Friday, October 14, 2011

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Looking For Someone to Help

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


      A chidush in Torah is an innovation, or a new discovery. Although anything that we may discovery in Torah has always been there, to us it is brand new and was never seen before.

Mivtzoim is the outreach service such as Chabad Chassidim have made so famous, by going out onto the streets and putting tefillin on Jews who otherwise would never have done the mitzvah. Actually, the first person to stress mivtzoim was Avraham Aveinu (our father) 4,000 years ago. He was famous for setting up his tent at a crossroad, so he could feed travelers, in order to teach them about the One G-d.

     Since mivtzoim has never been done to the degree that the Chabadniks do it today (G-d bless them), we might think that its chidush is how it can spiritually pick up so many Jews. After all, it really works, and hundreds of thousands of Jews are now regularly putting on tefillin, putting up mezuzahs, lighting Shabbos candles… because of this spiritual outreach!

     But that mivtzoim elevates the Jews who are being reached is obvious. After all, those Chassidim would not be doing it if it did not work. But the real chidush of mivtzoim is not that it elevates the Jews who are being helped. The true chidush of mivtzoim is that it elevates the Jews who are doing it!

     In my experience, there is no better way to lift yourself spiritually than to go out and try to help to help another Jew. This is not a promise for elevation in the World to Come, although it will surely do that, too. It is a promise that you will experience actual results as you do it. Try it a couple of times and see for yourself. 

     Remember, as with all new skills, it will take a little time and practice before it becomes easy, and even fun. But if you will try with a good heart to bring your fellow Jew to mitzvahs with love and joy, it is certain that at least three lights are going to shine brighter: the light of the Jew who you are helping, your light, and the Light that comes from the One you are working for.


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