Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Not the Best Tel Aviv Views

photos by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

We usually show cool views of Israel.  Today my work took my through a more rundown area of Tel Aviv, and every city has some areas that need work and are run down.  In all my time in Israel I’ve rarely passed through such areas, but they exist in every society and Israel is no exception.  I present not the best views of Tel Aviv…

…At some time in the distant past, this was a lovely modern Mediterranean style building.  Today it’s a mess, but if you look closely you can see echos of it’s past.  The sign says “for rent”, I’m thinking not much of a chance.


This building appears to be an apartment building, but it has an incredible Jewish zodiac clock in the middle.  Perhaps it was a hotel in the past, and the clock no longer functions.  It must have been beautiful…back then…


Check out that clock in close up…


There’s nothing special about this picture…except the dark-tan / brownish building is pocked with high caliber bullet holes, which means it has a history as part of Israel’s war of independence.  The heavy bars on the windows indicate it might have been a British police station 75 years ago. 


…Some of the neighborhood is being fixed up.  The building the right says it’s a tile company from 1936, and next to it is a motorcycle and scooter store.  Scooters are a primary transportation method in Tel Aviv traffic.


We’ll end with a bit of graffiti.  Much of the graffiti in the area was in English (I have no idea why).  This first picture I’m not sure if it is graffiti or maybe a bar hidden in the back.


…These symbols were prominent in the neighborhood.  The building itself was rebuilt, that didn’t stop the graffiti.


An interesting place to visit…briefly.

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  1. The 'for rent' bldg looks like it could turn into a fine Beis Medrash, resembles yeshiva type in Europe (minus red roof). At least that's what I see.


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