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The Gurus Say…

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image     Sometimes, what the Hindu gurus say sounds so true, so right on, but then when you stop and think about it, you see that what they are saying takes you away from your goals, even out of the world, instead of putting you in the world in a proper way (the Jewish path).

     Someone (he wears a beard and a kipa, oy!) posted three of his favorite gurus’ sayings on a Facebook page that reached my desk. If you do not know where these gurus are coming from, better yet, where they are going, their words seem to make a lot of sense. Often they will state a principle that the Torah agrees with, and this truth draws you into their line of thinking. But then they add totally outrageous, even dangerous teachings that absolutely contradict the purpose of Jewish (in fact, all) life. I took the time to post a brief comment by each of their statements.

Guru Shi sadhu om sense –“The Essence of Spiritual Practice

     “Pleasures are worthless.”


     Pleasures are G-d given treasures when they are used to elevate life. Everything that you desire can happen in a holy way, when you align your desires with the reason they were created. Everything in the world can be used for good.

Guru Ramana maharshi “Guru VBachaka Kovai”, 77

    “If you ask, ‘What is the benefit of sacrificing the innumerable sensual pleasures and retaining mere Consciousness?’ [we reply that] the fruit of Jnana Yoga [Hindu spiritual knowledge] is the eternal and unbroken experience of the Bliss of Self.”


     The gurus say that when you become spiritual you leave the physical world. The Torah says that when you become spiritual you go out into the world and elevate it. Sensual experiences were created to be used for holy purposes (when applied via mitzvot, the right G-d given time, place, type and conditions), not to be forsaken.

     Whereas they say that the fruit of their spiritual work is “the eternal and unbroken experience of the bliss of Self,” the fruit of Torah is the eternal and unbroken experience of the bliss of G-d.[i]

General Hindu saying:

“Namaste’ (My spirit bows to the spirit within you) I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells… which is of love, truth, light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.”


     Why are you always looking toward Hinduism for you quotes? There are many more great ones in your own inheritance, the Torah. For instance, “Know this day and take it to your heart that Hashem is G-d, in the Heaven above and upon the earth below, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.”[ii] G-d is one, and G-d is all—All is one at all times. Reach for this understanding, not theirs. See Hinduism’s Message to the Jewish People on YouTube.

[i] Gilui Shechina (Revelation of G-d’s Presence) which can happen briefly in this world, and will be the soul’s experience forever in the World to Come, depending upon the soul’s accomplishments in this world.

[ii] Deuteronomy 4:39


  1. agreed rab gutman but hinduism doesnt steal souls like missionaries do . its sometimes a way station meditation of the east for there are no english teachers of jewish meditation that i know of . Many find the rigors of tanya 2 rigorous like the sitra achra has 10 sefirot and a structure like the klipah , the rav of the sitra achra , any thought speech or action against the 613 mitzvot is bound by the extraneous forces for ever till hashem banishes death with techiat hammaitim . regretably so many souls are lost and havent been able to grasp these concepts . as well hindus though there is definitely idol worship have never persecuted jews like the catholic church the gay left and erev rav agenda and parts of islam so many jews see these spiritual practices as benign right or wrong .

  2. On Statement #:

    1) That is what Kohelles says. All pleasures are Hevel, which can be translated as fleeting (as vapor) or even worthless, or futility.

    2) What you posted, I believe, is more of a machlokes than what you present. I very much agree that Torah is for this world, and to help elevate the physical. However, how many people who are spiritual are disconnected from the world, and we hold them to be the greatest of Tzaddikim for being disconnected. Being a Tzaddik or a Gomeil Chesed is impossible if you live alone or in a desert island. It is only when you are living in the world and can rise above despite the 'Gashmiyus' that one truly becomes a Tzaddik, etc.
    So to sum up, while I agree w/ you, most people won't necessarily.

    3)On this, I totally agree w/ you...


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