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Geulah Speculation for Toldos

by Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths

[ In our ongoing Geulah speculation, we try to align current world events with specific hints from the parsha, the navi’im, midrashim, as well as prophetic hints in the Gemora and kabbalistic sources, as well as bringing similar statements from gedolim, tzaddikim and mekubalim. ]

The Toldot effect seems to be under way.  The 6th Aliyah of Parshat Toldot according to two separate opinions either corresponds to either Friday or this coming Monday.

The 6th Aliyah is the Aliyah of Yitzchak's bracha on Ya'akov and Esau when Esau finally realizes that he lost both his Olam Haba and his Yemot HaMashiach.  He reacts with a 3,600 year rage against his brother Ya'akov whose end we are about to witness (G-d willing) with the rise and victories of Mashiach ben Yosef.

Italian (Roman) interest rates have now skyrocketed to unsustainable levels, holding as of Friday at 7.32%.  (Humorously the BBC is reporting this is because the bond investors just haven’t had enough time to understand the new EU replacement government for Italy’s new new austerity measures, while the bond investors moved on to abandon even the German bond auction on Friday!)

All the heads of Europe especially Merkozy (Germany’s PM Merkel and France’s PM Sarkozy) and their newly appointed Italian Central banker (Super Mario) are in a full panic, trying this way and that to change the entire system of the beast of which they are a part.  Yea, really.  Good luck guys and gal.  

Their situation is hopeless.  And very soon they will be screaming bloody murder and might come looking for a scapegoat.   I wonder who that might be?  (It would seem hard to blame this one on the Jews, but some how that’s never stopped Europe before.)

I am just waiting for the pretext to develop over the next few days to force us to run to Lavan's house (Lavan in Hebrew is white, so literally the Whitehouse meaning the USA) over the next few days.  Yet, things are not going too well with Uncle Lavan either with the news last week is that the Federal Debt has now surpassed the annual GDP and the US congressional budget super-committee failed in it’s task with now both the US Congress and US President washing their hands of all accountability.

The US ship of State is now pilot-less and headed for a cliff. 

By the end of Parshat VaYeitzei (a.k.a. Parshat Lavan), Lavan will have lost the right to shmad Ya'akov's children.  I am not sure if that specific event plays itself out this year, but it might.  The more important and final hammer blow event is when Esau flies off a cliff in the fourth Aliyah of Parshat VaYishlach (Wednesday, Dec. 7th or Shabbat, Dec 10th) according to the two opinions on how Shabbat influences the week. 

Keep in mind that any event on Shabbat or Sunday is not reflected in the markets until Monday.  This is speculation with no guarantee that it will happen, but the events happening today associated with the 6th Aliyah of Toldot seem to imply that what follows is very plausible.

I hope and pray that everyone is preparing.  When the day of crash and burn arrives, it will simply be too late to prepare.  So one must be pro-active to protect one's family.  The situation will be difficult all over when Crash and Burn Day finally arrives, but the preparations outside of Eretz Yisrael must be more extensive since bracha outside of Eretz Ysrael is Yesh M'Yesh. 

Inside the Land of Israel, the situation is Yesh m'ayin, and the prosperity collapse will be shortened by several months because of the rise or revelation of Moshiach ben Yosef.

(This is an understanding of an “in it’s time” speculative scenario.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe clearly described a “before it’s time” scenario, and the Gra spoke of a “before it’s time in it’s time” scenario – which would fit the Cosmic Clock together with the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s scenario in combination with the worldly events we’re seeing today.) 


  1. Two things:

    1. As pointed out before, The United States is 50% Edom and 50% Lavan. So America's fortunes are at least 50% tied to what happens in Europe.

    2. Between the 12 of Cheshvan and the 17th of Cheshvan, Rome, Italy almost instantly replaced Athens, Greece as the nation that has been hanging over the abyss. Then for whatever reason G-d attached a thin string to it and has been dangling it over the abyss since that date. So what has G-d been waiting for? It seems that He has been waiting for the birur of these three Torah parshiyot in order to glorify the Torah (Toldot, VaYeitzei, and VaYishlach). Since Rome is the mother of Western Civilization, when Rome crashes and burns, it takes down the entire Kingdom of Edom with it. For the half of the United States that is Lavan, we will have to wait and see. Jon Corzine and MF Global stealing over a billion dollars from people's personal investment savings accounts seems to have been one of Lavan's latest moves. Now the US is in serious danger of being cut off from its hundreds of thousands of American troops in Afghanistan if Pakistan closes the spigot to the landlocked country. Add Syria, Iran, Russia, and China into this mess. And I guess we will all see G-d's mastery of world events in a very open way.

  2. I should also mention that on Friday the Italian short term T bill offering garnered an interest rate of over 6.5%. So at this juncture lowering long term rates below 7% will be impossible. And once it remains above 7% for a couple of days, the sky is the limit. The collapse of course will be orders of magnitude larger than Greece's collapse. And I will not even begin to guess how quickly this will lead to a worldwide banking collapse. Yet, I am sure that the rescue committee of Merkozy and Super Mario are frantically searching for a solution.

    Here's Tyler:

  3. I am sorry. I simply present this without comment. You yourself should decide when this will happen if you desire, and hopefully you will have taken necessary steps to prepare:

  4. dov your posts are great but really were all screwed it says in the zohar israel will ask where do we go .... america is bad , europe is bad , tel aviv is i dont know what to call it , iran loves those nukes , im in chutz trying my best . May hashem save us this time unlike 39-45 when he hid his face .

  5. Probably is gonna be hard in Israel too, not just Europe and US.

  6. to Anon. of Nov 27, 2011 3:05 AM
    and Dov Bar Leib

    Do you think Hashem is doing all these "miracles" to these nations and won't save us, His Children ?! We're not screwed, were saved! Soon all the nations of the world will witness the difference between them and us, the dufference between curse and blessing. We will see what even our most righteous forefathers haven't seen !! The end is the best part. Be patient. Hashem knows what He's doing. "You fear not, O Jacob My servant, end be not dismayed, o israel1 for behold, I will redeem you from afar and your children from the land of their captivity, and Jacob shall return and be quiet and at ease, and there shall be none who disturb his ret. You fear not, My servant Jacob, says the Lord, for I am with you, for I WILL MAKE A FULL END OF ALL THE NATIONS WHERE I HAVE DRIVEN YOU, BUT OF YOU I WILL NOT MAKE A FULL END, (but I will chastise you justly,) and I will not completely destroy you." Yirmiyahu 46:27,28

  7. Shavua Tov. There are riots all the time, even without currency troubles. There are riots in europe, in arab countries, in usa, in south america, in china, india, south-east asia, all over africa, you name it and there's riots. There are riots even on the vessels and oil platforms at sea. Nothing new under the sun. And, I am very sorry for Rodney King and his broken bones, and much more sorry for those who lost their life, however this is an example of how it takes indeed very little to ignite deadly riots.

    I assume you have divested from western currencies and stocks and any other asset, may I ask you where you moved to. Also, forgive me for asking, but would you willing to bet real money on a collapse of the euro before Dec 10? I personally believe it's much too early. Thank you for sharing your always interesting insight.

  8. The Rebbe repeatedly spoke about how only one country in the world has a moral covenant at its foundation based on belief and trust in G-d and continues to do so. - the USA

    It not only allowed, but also promoted freedom of religion and the growth of Judaism and probably was the main contributor to the revival of Judaism and the Jewish people after the Holocaust.

    Clearly, everything happens because of Hashem and we know that the true thanks and acknowledgement goes only to Hashem but America and its people have earned their protection from and their rewards from Hashem. Sure, they make mistakes and are punished for it - but this is the exception to the rule.

  9. Briefly, fear not Ya'akov, the time of our Redemption has arrived. Very true. But moving to EY is a mitzvah if you can put the rudiments of moving here together. Some people have towering extenuating circumstances to remain where they are. How can I even begin to argue with someone whose extenuating circumstances are not mine. HaShem has been patient. It has been ten years since 9/11 where G-d showed us that it is better to rely on the bitter fruits of the Hands of G-d than the sweet fruits of the Hands of Man. 9/11/2001 was the 23rd of Elul, 7 days before Rosh HaShana, when the dove came back with an olive branch in its beak. Just look and see what Rashi says there. 6 months later Sharon had Arafat holed up in his compound in Ramallah, and Gog W. hurriedly sent Colin Powell to tell Sharon that the Jewish people could not put a bullet in Arafat's head while Bush wanted to put a bullet in Bin Laden's head. From the Spring of 2002 until Arafat's death 2 1/2 years later, he continued to murder dozens of Jews exclusively. Tell me on whose hands is all this Jewish blood especially since the guy who replaced Arafat, M. Abbas, was not a bloodthirsty murderer? Abbas may have been a congenital liar, but he has no taste for blood. Chaim, this does not sound like the America that the Rebbe spoke about that has a moral covenant with G-d. Chaim, when Bush did this, did it make you sick from the stench of future Jewish blood? because of precisely the fact that we were ordered to leave Arafat alive? It made me sick, so sick that I left America a short time later.

    So some of you want to wait until G-d comes and fetches you. You really do not have extenuating circumstances which keep you in America or elsewhere. You just want G-d to come and fetch you. How many of you know that your Aliyah flight if free, gratis, paid for totally by the Ministry of Absorption and the Jewish Agency. And you get three free suitcases for every member of your family besides all of the duty breaks on a container that you may want to send over the sea. Imagine that you are standing on a roof and the great raging river is in flood that has your house surrounded. And the water is rising. A helicopter comes by to pull you off the roof. And you yell back, "Go away, I am waiting for G-d to come and fetch me!!" the free plane ticket to Eretz Yisrael with three pieces of luggage for every member of your family. Sal Klitah, a ton of money for your first seven months in Israel. And G-d isn't fetching you?? Think hard before you answer.

  10. Dov, is it a miztva these days to make aliyah ?,

    according to most halachic authorities it's not, see

    2. Whether in America or in Israel or anywhere else in the world, Hashem deals with a person mida keneged mida, meaning He rewards the good wih good and evil with evil. We're presently in the end of days, the time of our redemption and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a real prophet or at least someone who possessed rucha hakodesh has told us already that the final geula will be be'rachamim. It's a clear mitzva from the Torah to believe and to trust the leaders of our generation, isn't it ?? Btw, Rabbi Nachman (kitzur likutey moharan p.85): "The closer a person is to the Torah, the more fully will he receive God's providence." What I honestly wonder about is, with all due respect, how in he world you Dov are able to survive in Israel, a land constantly under threat, with such small emuna and how do your posts help hasten the geula ?

    3. Start enjoying life,

    Salvation Month,

    If you focus on the negative, that's what you'll get cuz in life a person gets what he chooses to focus on..
    Cheer up ! Happiness sweetens dinim! Happy chanuka!

  11. The Jewish people at every turn had the choice not to listen to goyim but only to listen to Hashem. Why would you think American leaders are not being selfish or thinking what is in their personal interests? Why is that wrong? we had the chance and the obligation and we failed not the American leaders. Stop blaming them and blame ourselves instead for not acting right. the Rebbe always said WE need to do the right thing and the goyim will follow. usually it was US pressuring the American leaders to publicly pressure use not to do the right thing and it did not start from them.

    Congress recently voted again about 300:6 (or so) to affirm that the US is based on trust in G-d.

  12. Dov Bar Leib wrote: "And you yell back, "Go away, I am waiting for G-d to come and fetch me!!"

    yes, that's exactly what He'll do! Do you ever read the haftaros ?
    Based on the prophecies of the haftaros and his own ruach hakodesh, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said many times that we will not go to the Holy Land on a plane, but rather on the Clouds of Glory. This is meant literally:

    It has been mentioned several times about what is explained in various places -- in the Rishonim and Achronim, etc. -- that Moshiach Tzidkeinu is able to come in the middle of Shabbos!...

    Since we are speaking about the true and complete Geulah -- it is understood, that this is not going to be in a way where on the day of Shabbos we are found in "Brooklyn", and after Shabbos goes out we board an "airplane", and travel several hours until we reach the Holy Land, Yerushalayim the Holy City, the Har Habayis and the Beis Hamikdash -- for this is not the true and complete inyan of "immediately", but rather in one moment "it hits you" that we are found in Yerushalayim the Holy City, on the Har Habayis and in the third Beis Hamikdash , together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu. (Parshas Re'eh, 5743)

    Very soon we will merit to the true and complete Geulah via Moshiach Tzidkeinu -- in a way of "Achishena" ("faster and faster"), "coming with clouds of Heaven" - a flight that is faster than the flight of an "airplane", because flying "with clouds of Heaven", with the "the Holy One's airplane" -- to our Holy Land, and there -- to Yerushalayim the Holy City, and there -- to the third Beis Hamikdash...which will be built speedily in our days mamash. (4 Tishrei, 5743)

    It is known the saying [of the Rebbe Rashab] that when Moshiach Tzidkeinu will come they will print about his coming in the "newspapers" ("gazetten") -- and so it will be for us that we will see in the "newspapers" of the nearest days that Moshiach Tzidkeinu came!... And all of us as one will fly as together with him in the "airplane of airplanes", "on clouds of heaven", in one moment -- to our Holy Land...there -- to Yerushalayim the Holy City...and there is found the house of the Kohen Gadol -- like the words of the Rambam in todays portion: "His home will be in Yerushalayim and he will not move from there", and there -- to the third Bais Hamikdash... (29 Elul 5744)

    [They try to rationalize that they need a new car to do their shlichus...] As regards me -- the entire concept of a new car is completely irrelevant to me, I don't recognize the concept! For me--an old car is also good, a car that through it many important matters were accomplished, etc., and consequently they can use it in the future, and particularly -- since immediately we will travel with "clouds of heaven"...and then they won't need a car! (R"Ch Iyar 5746)


    Again where is your emuna in the neviim and the tzadikim ? When you post something that will hasten the geulah ? Do you put your head more between newspaper pages or the covers Torah sefarim ?


    November 28, 2011 5:15 AM

    When WILL you post something that will hasten the geulah ? Do you put your head more between newspaper pages or the covers OF Torah sefarim ? Maspik !

  14. Everyone will not be saved. Those who think so are delusional. You need only to read the words of Zechariah and Yoel and you will develop a clear picture of what is still to come. Only a remnant
    (1/3) of all the righteous of the world will survive the coming disasters. Those living in Eretz Yisrael will not escape unscathed. The financial collapse is only the beginning. We would all do well to prepare, not just physically, but spiritually as well.

    Kol Tuv.

  15. You do not understand Zechariah or Yoel obviously. Maybe you should learn them with some commentary instead of reading the english translation.

    By your standards Ezekiel really saw the heavenly throne like you see a car on the street.

  16. Stop crying, start observing the mitzva of believing and trusting leaders (and navi) of the generation.

    "Not a Single Jew will Remain in Exile (iii)

    A redemption in which not all of the Jewish people are redeemed, but even one solitary Jew remains in exile, cannot be called a genuinely true redemption.

    This may be understood by analogy with G-d's absolute omnipresence, which is described by Rambam[66] with the phrase, amitas hamatzu - "His true presence." This state may be said to be truly and completely manifest in all created beings only when it is evident that it permeates every detail of every entity, in the spirit of the verse,[67] ain od milvado - "There is nothing else apart from Him." If there should remain one single entity in which this truth was not apparent, in which it was not apparent that the very existence of this entity flows from "His true presence," this would indicate an aberration from the truth of G-d's all-pervasiveness - as if His presence were not consistently true in all places and in all situations, as witness the existence of a particular entity "outside" of it.

    The same line of thinking applies to the Redemption.

    In essence, the Redemption is the revelation of the elemental bond between the Jewish people and G-d. Hence, a redemption in which even one solitary Jew remains in exile, cannot be called a true redemption. Indeed, the future Redemption is known as hageulah ha'amitis ve'hashleimah - "the true and complete Redemption," for with its advent every Jew will be redeemed."

    Sefer HaSichos 5748 [1988], Vol. II, p. 514

  17. I can't believe the nonsense some people write.

    Keep up the good and marvelous work, Dov. Thank you.

  18. Many of the posters here are "nuts".

    Finance: The world is not entering a depression (there IS a financial panic but we have this for ALL of human history).

    Edom: We simply do not know what or who "Edom" is now.

    Just like the crackpots who said Bush was "GOG"

  19. I am with Dov, If G-d has made a way for you to come home and you do not take it. WHERE IS YOUR EMUNAH? Every soul who has chosen to be in Israel during this time in history has more Emunah than anyone waiting on a cloud. Not that this will not happen it will, Yet, WHAT??? the ones before you who are coming, doing the hard work standing with their lives their children's lives on their faith that G-d will defend them have no EMUNAH. B'ezrat Hashem you will be proved wrong.

  20. Thanks for the vote of confidence Ariela and DS, but I am not looking to win a popularity contest. I am hoping to warn people who are open to being warned so that they will prepare for what is coming next, maybe as soon as next week. The Eurozone according to the Financial Times of London only has a few days before it will collapse. The continuous auctions of Italian bonds requiring between 7 and 8 percent payout for two years and up will likely cause a very quick and total collapse. The rates are unsustainable and very unstable, for anything above 7% for a sovereign bond is unstable. And the worldwide banking system will likely freeze up because of a lack of liquidity. There has been much that has been written about this subject from financial gurus. I do not need to rehash the same thing here.

    The bigger issue here is the lack of civility from some people. For one person to bring up Zecharia 13 by saying that only 1/3 of the righteous will survive the conflagration, and the very next commenter to question whether the Anon. commenter is any sort of a lamdan because he seems to only read the English translation. What is that about? Come on. Just because you might disagree with what he says, why question his lamdut? There are plenty of modern Rabbanim such as Rav Amnon Yitzchak who speak of a potential 2/3rds loss of life if the Geulah is b'itah. So the commenter must have on whom that he relies.

    Secondly, no one is saying that there are those who survive the two stages of Gog UMagog and the intervening years of Mashiach ben Yosef who will not be in-gathered by Mashiach ben David. In the end everyone who survives the intervening years will be ingathered. This is known and accepted by all of our Neviim and by Chazal. Also since the test in this generation is with all of your possessions and not with all of your lives, those who prepare for the coming economic collapse will very likely survive or at least significantly increase their chances of survival. Doing Chessed and being a lifeboat for others will also increase everyones' chances because G-d will watch over such people. I have written extensively on this blog and on my own blog about the steps people should have already taken weeks ago to prepare for this collapse. So I will not rehash them here.

    But please be civil.

  21. To Mr. Maspik: I put my head in both worlds Sir. I learn Torah, and I keep abreast of current events. If you want to believe that you are coming here on a cloud, and not by the modes of transportation that practically exist on G-d's good earth, that is your belief, not mine. While the Torah never leaves the realm of pshat even though it can be understood at all levels. Nevua never leaves the realm of drush. Often the Navi speaks metaphorically to describe a modern marvel. For instance when Yo'el speaks of Date Palms of smoke, is it not clear that he is talking about a mushroom cloud? He obviously is not talking about actual date palms. He is talking about a nuclear blast. So Timrot Ashan is a metaphor and is to be understood as such.

  22. SO in other words, in english let me get this right, when something in the bible "off the top" (drash) seems mystical it should be understood or brought down to a natural understanding? Just learning>

  23. You Rabbi, My husband and I will be doing Aliyah in about 2 weeks, after we are settled in we would like to come see you. I think your great and I do agree these divisions need to stop. We are not rich we sold everything we have to get to come there... Materialism isn't worth not living, really living. I can not think of a better way to really live than in Israel.

  24. Dov and friends, this is Mr Maspik again :),

    According to halacha I'm not permitted to leave this place of galut because there are some people over here who's spiritual sustenance depend on me and I'm not allowed to abandon them. If I'd do that I'd be considered a deserter.

    2. When you read in the pshat of the Torah that after the exodus from Egypt the Jews traveled through the desert for 40 years and were protected by Clouds of Glory and that Hashem split the Red Sea for them and also the Jordan river in the time of Yehoshua, are these things also not to be taken literally ??!

    3. I agree with your statement that Hashem will take care of those who are involved in doing Chessed and being a lifeboat for others.

    4. The truth is though that if a person has complete emuna he doesn't need to follow the news..
    Does a person need to understand everything in life in detail in order to be protected from any harm ? That's ridiculous.

    "Tamim tiheyeh im Hashem Elokeha"

  25. still from Mr. Maspik,

    to DS and Dov,

    one of the reasons why Hashem sends us tzaddikim like eg the Lubavitcher Rebbe obm who, was not only a giant scholar but also a novi (Ni one can deny that. Remember his predictions about eg. the 6-Day War and the Gulf War ? Missiles and Miracles ?) is exactly in order to explain to us the Torah and to guide us and, it's a clear mitzva from the Torah to respect the tzadikims' every word. I have nothing against those people who want to do aliyah but I can't stand those who call the words of tzadikim's of the caliber of the Lubavitcher Rebbe nonsense ! I hope this is clear. Back to my Torah now. Sh'lom and Hatzlacha Rabba.


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