Friday, October 28, 2011

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Undercover Syria

What’s going on in Syria?  An undercover reporter brings back some real news.  (Why do we care? What’s happening on the borders of Israel impacts Israel.)

Notice the world reaction.  Compare this to what you hear about Israel if one “Palestinian” doesn’t get a whole chicken for dinner (referring to a recent news report about Palestinian prisoners protesting for whole chickens.)

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  1. Just want to acknowledge this is very sad. Also I see a very real possibility of westerners strategically getting the deserters of the Syrian Military weapons to fight Assad. This video will get to the right person. Most likely Hillery she will see that the defectors get their needs met quietly. I do not support what is happening with the vacuum effect in other countries who are up rising. With extremism filling the void left by their dethroned tyrannical leaders. Poor brainwashed people.


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