you wouldnt want him to do you is hillels golden rule and the rule of all humanity on a global level a family level and a personal level . Werent we destroyed throughout our history because we disregarded this rule with the exception of the tzaddikim ? This is the ikker the main teaching of judaism monotheism cant exist otherwise if men have the psychology of sodom there is no God for man is in gods image . His attributes effects gods hashkafa of the planets the angels and the worlds .

  13. This might be a helpful map:



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