Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Rochel and Geulah

by Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths

Today is the Yarezheit of Rochel Imaynu, the 11th of Cheshvan, the time when we have entered Stage 4.  (See my post on the four stages of economic collapse related to the Geulah and note the Euro contagion to Italy and the growing interest rates for Euro debt.  When those rates reach 7% for Italy (currently at 6.67%), the situation will be unrecoverable.) 

All the potential teshuvah by Edom has already been allowed for.  And now, tonight of all nights, Mama Rachel is crying for her children. 

After 2400 years since the Shekhinah left the 1st Temple, Mama Rachel has been crying for her children.  Even when the northern kingdom of Israel with kings from Ephraim disappeared, Mama Rachel has been crying for her children. 

In one of the greatest acts of selflessness in human history, she shared her husband with her older sister.  And this Mama Rachel is crying for her children.

So when G-d decided where his Shekhinah should dwell, He chose the territory of Binyamin, for Mama Rachel is crying for her children.  And in the year when the Final Redemption is nigh,  it is the tears of Mama Rachel who will bring it on.  For listen to her cry.  Listen to her wail.  For if G-d is counting every drop, we should too.

And what is Mama Rachel singing when she cries?  Eili Tzion ve'areiha, kmo isha V'tzireha, khivthulah chagurath sak al ba'al neureha.  Wail oh Tzion, and her cities, like woman suffering from birth travail, and like a maiden girded in sackcloth (wailing) for the husband of her youth.  For just like Tzion  who gave up the Shekhinah who dwells in Binyamin in its youth, Rachel gave up her life so that Binyamin could be born.


  1. mama rachel shoresh yosef and benyamin key to our victory on all levels . A beautiful woman of beautiful form who had deep feelings for God her husband her sister and her children . Mama rachel cry for us again .......

  2. Please, please,Mystical Paths, would you blog re: Hashem telling Rachel Imeinu to "wipe your eyes from tears.... for your children shall return to their [secure and permanent] borders".
    Our Sages, of blessed memory, have declared that: "The gates of tears are always open in Heaven."
    But we are also told by our Sages that: "Simcha [joy] breaks down the barrier between Hashem and His People!"
    I suppose we Jews laugh and cry simultaniously.

    P.S. If we "must" cry, Heaven forbid! [chasv'sholom] why not cry for JOY - secure in the knowledge [and faith] that the ULTIMATE redemption is so, so very near!

  3. I read a piece in this blog about the percentage of Jewish/world population vs the number of nobel prize, and the number of UN resolutions against Israel compared to the rest of the world. I searched the blog but couldn't find it.

    I'll appreciate if someone can give me the link to that article. Thanks

  4. Nice post.

    And I'd like to second the request of Anonymous #2 if it's at all possible...


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