Monday, December 05, 2011


American Foot in Mouth

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Once again part of the American administration has stuck their foot in their mouth…

“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying she feared for the future of Israel’s democracy and the rights of women in the Jewish state.

…said Clinton had expressed concern about a slew of “anti-democratic” bills proposed by right-wing members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.  …said Clinton had described shock at hearing that some buses in Jerusalem were gender segregated and some religious Israeli soldiers refused to attend events where women would sing.”

So here’s the anti-democratic bills proposed…

1. NGO’s that are foreign funded must declare their source of foreign funding.

2. NGO’s with a declared purpose of ending Israel in it’s current form may not receive more than a small portion of their funding from foreign sources (something like a 20% maximum).

3. NGO’s receiving foreign funding may not fund advertising campaigns around election time, nor donate to candidates.

Some may recognize those types of laws, as they exist as laws in the United States of America.  Foreign lobbyists must register as such and for whom they’re lobbying.  Foreigners MAY NOT provide any support or funding to congressional or presidential candidates (or any candidates?)  Significant restrictions exist on who may fund campaign advertisements.

Israel has a problem with foreign influence working hard with big bucks to overriding Israeli’s desire to LIVE and not be KILLED by murderous barbaric enemies.  The U.S. doesn’t have such a problem but has such restrictions anyway.

Methinks the US Administration may be such a funder and is afraid of losing their influence?

You know, Jews are amazing!  7 religious Jewish officer-candidate soldiers holding by their religious morals and walk out of a female concert…and the United States Secretary of State becomes involved. 

In our humbleness we say we’re not that important, we just want to focus on G-d and His Torah… but the world keeps telling us otherwise.  When a Jew stands by the Torah in Israel the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation on Earth takes notice!!!


  1. Some article, I think in Ha'aretz, worried that the soldiers leaving when the female soloist began was a signal of the dangerous messianic religious radicalism taking over the army. It's so crazy people see such a big deal in this. Do they not know what the basic halacha is? 20/30% of the Israeli public is Orthodox and holds by this halacha, and is not allowed to be present when a women is singing! I personally am in favor of leniencies on this issue, but you can't blame people for just following the age-old halacha! Give me a break, people.

  2. Hillary is still trying to use her teraphim (Trophies) voodoo doll that she has on Bibi from the late 1990s. She used to stick a pin in the Teraph (trophy) and Bibi would go "Ouch, that hurts." Perhaps the long distance witchcraft on Bibi doesn't work for her any more. I suggest that the HillyBilly show go back to their traditional form of witchcraft by doing Ov and Yidoni by conjuring up the ghosts of Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt to figure out why they shouldn't be getting involved in the business of G-d's Holy Nation. Every time ten blackbirds (crows) fall dead from the sky in Arkansas, I think of the warlock and his powerful witch wife, Hillary and Billam Clinton. They can even send the Cajun cracker jack voodoo priest from New Orleans, James Carville to work for the Tzippy Livni effort to unseat Netanyahu if there ever is another Israeli election. With all those voodoo priests running around New Orleans with their teraphim in tow, one has to wonder when the next flood will come to clean out Sin City. Folks, this Purim is going to be a real celebration.

  3. Gender segregated buses? What kind of insanity is this? I don't see anything religious about this, only paranoia and radicalism. Are you trying to Shariatize Judaism? Even the die hard segregationists in the the Southern USA would have been horrified at this.

  4. Anonymous,

    There are currently 63 female-only colleges in the US. There are thousands of female-only gyms and exercise centers. There are thousands of female-only private schools. There are tens of thousands of female-only sports teams and sporting events (female only for the participants).

    How can you tolerate all that gender segregation right there in your own back yard???

    I understand the US even has millions of gender segregated restrooms! Oh the humanity!

    And you have a problem with people who don't want to be crushed up against the opposite gender during rush hour? Have you ever been on a bus or subway during rush hour?

  5. Plus Akiva, I believe, that in almost all cases except for a couple exceptional cases, all of these segregated buses between men and women are owned by the Chareidim themselves. So it is not the government's business to get involved in how they communally conduct their lives. I believe that one exception to this might be any bus to the Emmanuel yishuv since only Chareidim would ever likely take that bus. G-d forbid that any bus would exclude someone based on their race. That has never been an issue here. Yes, stateless W. Bank Arabs cannot travel by Egged into Jerusalem anymore because of the past history of such people blowing themselves up. It is a nice precaution, but any Arab citizen of Israel can go anywhere in Israel that he pleases including all residents of Jerusalem. Just let the witch at the US State Dept. cackle, and we should go about our business and watch her world crumble before our eyes.

  6. Nice points, Reb Akiva & Reb Dov.

    I'd also like to add that those gender-segregated buses are the only in the world that offer relative comfort and privacy for nursing.

    P.S. Hillary has chosen to stay married to a philanderer and a rapist -- and she united with him against all the accusations. So in Hillary World, gender-segregated buses are Evil but rape & adultery are okay. Well, that pretty much invalidates her opinions regarding women's rights.

  7. Schools I can understand. Sports temas of course are segregated with gender because men are naturally stronger. Of course restrooms have to be segregated. What I'm taling about is public places and transportation. What is the purpose of having segregtaed buses? Should there be segregated streets and restaurants? What about segregated boats and airplanes?

  8. Anon: The purpose of segregating buses is so that men and women do not get squooshed together on a crowded bus. It is not modest for men and women to be rubbing up against each other in public. And a crowded bus is a perfect venue for that to happen. So in Chareidi society precautions are taken so that on a crowded bus men are only squooshed against men, and women are only squooshed against women. Of course it is understood that amongst the men this is normal, and it does not lead to unnatural behavior. And as was mentioned above by Yours Truly, the bus companies that segregate buses are almost exclusively private bus companies who serve the Chareidi community. The exception being Egged (public bus) routes to exclusively Chareidi communities such as Emmanuel in the Shomron.

    The other venues that you mentioned do not have the issues of being squooshed together so that at restaurants, on boats, and even on airplanes, there is no need to segregate men from women. Crowded streets is an issue. And often in Mea She'arim men and women do not walk on the same side of crowded streets in order to avoid touching each other. In Geulah which is right next to Mea She'arim, I have never seen men and women walking on the opposite sides of the street. So even in the Chareidi world there are differences in enforcing certain stringencies (Chumrot).

    The exception to this idea of not separating men and women at restaurants is at Chareidi weddings. At such venues since both men and women dance separately from each other, men and women usually eat separately from each other too with a Mechitzah (an opaque divider at least 5 feet tall) separating the men from the women. This way men will not ogle at the women while they are dancing so that women can uphold their modesty while letting loose while they dance with the bride. Interestingly Chazal do not find it a problem for women to be looking at men while they are dancing or when they pray. So often a Mechitzah will have an upper portion which is one-way glass so that the women can see the men, but the men cannot stare at the women.

    This may not be your world, but it is the world of hundreds of thousands of G-d fearing Jews. And it deserves our utmost respect whether you want to be part of that world or not.

  9. I made a small error. A mechitzah should be at least 6 feet high (I am not sure about the exact halahkic height). Yet, is should be tall enough so that most men cannot look over it to see the women on the other side dancing or praying.

  10. I'm not sure how the buses are in Israel, but I've ridden the buses where I am hundreds of times, and even when they get a little overloaded I never get squashed against anyone. If there really is a chance of private areas touching, that seems like a legitimate concern, but I wouldn't want that kind of accidental contact with another man either. This has never happened with me all the times I have been on buses. I hope none of you take this the wrong way, but my opinion is that there is too much excessive fear of touching. I hardly ever touch anyone, man or woman, but if I shake a woman's hand or pay for something at the store, I don't get affected in any way and have no self control issues. I'm not sure why you would compare this kind of touching with purposely fondling or groping as a way of flirting with or seducing someone. There is no comparison as far as I'm concerned. Is it really so terrible if you have brief, non-sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex? Even the biggest religious ultra-conservatives here in the USA would have no issue with this.

  11. Anonymous- You have never ridden a bus in your life. In America buses have a max occupancy law. Israel buses do not.

    Try taking the last bus from Jerusalem to Tzfas to experience what it means to pack into a bus.

    I personally have been crushed multiple times.

    You can choose to live in your fantasy world if the pay is good.

  12. hillary is just upset that most of her laban whites gals and guys are basically very bisexual or gay , and how dare idf soldiers say no to this ?!

  13. When 7 religious soldiers walk out of a concert with a female singer, that is not Torah. It's religion.

    Charedism is not Torah either, it's a perversion of Torah. For evil people to control the masses for their own objectives.

    I certainly agree that the USA should mind their own business, but since they too are tools of God, then what do we need to learn from this episode?

    As far as segregation goes, maybe it's just a diversion tactic from the reality in the Charedi world. I will give you such an example. In Beitar Illit, there is rampant sexual molestation of young boys by specific members of the community. Maybe there needs to be buses for pervert's with a bizarre sexual desire for young boys. Maybe buses should only have young children on it without deviants on there.

    The fences, the control of the masses does not correct matters of a sick nation.

    You want to have the nations stop whining at us, then go back to the Torah of Moshe and the Prophets. Otherwise, look in the mirror.


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