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Answer to an Arab from Jordan

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


An Arab named Ghazi, who lives in an olive grove on a river in Jordan, wrote to me. He found me via one of my YouTube videos. He began our interchange with questions which I answered, and his first replies were such warm words as:

    “Beautifully explained. Your wisdom is invigorating to the mind. I humbly hope this goy is not pestering you with too many questions.”

     It did not take many letters before his Muslim attitude showed. This is my reply to his letter.


     Do not read anger into my reply. If anything, it is boring to deal with such foolishness again and again.

     “Either you are hypnotized, or purposely trying to defend a religion of war and murder. You have openly contradicted the facts.

    “You blamed the Jews for the radicalism of Islam! Are you saying that because of Jews, Muslims attack in Russia? China? England? India? Spain… and on and on?  What are you saying? Your prior calm, positive posture just fell to the floor!

     “The facts are that one out of five people in the world is a Muslim, and four out of five wars in the world are Muslim. How is the Zionist Jew responsible for these endless Islamic wars, as you claim?

     “You said that you had co-existed with Jews up until Zionism came. Are you really not aware of the history of this place? There are many examples. For instance, what about the year 1929 in Hebron when the local Muslims, for no reason at all, slaughtered 65 unarmed, religious Jews? How dare you say that Zionism caused that! These were not Zionists. They were religious Jews who wanted to live by the graves of our fathers. You are like a blind man wildly striking out against the facts.

     “You wrote that you know many people of other religions who would kill their daughters for marrying out of their faiths… can you name one? I have traveled the world and have been around most religions, and I have only seen this shocking thing in Islam. Either name the people who in their own words say this, or apologize to them for saying such a lie. And, apparently you agree with this practice, and say that others do it, too. My G-d in Heaven, I know of no one lower than an animal who would murder his own daughter for a religious mindset.

     “Maybe your book says that G-d does not take into consideration what people a person belongs to, but my Book does not say that. Jews are a tribal people, and we are all responsible for one another. And we will be judged accordingly. Jews are treated by G-d all over the world as Jews, not as “believers.”

     “But Islam is not a nationality. It is a mindset that can change whenever you want, (unless your father kills you for changing your mind). In fact, when it came to cursing at us, you did call us the Jewish People. So, even in your eyes we are a people.

     “You are claiming that the Arabs living in Israel are descendants of the Jews from the Temple times, so they have inherited the Land. No, that does not work. Jews were promised this Land, and it is being filled by Jews now---all descendants of Avraham and Sarah, and not of Hagar (Ishmael).

     “Jews coming home to our homeland has been prophesied from the time of Avraham. Today, we are seeing these prophecies being fulfilled. Is this radical to you? 

     “Your very long letter is filled with false claims, and it only demonstrates how greatly your religious beliefs have blinded you. The Name of G-d was spoken in Hebrew first, not Arabic. It was spoken in Hebrew centuries upon centuries before your religion came about. No Arab knew the Name of G-d before Avraham, and Avraham spoke Hebrew. The Arabs who lived before Avraham were idolaters.

     “No non-Muslim has ever co-existed with a Muslim government, except as a lower class person, who paid a tax because of his low status.

     “What foolishness you have written, to claim that there are as many extreme rabbis as there are extreme Muslims! Do you really believe this? There are a billion and a half Muslims! And according to the polls, the majority approve of killing Jews and dipping their hands in our blood. This is worse than the Nazis, who only wanted to destroy us.

     “Your calmness left completely with this letter. But in truth, I am not surprised. I have had conversations with other ‘intellectual, liberal’ Muslims who ended up saying such things as you are now saying, including the justification of murdering their own daughters for dating a christian! No other religion condones so-called ’honor’ killings, as you claim.

    “How dare you say that a Jew would kill his child for intermarrying? You are speaking horrible lies, trying to justify Islamic terror against your own people. Today, the majority of Jews in the world intermarry. Have you ever heard of a single Jew killing his child (G-d forbid)? 

     “We never read that anywhere in the world “moderate” Muslims are speaking out against the radical Muslims. Never! Actually, there is one imam from Italy who is popular, who teaches the same things that I am writing to you today.

     “Do you really believe what you have written, or are you blindly striking out against the fact that 4 out of 5 wars in the world are Islamic? And you blame the Jews for those wars! You wrote that it is because of Zionism that Muslims are radical. No, even if you intend to honor Islam, and you murder Jews sitting in a pizza shop, you will not be welcomed into Heaven. Even hell will be too high for that animal murderer who expects 72 virgins for murdering Jews.

      “Yes, G-d is blessing the return of the Jewish people to our homeland, or else it could not be happening. And it is happening more and bigger every day as more and more Jews are flocking home. See that it is even hard to find apartments here; we are coming home so quickly. This is besides the millions and millions of tourists who are flocking to Israel now that it is blooming again.

      “The Redemption is unfolding right now, and the Arabs are going to leave and go to the 28 surrounding Arab lands. Mark my words. It is happening now.

     “All Jews are the children of Avraham and Sarah, and we are called; “Jews,” “Hebrews,” “Children of Israel,” “Children of Yaacov.” G-d promised this land to the children of Israel, not to any other righteous people of the world. G-d has never broken our covenant. He will not break His promise to Avraham, and He is keeping His word by bringing us home now.

     “You are a radical Muslim believer. There is no way to introduce you to the truth. You will believe what you were taught, just like a christian believes what he was taught.

     “A King has children, and he has slaves. Although he appreciates his righteous servants, they do not inherit the crown. Mark my words. The time is now. The majority of the Arabs here want to leave now, and they are the smart ones. The rest will follow as more and more Jews come home.

     “The teaching is not as you wrote, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ You have entirely turned it around. The teaching is, ‘Do not do unto others as you would not want them to do to you.’

     I do not see any of my words ever reaching you. It’s a shame, too.



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