Thursday, November 03, 2011

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Unusual Hospital Sights

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I had the dubious pleasure of spending the evening at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.  Hadassah is a premiere high quality medical center, but has it’s share of weirdness.

P1050481We’ve mentioned in the past that you can’t get in to the hospital without walking the full length of the on-site shopping mall, and they’ve recently made that situation worse by blocking some other entrances and channeling all the traffic through the mall.  But that’s not the subject of this article’s pictures.

Rather, these are the passing sights of weirdness while visiting a doctor in a diagnostic department.

Right by the mall/hospital entrance we find the item to our left, the Sig-o-Mat cigarette dispenser at the Candyland store.  That would be the hospital making sure to generate future customers!

Along the way to the particular diagnostic department, we were directed through a hallway lined with refrigerators marked like this:


Hope nobody put their lunch in there.  Or perhaps they did and just left it too long.  Right next to those was this one:


Nuclear medicine is well known, still seeing large radiation warnings can make you worry on entering a department or even walking next to them down a hallway.

Seeing those signs and then these bottles with foil on top, not exactly a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bet your hospital doesn’t have stairways marked “Protected Area”, meaning RUN HERE IN CASE IF MISSILE ATTACK.  (The old hospital building doesn’t have bunkers on each floor.)  Anyone else think this is ridiculous (that hospitals are being targeted? And the UN is complaining about Israel defending itself?)


When you’re done with your hospital stay, don’t forget to stop by the Tour office and book a vacation!



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