Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Welcome to the Negev

photos by Reb Akiva’s Daughter @ Mystical Paths

I’ve, B”H, had the opportunity to travel around a good part of Israel.  However, my travels have never taken me to southern Israel.

A younger daughter’s class took and overnight school trip to the Negev, Israel’s southern desert, just over a week ago.  She took along one of the family cameras and came back with incredible pictures…

When I think of deserts from the US, I think of scrub and desert plants.  Israel’s deserts are…much more deserted.  The road through…


They hiked through the run off channels and up the desert ridges…


These channels are dry 11 months a year.  When the brief rains come, they become a raging torrent…briefly.


Desert ridges and valleys…


The view from the top.  Worth the hike!



There’s more to see (included Israel’s painted sands) in a future post.

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  1. just visited Ramon Crater/Machtesh Ramon last week for the first time - amazing, awe inspiring scenery - beautiful drive through the Negev to get there, then stunning views once you reach it! highly recommended!


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