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Financial Mabul & Geulah of Aish

compiled conversations by Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths

Mabul – a flood, a disaster.
Geulah – Redemption period, start of messianic times.
Aish – Fire.

This article is ongoing geulah SPECULATION, attempting to align current events with biblical prophecy.

There is a source in the Zohar that states the final episode may only last 11 minutes, that being a war with Persia (Iran) that is about three or four years off.  According to many of our sources such as Zecharia 14, the final war will be nuclear, and both sides will have nuclear weapons.

Given what the Zohar says about a country at the end of the earth going to war with Edom and given what Rav Levi Sa'adia Nachmani said over 15 years ago, the source of large amounts of nuclear material for the Persians (Iranians) will likely be (or to some extend already is) North Korea. If the North Koreans tried to do it for Syria about five years ago, they will have no problem allying with the Persians to achieve the same goals. And since the Zohar says that this will be a fulfillment of Edom being slaughtered in Batzrah, the Shiites in southern Iraq will be allied with the Persians as well. So much for US President Obama pulling American troops out of Iraq (or getting drawn back in to defend a major oil lifeline for America).

We are in the fourth year of a Shmittah cycle. The big war for Mashiach ben David will be in the 7th year, the Sabbatical year. The war in the fourth year, if that is what is about to happen, will bring Mashiach ben Yosef so that we can get our human decency act together. The Western World (Edom) will hate Mashiach ben Yosef for obvious reasons, like how French President Sarkozy (spoken of as Hachsharo in Medrash Sefer Eliyahu) and US President Obama hate Netanyahu now. (Hmmm.)

Yet, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is still a wimp and only a potential but so far failing candidate to be Moshiach ben Yosef. When he tells the world to go to H___ over evacuations in Givat Assaf and Migron, he might develop. I do not want to curse him by saying that it will never happen though. Just keep quoting the Rebbe and Rebbe Nachman, Bibi, but it is not enough.

The fifth year will be marked by rising prosperity emanating to the entire world from Eretz Yisrael and Moshiach ben Yosef, and a return to the Torah which must be preceded by a return to human decency in the fourth year.

The 6th year will see the return of "Voices" as in the Voice of prophesy and the potential arrival of Eliyahu HaNavi, zachor l’tov.

The 7th year will see the big war between Edom and Persia, and in the 8th year ben David comes.

So Moshiach ben Yosef will rule for at least 3 1/2 years if not longer before he is potentially killed, chas v'Shalom, at the end of the 7th year.

To explain the dispute in the medrash about whether the Saudis seek council with Edom or Aram (presented as different editions of Yalkut Shimoni Remez Yishayahu 499), there is only one nation in the world which is 50% white (Lavan HaArami) and 50% red (Edom). That is the United States of America. This may  account for the dispute in various editions of the Yalkut Shimoni medrash.

Everything is open for change in the direction of Rachamim (mercy) through repentance. But b'itah we have a four or five year process ahead of us since we are only at the beginning of the fourth year.

It of course is highly speculative, but it is in line with all of our ancient (biblical) and modern (mystical and kabbalistic) sources.

Sefer Daniel has a lot to say about the last 3 1/2 years of the Sabbatical cycle.  When the economy of Edom collapses (imminently?) there will be a push to form ten economic superstates, each with their own Governor and currency.  Believe it or not, the powers that be in Edom will insist on the failed European model for the half of the world which Edom rules (given the current US administration which has been pushing the Euro model for the past 3 years, it should be no surprise).

It will be a dismal failure as all top down economics usually are.  Then an 11th horn will arise (this could be Obama who is iron mixed with clay (half Muslim and half Xtian)) or this could be the European Armelius (from the seed of Amalek) as opposed to the Erev Rav's Armolgus (circa. Targum Yonatan).  Chapter 7 of Daniel is not clear on this point.  The 11th horn will overthrow three of the economic superstates and take over and come chasing after Israel and Mashiach ben Yosef, so it seems from Daniel.  If the 11th horn is Armilius it is obvious from Xtian eschatology that many but not all Xtians will look at Mashiach ben Yosef as the Anti-X.  Depending on who the 11h horn is will determine how he meets his end. 

Niall Ferguson wrote, “As an author who has just published a book on the crisis of Western civilization, I couldn’t really have asked for more: simultaneous crises in Athens and Rome, the cradles of the West’s law, languages, politics, and philosophy.”  If the simultaneous shaking of every pillar of the Western world doesn’t get your attention…

We will not know if Flood Day the 17th Cheshvan marks the end of all the charades, smoke and mirrors until tomorrow (tomorrow is the day of the start of the biblical flood).  Moshiach ben Yosef cannot take over the helm until the house of lies comes crashing down.  One thing that will be released tomorrow by the EU that was hidden from the investor's view at the end of last week will be how much money did the ECB spend on Italian bonds to keep long term rates below 7% at the end of the week.  We know that the sale of short term one year bonds required the Italians to pony up over 6%.  Ten year bonds which are far riskier would have gone for far more without Euro Central Bank intervention.  When this info is released investors will be spooked because the path of creating money out of thin air cannot continue without causing both massive inflation and significant devaluation of German surpluses.  Secondly, how will the Italians react to the Draconian budget cuts that take place as their new Euro enforced non-elected government takes over?  Will they burn down Rome?  Will this then catch on in Occupy movements throughout the world? 

Regardless of any speculation, we’ve entered a time of chaos and change.  The world is changing quickly and significantly.  May it be clear soon that it’s Hashem’s way of bringing the geulah b’rachamim!


  1. Botzrah of the tanakh is in Jordan, not Iraq.

  2. "It of course is highly speculative, but it is in line with all of our ancient (biblical) and modern (mystical and kabbalistic) sources. "

    are you sure? according to most torah commentators including the Vilna of Gaon and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai , author of the Zohar and, Rav Kaduri, zt'l, geula Beita = in 5772,

    You think you're smarter than them ? When are you going to show us what interesting torah you just learned ? The reason why you're afraid is cuz you feel hopeless, powerless. any jew has the power to bring moshiach NOW ! Talk less, study and do more!!
    Your articles do only ne thing, they destroy people's emuna. You loser. What happened to your one year old prediction about August /ellul 5771 ?? You're not a navi, you know nothing, you're a weak intellect, devoid of emuna. Moshiach can come ANYTIME now.

  3. If you'd have emuna you'd believe more in Hashem than in statistics and timelines and you'd judge Am Yisrael favorably.

    I read last week somewhere (Likutei Moharan? Too bad i can't remember the exact source of that) that the closer we get to the "end" of this world as we know it, the bigger Hashem's hashgacha (personal supervision) over the Jewish People will be because all their sins will already been expiated and the closer they'll be to their redemption. With all humility, since the last 2 years especially, I've been been witnessing an increased hashgacha in my own personal life, miracles upon miracles bli ayin hara. Towards the "end" everything will be supernatural. This is the reward of the people that has suffered thousands of years of persecution and who is no matter what their present spiritual status is, at least the offsping of many righteous holy ancestors of blessed memory. If you don't feel these things in your life then perhaps you should mend something in your ruchnius.. Hashem is ready to bring moshiach. Are you ready to receive him ?, Are you ready (not just wanting it) for geula ? Now ?

  4. 11 minutes..... nice number... but i thought it was 6 minutes ?
    anyway, 5 minutes more isn't too much of a problem.

  5. dov beir become an astological predictor you no nothing about sod and are a disgrace ! Im serious . My word verification intrestingly was emeti !

  6. To the anonymous hate mailer: Yes, Geulah does begin in earnest this year 5772 with Mashiach ben Yosef. Creating a utopian society of common decency here in the Land of Israel is definitely Messianic and will require great miracles which probably will be "natural" because it involves the coming of MBYosef. Free will still be maintained until the coming of MBDavid. The leap to this is so immense that the Torah perfected world of Mashiach ben David simply has to wait until we get the Derech Eretz part down pat. I have written about this on my blog, and my source is Rav Chaim Vital. The behavior of those who brought about Gush Katif whether with or without a kipah simply has created this chasm which apparently makes a return to human decency lishma a required precedent to the 2nd leap which will lead to the coming of Mashiach ben David and the return to Torah. I nowhere made a prediction that everything would be wrapped up by Elul of 5771. I do not know what hat you pulled that one out of. I am not sure from where your hatred emanates, but the fact that it is anonymous means that I will end my response right here. Losers usually hide behind the mask of anonymity when they lash out at people. So I ask you Sir, who is the loser?

  7. Secondly, to the other anonymous responder, yes, Am Yisrael is in pain. All of us carry the burden of 2400 years of Jewish history where we have not had the Shekhinah dwelling in our midst. The pain in the Ashkenazic world is ten times worse than it is in the Sephardic world, but the pain in the Sephardic world is also immense. So ben David because he represents the Torah will come with unbelievable levels of Rachamim. The stickler is the coming of ben Yosef. For even a Tinok shehishba is held accountable for his lack of human decency. Crushing suffering and pain is never an excuse for a lack of human decency. So yes there will be a required amount of Din that will be dispensed judiciously by HaShem to correct us in our lack of human decency. There is no way to avoid this because there was never an excuse for the lack of decency to begin with. No one is expecting a Tel Aviv secularist to be jumping at the opportunity to keep higher levels of Shmittah observance or Shabbat observance because of the bone crushing nature of the last 2000 years of Jewish history in Xtian Europe. Tolerance in this area is necessary in order for us to progress toward the Messianic Era. But the lack of decency such as when the news media reports the murder of Jews in Yesha by Arab thugs twenty minutes into their broadcast in order to justify their deaths I am 100% sure will not be tolerated in Shamayim, no matter how much the news producer hates G-d for whatever "good" reason he might have. Also the unilateral abandonment of Gaza by all of its enablers, putting tens of thousands of people into more imminent danger of missile death and reduction of property values, also has its imminent date in the Heavenly Court. I do not fully comprehend the total process of this necessary Din, but it is coming very very soon. The quicker the Din for the lack of human decency is applied, the better off we will all be because of it. Then we can all as a Klal return to the depth and breadth of our Holy Torah and welcome ben David with Rachamim.

  8. One last point, sorry. To summarize, the two leaps one to a society of human decency and the 2nd leap to a society of the Torah are both giant leaps. They simply cannot occur at the same time. As human beings we need time to adjust to one massive change at a time. G-d could very well choose to accomplish both leaps this year in 5772. He would have no problem doing that at all. Yet, we mere mortals could never adjust to both giant leaps at the same time. This is the main reason why because we have chosen the path of b'itah by our behavior in 5765 (2005), we need a time period between the coming of Mashiach ben Yosef, the Mashach of human decency lishma, and the coming of Mashiach ben David, the one who brings us closer to the Torah.

  9. Dov, you focus on the gush katif episode as this is our problem. This is results of our problem, not the problem in itself. I wanted to see the process happen in hope that we would wake up. It did nothing of the sort. It's appauling how it had to happen and how the people are still being treated. But did we change our way's, not one bit.

    Like I mentioned on an earlier post, that you ignore along with the rest of the religionists, the problems are many. This is the reason for our whoes. Including our idolotry of religion. I know you either can't see it or refuse to look into it deeper. Our continually offending Jews and behavior worse then most civilized nations in the area of midot, replacing it with focusing on the microscopic will continue our harsh din as you put it.

    You don't want to hear it, but the surgeon comes for the sick, not for the healthy.

  10. To Dov Bar-Leib:

    from another ANONYMOUS ,

    RE "To summarize, the two leaps one to a society of human decency and the 2nd leap to a society of the Torah are both giant leaps. They simply cannot occur at the same time. As human beings we need time to adjust to one massive change at a time. G-d could very well choose to accomplish both leaps this year in 5772. He would have no problem doing that at all. Yet, we mere mortals could never adjust to both giant leaps at the same time."

    Most people in this last generation are tinokim shenishbaim (according to the Lubavitcher Rebbe etc) . About them the Rambam wrote that Even a person who has done teshuva , if such a one afterwards regresses to his old (evil) ways, Hashem doesn't hold him accountable for his sins because it's almost impossible for a person to overcome the ways he's been brought up in his youth and, even if he was taught Judaism but, has been taught in an inappropriate way, even such a person is innocent, for the same reason I wrote above because, Hashem does not demand a person to do something impossible.

    b) Also, according to some opinions MBY and MBD will be the same person.

    c)It is known from the Torah and Kabbalah that most Jews these days are Erev Ravnikim. Also, what do you know about the Jewish "secularists'" previous gilgulim and/or their ancestors' merits ?

    d) but, in any case, Re "As human beings we need time to adjust to one massive change at a time." -

    I think Dov you forgot that once the time of the geula will have arrived Hashem will eliminate the evil inclination and Satan from all human beings and the entire creation .. Also, there will be huge miracles, even bigger and more wonderful than the ones from the time of our exodus from Egypt. The Jewish people will constantly thank and praise Hashem and many gentiles will want to convert to Judaism.

    e) the geula from mitzrayim only happened when Am Yisrael believed in Hashem and Moshe Rabeinu, that they MERIT the geula and that Hashem CAN save them and when they started crying out to Hashem and DEMANDING to be redeemed!

    f) although many Jews as the Midrash tells us were steeped in Egytian idolatry and Egypt was on the 49th level of tumah (like today) Hashem still redeemed them.

    e) the fact that the Torah says that Moshiach ben David can arrive any time is just one proof that he doesn't necessarily have to arrive in the 8th year ..

    You have to learn to abandon thinking like a human. Hashem is Hakol Yachol.

  11. continuation of November 15, 2011 7:31 AM

    To Dov Bar-Leib:


    " is written of the Redemption which will take place in the time to come, when G-d will remove the spirit of impurity from the earth and there will therefore be no evil necessitating spiritual escape: “[You will not go out in haste,] nor go in flight, for G-d will go before you.” [Yeshayahu 52:12. ]

    The Exodus from Egypt, however, took place in a manner of flight, for the evil was still strong in the people’s animal soul.

    Similarly, whenever one disregards the lowliness of his body and animal soul and engages in the Torah and the mitzvot in order to free the divine soul from its corporeal exile, he effects the spiritual equivalent of the Exodus from Egypt."

    More here:

  12. Dear Anon.: Thanks for the input. As far as your last statement is concerned, I believe I said HaShem yachol in English precisely in the statement which you quoted. I actually said it in two of the sentences that you quoted above.

    a) Human decency is not a strictly Jewish enterprise. All Mankind is required to be part of it, every human being one at a time. It is the Derekh Eretz that was in the world for 2447 years before the Torah was even given. So being a tinok shenishba is not an excuse not to be part of the human decency system of laws and ethics. Perhaps starting with Enosh son of Sheith (Seth) when he introduced the world to Avodah Zarah by worshiping angels, Mankind went down the slippery slope to not being decent. Yet, it is interesting that as long as Sheith lived Enosh did not dare take the World off the derekh. But boy oh boy after Sheith died, Enosh took the world off the derekh of Derekh Eretz. more later. Kids are calling.

  13. The point above is that for the first 1041 (from the Year One- 1042) years of human history, Mankind lived by the system of human decency that existed from the moment that Adam ate the forbidden fruit. That is for a full millennium and then some. And while there may have been individual transgressors that the Torah does not mention of the rules of decency, Mankind in general basically stayed within the bounds that G-d had set up for Him. Enosh led the first mass movement to do wrong. So he is mentioned in the Torah in a negative light. I am not including the Kayin line in this discussion in order to keep it simple. Obviously Kayin started off on the wrong foot, and after 7 generations only his great....great grandaughter Na'amah figured out how to be decent, and she married Noach.

    b) MBY and MBD are the same person: Since the anointment of ben David is patrilinear and the annointment of ben Yosef is matrilineal, this is possible. But Rav Chaim Vital says that the soul root of MBY is from the Eitz HaDa'ath (Tree of knowledge of good vs. evil), and the soul root of MBD is from the Tree of Life. So either he would have to have a very defined split personality, or it is more likely that we are speaking about two different people.

    c) The Zohar says that there are five different soul roots of the Erev Rav. But we really have no idea for each individual secular Jew who is angry with G-d if he is from one of these five soul roots or he simply cannot deal emotionally with the weight of the incredible suffering of Jewish history, particularly the suffering of all of his ancestors. I choose to assume that the most Jews, who are either angry with G-d or have chosen to deny G-d by believing in the laughable assumption of the inherent goodness of Man in order to remain happy and functioning adults, have Jewish soul roots, not one of the five Erev Rav soul roots listed in the Zohar. Yes, there are Reshayim gamurim such as the head of the Israeli Supreme Court, where it is obvious that she is from the Erev Rav. But the vast majority of hi tech astute Telavivans can choose to be decent and can get their human decency act together if they wanted to. And perhaps we are finally, finally coming to a time when they finally will. It is they who will burn down the offices of HaAretz and the Last Idiot for lying to them all these years. That will be the sign that massive public acceptance of Mashiach ben Yosef will have finally arrived. more later. It is the kids again.

  14. Quickly, this isn't to encourage anyone to burn down anyone's office for being the headquarters for an Erev Rav newspaper. The anger to do so will not come from the right, but will come from the people who have been lied to for going on two or three generations.

  15. Akiva, this is Anonymous of November 15, 2011 7:31 AM

    why did you delete the 2nd part (continuation of that) of 1st comment of mine ?


    We don't know everything Hashem knows about everyone and from all the generations..

    Our view is limited. Hashem knows everything and don't worry He'll take care of everyone. It's not up to us. Hashem's running the world.

  16. Dov bar Leib,

    From same Anon. who you replied to above.
    One more comment:

    Re your "Human decency is not a strictly Jewish enterprise. All Mankind is required to be part of it, every human being one at a time. It is the Derekh Eretz that was in the world for 2447 years before the Torah was even given. So being a tinok shenishba is not an excuse not to be part of the human decency system of laws and ethics."

    I know about the history of human decency from the start, meaning creation of the world, because I teach the 7 mitzvot bnai noach and have studied it and, also about the laws Hashem gave to the gentiles (for those who don't know, 'the 7 miztvot bnai noach' or 'noahide laws',, or

    "It is the Derekh Eretz that was in the world for 2447 years before the Torah was even given. " - yes BUT only thanks to (Talmud) Hashem Who, instructed Adam the first 6 laws of decency and commanded him to teach it to his descendants. Noah got the 7th law from Hashem and was also commanded to teach those to humanity but today, does humanity (most are xtians) have one famous leader that is teaching them these laws and can you expect it to easily hear anything about decency/religious doctrine after it has experienced all the ^&*%$ of their religion for thousands of years and not be biased towards anything that sounds like religion ?? According to the gentiles' schulchan aruch (The Divine Code, Rabbi Moshe Weiner), Hashem is also compassionate with the goyim if they fall in the same category as those "tinokim nishbaim" that I decribed in my comment above. Hashem doesn't require from any human being to do what's impossible. for a definition of what's considered impossible, see my comment above that talks about tinokim nishbaim.

    b) by judging am yisrael unfavorably (even if true) you actually instigate Hashem to judge them in a gevurah way too , mida keneged mida and that's dangerous. Hashem yishmor.

    Only yichud, tzedaka and shalom could accelerate geulah now, mida keneged mida..

  17. your speculation coming true!!! LOOK!!

  18. And then there is this:

    This guy is no freak. He is the Chief economist at CitiGroup.

    American Jews: I plead with you. Do you want to be in New York City when what he say happens?? If you cannot make Aliyah right now, move to some place sane like Texas or Tennessee. And get your food storage ready now in a country location with a group of other Jews and righteous gentiles. and weapons to protect yourselves and your food storage. I realize some of you may not know Glenn Beck. But he has an open invitation for Jews to move to Dallas where he says that G-d is still an important part of the average citizen's life. Again it is your call. All of the you, including the haters from previous comments. Don't be a loser like the loser who called me a loser. Face up to it. NYCity is in the spiritually dead zone. The Mayor lies on his website and his magazine about the coming American economic boom shooting off in the third year of the US economic recovery. WHAT RECOVERY!! Again it is your call. Living in a legal jurisdiction that grants marriage contracts or civil union contracts to male homosexuals is putting your spiritual and physical lives in danger. Again it is your call.

    I still want to answer point by point the rest of the points that a previous commenter brought up. That will have to wait until tomorrow, bli neder.

  19. Oh, I almost forgot. To the previous commenter who gets it who posted the Gerald Celente link, all I can say is: And the entire world was filled with Hamas (robbery). Please someone tell me, what did G-d do next?

  20. Not by water... by fire this time.
    One big nuke.
    6 or 11 minutes.
    And on to the geula for whoever remains.....

  21. Devorah:

    According to Gaon, Rav Eliyahu of Vilna, zt'l gog umagog will last only 12 minutes. Source: Redemption Unfolding (feldheim ed)

  22. Thanks Devorah: We need to add one more minute to the all out nuclear war between two sides with nuclear weapons. Sorry that it is 12 minutes and not 11 though, for I know how important 11 is to you. It is still a lot shorter than the one and a half hours that Tom Lehrer thinks an all out nuclear war would last in his World War Three Pre-nostalgia parody from the 1960s.

    I am writing a blog that will take some time on the necessity for Yemot HaMashiach to be a totally separate block of time before the Resurrection of the Dead and the full "death" of the Yetzer HaRa. We even denote it in our Shabbat Shacharit davening as being a distinct Era separate from Olam HaZeh and the Resurrection of the Dead. While we desire that Mashiachzeit start today if possible, we only believe in the Resurrection of the Dead without davening for it to immediately happen, for as long as there is Free Will in the World even during Yemot HaMashiach, we can still come closer to HaShem through mitzvot. So believe in Techiyat HaMeitim, but daven for the largest possible gap in the time period between the coming of Mashiach and the Resurrection of the Dead several years later. So during those intervening years there will still be Free Will and the accompanying spiritual growth albeit in an atmosphere of World Peace where the entire world seeks out the ways of HaShem. So even if the Yetzer hara in the world of public opinion ceases, the yetzer hara within every human being will remain in order to overcome. This is a far more ideal situation than having Yemot HaMashiach and the Resurrection of the Dead to happen at the same time. The Rambam thinks that in Yemot HaMashiach there will be no miraculous anomalies in the Creation except that Israel will not be subjugated by the nations. The Ramban, I believe, begs to differ. That on the slopes of the Temple Mount and only there, lions will actually lie down with lambs without eating them. This causes no problem because there is no Jewish cemetery on the slopes of the Temple Mount of major importance, and perhaps a Temple Mount that celebrates Life should not be the location of a cemetery. Yet, there is a cemetery on the adjoining hill on the Mt. of Olives, the most famous Jewish cemetery in the World. Yet, there on the Mt. of Olives even according to the Ramban, there will be no signs of overthrowing the natural order specifically during Yemot HaMashiach. The everyday overthrowing of the natural order will have to wait until the Resurrection of the Dead. This does not prevent open miracles from occurring during the leadup to MB David specifically. As a matter of fact we know that these things will truly occur before Ben David comes during Gog UMagog stage two. The 4th cup of wine at the Pesach Seder comes after Hallel and Cup of Eliyahu. So unbelievable miracles will occur at that time, just before ben David comes. Yet, the world will revert to its natural order except on the Temple Mt. itself during Yemot HaMashiach.

  23. One last thing: The miracles in the leadup to Mashiach ben Yosef correspond to Tzafun just before the 3rd cup of wine at the Seder. These miracles will be very Purimdick, and the climax of these hidden miracles will most likely be on Purim or Shushan Purim itself. This is necessary in order to maintain complete free will and plausible deniability. For instance who would have thought that Nicholas Sarkozy and Obuzzard would necessarily express their hatred for Netanyahu, a prospective candidate for ben Yosef, into an open microphone. Imagine that. Horror of horrors. Well within a week of that "chance occurrence", Netanyahu cancels the demolition of Givat Assaf, Migron, and the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El. Imagine that. So the open mike seems to have emboldened Netanyahu to behave like a man and not a mouse. That might be worth another L'Chaim and a Baruch HaShem. Now suddenly in a total reversal of the arrangement between Germany and Rome that is supposed to precede Amalek taking over the world according to the Talmud in Megillah, one can tell that Europe is in deep trouble. Europe has a German Pope and and an Italian central banker/administrator. Imagine that. Now that G-d is laughing, let us say another Baruch HaShem and another L'Chaim. Now this is Purim. So don't expect open miracles in the first phase of Gog UMagog leadng to ben Yosef. Just get ready to say a lot of L'Chaims!

  24. DBLeib, just out of curiosity,
    how many of sefarim on geula and moshiach in here,

    have you read cover to cover ?

    kol tuv

    - Same Anon. as November 21, 2011 2:15 AM

  25. to DBLeib: continuation from Anon. Nov 21, 8:05 AM

    "[To summarize: an ascent to a higher level in Gan Eden requires that one first depart from his present spiritual station.] The ascent to a higher level [of consciousness] that will take place during the Era of Mashiach, by contrast, will not necessitate a departure from one's present level. [This will be possible, because at that time,] the Or Ein Sof which has no limits will be revealed. As such, the revelation will be manifest on the material plane as well.

    Even the revelation of the Era of Mashiach will reflect [only] the light of sovev kol almin. Therefore, even in this era, there will be different levels of revelation (as explained above). The revelation of the Resurrection, however, will (as a whole) be the same for all Jews.[48] For in the Era of Resurrection the essence of the Or Ein Sof that transcends [all possibilities of] division will be revealed.

    There will be two aspects to this revelation:

    The revelation of the essence of the Or Ein Sof that [the Jewish people] have drawn down through their observance of the mitzvos. This will raise the Jewish people themselves to a higher level.[49]

    The revelation of the innate [G-dliness] of the Jewish people, that they are - "the branch of My planting, the work of My hands, in which to take pride."

    This quality of the Jewish people is even loftier than the revelation of G-dliness that they draw down through their study of the Torah and their observance of the mitzvos. For the source of Jewish souls is G-d's essence (higher than the source of the Torah and its mitzvos), and similarly, the Jewish body was chosen by G-d's essence.[50]"



  26. to DBLeib, continued,

    "...The core of one of the explanations offered with regard to this matter is as follows: As stated in many discourses,[12] Gan Eden is granted as a reward for Torah study, while the Resurrection of the Dead comes as a reward for the observance of mitzvos. This explains why Gan Eden is a world of (incorporate) souls, while in the Era of Resurrection, the souls will be enclothed in bodies. For Torah study relates primarily to the soul, while the observance of mitzvos relates primarily to the body.[13]

    ALL JEWS OBSERVE MITZVOS; indeed, "EVEN THE SINNERS OF ISRAEL ARE AS FULL OF MITZVOS AS A POMEGRANATE [IS FULL OF] SEEDS."[14] Therefore "Every Jew has a share in the World to Come."

    It is possible to explain that this is also the intent of the Mishnah's citation of the prooftext,[15] "And your people are all righteous; they shall inherit the land forever...." By quoting this verse, the Mishnah, not only brings proof that all Jews have a share in the World to Come, but also explains why this is so.

    A person who observes mitzvos is referred to as "righteous," a tzaddik. {Since all the mitzvos are referred to as tzedakah,[16] "righteousness," those who perform mitzvos are termed tzaddikim, "righteous individuals"}.[17] Since "your people are all righteous," i.e., all Jews, (even the sinners among them) observe mitzvos - moreover they are "filled with mitzvos," i.e., the mitzvos they observe fill their entire existence and being - therefore "they shall inherit the land forever" - the "Land of Life,"[18] which refers to life in the World to Come.

    The above explanation, however, does not account for the Mishnah's mention of the conclusion of the verse, "they are the branch of My planting, the work of My hands, in which to take pride." [This phrase highlights] the essential virtue possessed by [all] Jews, that they are "the branch of My planting, the work of My hands" - (possessing this virtue independent of their observance of mitzvos).

    [By quoting this phrase as part of the prooftext for the concept,] "Every Jew has a share in the World to Come," the Mishnah indicates that the share all Jews possess in the World to Come is (also) a result of their inherent virtue.




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