Tuesday, November 08, 2011


We Stand With Israel

from the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     We were at the Kotel when we heard an amazing roar coming from the parking lot. It sounded like 60 bellowing lions bragging about the great lunch that they just had devoured. Someone said that it was music being played from a loud speaker. The noise was musical, but it sounded more like motorcycles to me. But it was way louder than any motorcycles that I had ever heard.

     It turned out that more than 70 Harley Davidson Motorcycle riders were revving up their bikes in the Kotel parking lot. It sounded like a strange melodic symphony. The riders were Americans, x-ians, Harley bike riders who came to show support for Israel. They had their huge bikes shipped here for a 10-day tour of Israel. They also brought $600,000 in medical supplies to give to hospitals in Israel. These guys were hard-core bikers with huge tattoos saying such things as “yashka Forever.” You could see their histories dug into the lines on their faces, red-necks, Hell’s Angels, heavy drugs, and now, Born Again x-ians.

     As they came into the Kotel area, I joked with a few of them. They were from Texas so I used my South Texas accent, “Yoo drive a Hog, man?” They cracked up. “Hog” is biker slang for a Harley motorcycle.

     I spoke to a group of them. I pointed my finger at them and loudly said, “I gat somethin’ ta say ta yoo.” They all looked at me, not knowing what to expect. I said, “I wanna thank yoo! Thank yoo for coming.” They loved it.

     Then I said, “If we (Jews in Israel) weren’t here, then they (the arabs and their rockets) would be in Texas!”

     They answered loudly, “That’s right!”

     Maybe a lot of religious Jews would say not to talk to them (since we know that their bottom hope is to try to convert a Jew to their myth, G-d forbid), or that we should yell out the truth at them about their idolatry as they go by, but I learned a long time ago that you can easily change the direction a strong stream with a little well-placed guidance, but if you try to stop it, it will violently overflow.

      I spoke to a couple of them about G-d being everywhere, and that yashka is not everywhere, so they should not worship him. Someone handed out some “Seven Commandment” cards. They took a bunch of pictures and went away happy, feeling that their trip was worthwhile.

    Remember, the more supporters we have in America, the greater chances of a friendly President being elected.


  1. Mamash edom is terror and scary if not for the state how many more jews would be converted and butchered in the name of there god ?? On the flip side like the original edom and the original yeshu his gilgul there is a spark of good . these are the 7 kings of edom 45.7=315 sparks trapped there . Converts and baaleie tshuvah release the trapped sparks from edoms 7 kings in mayim nukvine femenine waters . Tzaddikim like the rebbe bring down mayim dukvine masculine waters . This is why mbd is heaven and mby is aretz .

  2. Please tell your fellow Israeli, Nir ben Artzi, to stop preaching the destruction of America, if you want to continue to have American supporters!

  3. Nir ben Artzi is not our friend nor someone we know, nor are his predictions reported or supported by this blog.

    Why would you think he is?

    BTW, he doesn't 'preach the destruction of America', he predicts it as a result of the current governments actions. We don't agree with his predictions, but there is a BIG difference between "predicting" and "preaching".

  4. I saw their convoy in the Shomron and was a bit impressed. But I think that most religious people should not talk to them. You never know if one will start the 'talk' and most of us do not have the tools to reply properly. (and they know their bible better than most of us know our tanach).


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