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Examples to Follow

Taken from Living Jewish, which took it from Sichat HaSheuvah Darchei HaChassidut…

The differing characteristics of Noah, Avraham and Moshe rabbaynu (Moses our teacher) provide a glimpse into the differing approaches of how we can express concern for others.

For example, although Noah abided by the strict letter of the law and reprimanded those around him (unsuccessfully), he neither prayed on their behalf nor sought to arouse the Almighty's divine compassion for them.

On the other hand, Avraham did indeed seek to arouse divine compassion upon the sinners of Sdom.  Yet eventually ceased praying when it became apparent there weren’t enough righteous people in the city to prevent it’s destruction.

In contrast to both of these approaches, Moses was ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of those who had worshipped the golden calf!  In fact, he was prepared to have his name erased from the holy Torah should the Master of the Universe refuse to overlook their transgression.

Moses’ self sacrifice is the supreme example of what each Jew, in general, and certainly every chossid, in particular, needs to employ for the sake of any other Jew.  Chassidut’s raison d’etre revolves around sharing it’s light with other Jews and demands complete self sacrifice in demonstrating to others how to serve G-d.

( This is from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and one can certainly see this in the way the Rebbe focused Chabad chassidim on creating Chabad houses and reaching out to their fellow Jews literally the world over.  Unfortunately some of the charedi communities have confused self sacrifice with making others sacrifice for their Torah.  THIS is how the Yetzer Hara comes to the charedim! )

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  1. Wasn't the sin of the golden calf suppose to have been committed by Erev Rav ?

    How can Moses lay down his life for Erev rav ?

    Aint Erev Rav the people supposedly delaying the geula today??


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