Saturday, November 05, 2011

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Occupy the Israeli Consulate in Boston?

We all heard about an Egyptian mob attacking the Israeli embassy in Cairo with the local police standing by and doing nothing.

But did you hear about the American mob attacking the Israeli consulate in Boston this Saturday?

A contingent from the Occupy Boston "Occupy" protest camp marched late yesterday afternoon to the building that houses the Israeli consulate in Boston and held a sit-in in the building's lobby. Video is here.

According to the Twitter feed of @kade_ellis, chants included, "hey hey, Ho ho! Israeli apartheid's got to go!," "long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!," "not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for Israel's crimes!," and "Viva viva Palestina!"

Firing of missiles at Israeli civilians, no word.  Israel defending itself, OH NO, JEWS WITH GUNS.

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  1. The mob camped on a general building's lobby, not the Israeli Consulate's lobby (she doesn't have one -- she's on the upper floor!), plus it was Friday evening, the Consulate was closed. No Israelis to insult! Please report accurately!


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