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Geulah Hints and Financial Warnings

by Dov bar Leib at Mystical Paths & End of Days

[[ This article is Geulah Speculation.  It ties together historical events and current events with bits and pieces of biblical prophecy to attempt to place us on the prophetic timeline.  ]]

I used to give tours of St. Louis to Jewish groups visiting the city. There’s an interesting confluence of the event of the winning run in the 7th game of the 1946 World Series and the hanging of the ten gilgulim of Haman's sons at Nuremberg for years.

Anyone who has attended an Aish HaTorah Discovery weekend knows that the year of the hanging of the ten Nazis at Nuremberg is predicted in the Book of Esther. It is written as three letters that are reduced in size in the listing of the ten sons of Haman. The request by Queen Esther to hang the ten sons on the gallows the day after they were killed is incredibly unusual, for by Jewish Law a body of someone put to death must be buried on the day that the person was executed.

For 2,300 years her request to hang the ten sons of Haman on the gallows on the 14th of Adar when they were killed on the 13th of Adar has remained one of the great mysteries in all of Tanakh (Torah and biblical prophetic writings). We know after the fact that she knew from the three letters reduced in size (tav= 400 , shin= 300, and zayin= 7) and the one enlarged letter (a vav= 6) that the hanging of the dead bodies was a prayer that sometime in the distant future, gilgulim of these same ten sons would also be hung on the gallows in the 707th year of the 6th millennium, the year 5707. And that G-d Himself would execute these ten murderers of millions of Jews.

The day dedicated for G-d Himself to execute reshayim is Hoshana Rabba when the Malach HaMavet, the Angel of Death, has no power to execute people. An important date in Jewish history was that Hoshana Rabba in 5707. And the accompanying event, 7 time zones earlier, happened to be the seventh game of the World Series. It is just the way it is. As Enos Slaughter of the St. Louis Cardinals rounded the bases to the cheers of thousands of fans at the 7th and final game of the 1946 Baseball World Series, the ten sons of Haman were once again sent to the gallows.

Edom no longer has a bracha from the tal min hashamayim (Heavenly dew) as of the 1st of Cheshvan.  Yesterday was the first business day after the 1st of Cheshvan, and we have now entered the important stage three of the Geulah cycle.  All Edom has left now is the "oil of the earth" according to his received blessing.  This would of course include Libya, Venezuela, and of course the most important Hiddekel / Prat (Tigris/ Euphrates) river banks in northern and central Iraq, the Batzrah delta, and the shores of the Persian Gulf at the mouth of these two rivers.

At the very moment of the 1st of Cheshvan, the leaders of Europe were meeting to avoid financial catastrophe.  While they walked away declaring success (and requiring private investors to take a 50% “haircut” – reduction of the money owed them for Greece government debt bonds), each subsequent day brought reports of the situation beginning to spiral out of control.

Please be prepared.  This is only stage three.  Stage four will be financial Armageddon.   The Cardinals 2011 baseball World Series victory was the final sign.  In 1946 as the memorable hit of Harry "the Hat" Walker to drive in Enos Slaughter in his mad dash occurred in the 7th game against the Boston Red Sox at the very moment the 10 Nazis were marched to the gallows at Nuremberg, all on Hoshana Rabba 5707.  It was the beginning of America as the singular economic power in the world.

St. Louis, both the city and the historical ‘saint’ and Talmud burner, represents Sheker haChen, the feminine personality of the yetzer hara whose goddess is popularity.  Since America is not Amalek, one has to look at World War II as a war between the masculine and feminine personalities of the Yetzer Hara.

America, France and England were married in with the masculine Russia, who actually did have an Amalek leader at the time, Josef Stalin, (This is true even though Russia is known as Mother Russia.)  And the opposition was The Fatherland and Japan, married into the more feminine Italy and of course the Roman Catholic Church, and their titular head was Amalek who is masculine (as in zachor). 

Thank G-d, the feminine side of the evil inclination won the war.  The feminine side only shmads us because we, the Jewish people, are not popular because popularity is the goddess of Sheker HaChen.  The masculine side murdered 6 million Jews. 

The Sheker HaChen club has now ruled the world since 1946, but it is now coming to an end.  Like bookends, the Sheker HaChen baseball team, the Cardinals, had one last hurrah.  It occurred on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, 30th of Tishrei, the last day that Western Civilization (Edom) will ever prosper from Heaven's dew in the history of the world. 

From now Edom only has the Oil of the earth, something that it has even without merits.  This includes Libya, Venezuela, and the banks of the Hiddekel (Tigris) and the Prat (Euphrates) Rivers in northern and central Iraq, the confluence at the delta of these two rivers in Batzrah (where Edom will ultimately be destroyed), and of course the shores of the Persian Gulf.  Over 55% of the world's sweet oil reserves lie along the banks and at the mouth of two of the four rivers that come out of the Garden of Eden.

In short, it seems to be quickly coming to a close.  Without the bracha for dew from the mouth of G-d, Europe will likely collapse within the next two weeks.  And the international banking system is so intertwined that this will necessarily take the rest of the Western World down with it.  (See “The Credit Default Swap Risk is Wired to Explode” article on Bloomberg.com for a technical explanation of how dangerous the current financial situation is.  Since Bloomberg usually acts as a hack for Obama, the situation must be serious for them to report it straight up.)

Am I 100% sure that this will occur?  No I am not, but unlike in 5765, the First Year of Sukkot, there are no tests in basic human decency for the Posek HaDor to fail again this time.  There is no evil government for him to enable for a 300 million shekel bribe.  It is all b'itah.  Welcome to 5772, the Year of Shmini Atzereth.  The Final Redemption begins now.

Be ready for a hit any time from the 10th to the 17th of Cheshvan. 

(Note the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught that the brachos of Tishrei, the brachos of the previous year, continue until Zayin Cheshvan – through Wednesday of this week.  On the same schedule, we change this Thursday in our daily prayers during the blessings for sustenance [barach alaynu…hashana hazot – bless us…this year] to tal umatar in Israel – invoking the sustenance provided from above for the new year.)

Really be prepared for a financial Mabul.  My advice on survival strategies outside of Israel is posted here.


  1. I am not moved by rich or poor theory " economic collapse ". Theres rich and poor in muslims jews xtians amalakites . money is not the receiving power unless its the biblical mitzvah none of us do " to support your brother we hes broke ".Which next to redeeming the captive takes us closer to redemption more then any mitzvah for its the straightening out of zer anpin small face. I beleive like the final armageden = gog umagog is within the world of souls of israel see ramchal where they in this generation need an awakening called the pekidah . Then darkness again then the zechirah ! how this occurs whos MBY and MBD we could speculate forever there are many intresting possibilities .This is though the order not "financial ruin " as dictated by the ramchals sod . As for amalak some might act like him but not be him others might be passive and be him .In other words elijah must come not ruach hakodesh but neviot mamash and disclose and thus fight them . See the holy ramban on MBY and eliyahus fight in end of days "now " with amalak end of parshat beshalach .As for edom ramchal theres a body of edom yes xtians ! Wholl be redeemed ! there not all dying like they think we are in there version of geulah called the rapture . Again thiough this is in ruchnyot the world who and wwhat survives and can only be understood through nevuah not the simple ruach hakodesh !

  2. There's a story about a boy who cried "Wolf!" once too often.

  3. The analogy does not quite hold. In the mashal I should get eaten. If I prove to be correct, it is you that will get eaten for not taking necessary precautions. And does it hurt to have an extra forty cans of tuna and green beans sitting around if this collapse occurs more slowly?

  4. That would be an extra forty cans of various non-perishable foods for each member of your household.

  5. Nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst. On the other hand, when has predicting the time of the final redemption ever come true or done anything for one's emunah? Personally, I'd rather spend my time on less speculative prusuits.


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