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It is Atereth HaYesod: Geulah in its time

by Dov bar Leib of Mystical Paths and End of Days


These thoughts were keyed by the medium-sized earthquake with its epicenter in Virginia that had cracked the Washington Monument and had caused severe damage to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.  Hearing this I sensed that something momentous was afoot.

There is this concept that at the End of Days when the Messianic Era commences, G-d is going to change the rules by which the spiritual world runs the physical world in such a way that there would never be an exile of Israel again. This would happen in the 6th Millennium associated with the kabbalistic sefirah called Yesod (Foundation). That would be the foundation for G-d's Kingship in the world.

The First Millennium was associated with Chessed (Lovingkindness). The Second Millennium was associated with Din (Strict Judgment) or Gevurah (Strength). The Third Millennium was associated with Tiffereth (Charisma). The Fourth Millennium was associated with Netzach (Victory or Eternity). The Fifth Millennium was associated with Hod (Glory). And the 6th Millennium which began in the year 5001 (1241 ce.) would be the most gut wrentching of all the millennia. We would spend most of the millennium squeezing out that which was pure from a very impure world. As we say during Hoshana Rabba with the 6th hakafah (circuit around the bimah): ground from accursedness, beast from aborting, granary from one species of locust, grain from scorched earth. etc.

In short of all the centuries in human history, the most difficult millennium would be the 6th one. Starting around 1240 with the burning of 24 cartloads of Talmuds in the streets of Paris by King Louis IXth (aka St. Louis and he is still one of the 365 principle saints of the Roman Catholic Church whose official day of the year is August 25th. And if you go to the American Catholic website, there is no mention of St. Louis's act of Xtian love when he burned all those Talmuds with rare Tosefot in the margins) and the destruction of Khazaria about the same time in the early 1240s, the 6th Millennium was like entering the pits of Hell for the chosen nation of G-d. Apparently if we could not offer up korbonot for the nations of the world on Sukkot, we became their korbonot. This gives the idea of the suffering servant in Sefer Yishaiyahu a whole new meaning.

Yet, sometime in this millennium, at least 2/3rds of the way through it according to the Zohar, the fortune of the Jewish people would instantly change. That moment would be Atereth HaYesod (the tiara of Yesod). At this point the churbanot of Israel in its long exile would instantly stop. And those Jews who could somehow make it to the shores of the Land of Israel at this time would experience miracles (as long as they are decent in their own lives, for G-d abhors human indecency even for a tinok she'nishba which makes up about 80% of world Jewry today. How much the more so does he abhor lack of common decency amongst those who are versed in the Torah?).

Ladies and Gents, we have finally arrived to that time. 5772 is the year where the beginning of all judgments for the lack of common decency are written and sealed and sent during Tishrei of the year, is the year of the full establishment of Atereth HaYesod.

Ah, but where is Mashiach? In my analysis, because of our little act of horror that we committed in the First Year of Sukkot called the evacuation of Gush Katif, Netzarim, Northern Gaza, and four cities in the Northern Shomron - which put about a quarter of a million people into the direct fire of longer range and more accurate missiles from Gaza in addition to the horror inflicted on the 10,000 expelled Jews, we blew it in a very basic test of common decency. So our most pivotal Achishena moment within B'itah was tossed out the window with the garbage.

Surely G-d showed with Hurricane Katrina (His crown and the 11th named storm of the season to represent HaShem Elokim, G-d sitting on His throne of Judgment) that He was on the case, and that the matter of Gog W. Bush's involvement in the affair had not gone unnoticed. Yet, because of our indiscretion in the area of common decency, he became the Gog that could have been Gog and should have been Gog if not for our serious moral lapse. It is curious what happened to him next. Apparently after the expulsions Gog ben Gog started to receive a lot of mail from his Orthodox Jewish supporters and many of his fundamentalist Xtian supporters too. They told him that if continues along this path, he will be the Gog that will divide Jerusalem, and G-d's Wrath would really pour out on him far more than having to visit flood ravaged New Orleans where 600,000 fled from their flooded town trying to explain why FEMA did not show up in a serious way for several days.

Despite Gog being the proud Methodist Fundamentalist that he was, he apparently did not want to follow the dictates of his Church and go about the business of dividing Jerusalem to establish a state for the Non-nation. He was no spiritual fool. He saw what happened in New Orleans and put two plus two together and decided right then and there that he was not going to be the Gog of Ezekiel and Zecharia.

Back in 1995 another righteous gentile named Newt Gingrich after getting his Contract on or for America passed legislatively through Congress decided to take on a thorny issue in Foreign policy. He proposed and passed by 90% majorities in both houses of Congress the Jerusalem Embassy Act which effectively required by law that the the American Embassy in Tel Aviv be moved to Jerusalem within five years and that money was set aside to purchase land or an existing structure in Jerusalem which would house the new American Embassy. The Act also recognized Jerusalem as Israel's united and eternal capital.

For at least 40 years the Democrats controlled the House of Reps., and this act was neither proposed or considered. Yet, when a bunch of Republicans took over, many of them with less than a dozen Jews in their districts, this became a priority in the first year of the new Congress. Fascinating study in which party was the party of righteous gentiles at least in the 1990s.

Well little did they realize, they ran into a roadblock in the name of Alexander Hamilton, the only Jew amongst America's Founding Fathers. Yet, apparently Alexander (born in either 1755 or 1757) was born to one Rachel Levine, the wife of Michael Yochanan Levine. Apparently, the marriage was a horrible marriage and he left her without giving her a get or even a legal Anglican divorce since the courts on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean were run by the Anglican Church.

Into Rachel's abode came one James Hamilton, a live-in lover. They had two children out of wedlock, James Jr. and Alexander. James was a devout Anglican and tried to enroll Alexander in the Anglican school on the island, but the Church said no because according to their rules Alexander was a bastard and had no right to an Anglican education. Then Rachel has a bright idea. Let's enroll Alexander in the Jewish Cheder on the island since she had the proof that she was a Jew. Well lo and behold the Jewish elementary school on the island enrolled Alexander in the early 1760s.

10_dollar_billThere were no Reform Style Jewish Schools at the time, so the school was 100% Orthodox. He was a good talmid there for about five or six years when at the tender age of eleven his mother died and he left the school. Whether one is a mamzer (a bastard by Jewish law) or not when one's father is not Jewish does not matter in this area because a mamzer cannot be denied a Jewish education anyway. So it is pretty self-evident that the first Secretary of the US Treasury whose face is front and center on the $10 bill was born to a Jewish mother. (I would ignore the the Daughters of the American Revolution genealogical claims that Rachel was a French Huguenot. The last name that they claim for her was Lavien not Levine, but they fail to explain that she got that last name from her observant Jewish husband. Very peculiar that they would go to such lengths to deny Alexander's ancestry.)

So what is the point? Apparently at the Constitutional Convention in the late 1780s it was Alexander that proposed the imperial presidency. He actually thought that Presidents should be elected for a lifetime position. This did not go over well with James Madison and others so the lifetime position idea is in history's dust bin. Yet, apparently Alexander did get his way about one aspect of the American Presidency. While in domestic affairs the Constitution is filled with checks and balances between all three branches of government, in foreign affairs in the day to day running of foreign policy, the President is essentially a King for four or eight years. Surely when the moment requires it, the President is sometimes required to actually seek a Declaration of War when both houses of Congress actually get around to doing it. But even there such as the most recent action in Libya, the Congress forgets to even do that, even after 60 days when the War Powers Act says that they must declare war or demand that the President withdraw troops from wherever he unilaterally sent them. Also the Senate must ratify all Treaties signed by the President or his officers by the 2/3rds majority. But that is it folks. On every other aspect of American foreign policy, the US Congress has absolutely no say whatsoever. You can blame the Jew, Alexander Hamilton for that one.

Now I only mention this because when Gingrich and Company passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act by majorities that could not be vetoed, the Act supposedly became law within ten working days of passage. But Clinton ignored it citing Mr. Hamilton, probably in the Federalist Papers but I am not sure, that the Congress cannot tell him to do what he desires in foreign policy. So even thought the five year limit was within the end of his term, the Embassy remained in Tel Aviv. And same transpired during the first term of Gog W. Bush's Administration. So in our overarching view of history apparently it took a Jew to put something into the US Constitution with tremendous End of Days Consequences.

Only in late 2005 after the evacuations did Gog W. Bush realize that as the imperial President in foreign policy, he better do something to prove to G-d that he was not the Gog of Ezekiel. Remember that sum of money set aside by the Gingrich Congress for purchase of the Embassy building? Well, Gog W. had an idea. He took that money and purchased the former Diplomat Hotel in the growing Jewish East Jerusalem Jewish neighborhood of Arnona, and made the preparations to move the American Consulate from Derech Shkhem one block into an Arab neigborhood of the Holy City to this spanking new and I must say beautiful Consulate building in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

This was of course intentional. He wanted to show G-d that he had no intention of dividing the City and exiling its Jewish inhabitants from its Eastern half even though from recent Methodist Church policy statements this is precisely what the Church recommended to Obama just before his May meeting with Netanyahu.

If you could just imagine what would have happened had his plan to destroy Jewish Gaza had failed either because the Israeli political party United Torah Judaism would not have enabled Sharon's government in December of 2004 on the tenth of Tevet or because Eliyahu HaNavi would have shown up to stop it in accordance to the words of Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, ztl at the time. Either way there would have been no evacuation and Gog W. would have been seething with rage, something that seems to happen to American Presidents who think that they really are Kings of the earth in foreign policy and their designs are thwarted.

He would have ignored all warnings about not dividing Jerusalem and history would have shown him to fulfill the role of Gog after all.

According to the Cosmic Clock, 5765 was the First Year of Sukkot and was supposed to be a tremendous year of simcha, but for reasons discussed above all we could come up with was a rotten etrog. But alas, the Year of Hoshana Rabbah, 5771, is all top down. G-d is not seeking the approval of this generation's Torah sages by setting up another test of common decency. Judgment for all time at the end of that year is proceeding as planned. It is if this moment is built into the Creation itself.

This Tishrei of 5772 was meant to be a drop dead date that is no one could delay it again. One problem though is that the establishment of Atereth HaYesod in the world is without either of G-d’s anointed shepherds in charge at the time (unless Netanyahu stops being a coward and grows into the job. He shows promise when he speaks and quotes tzaddikim with whom he meets for consultation. He has the Yud Key Vav (yahu) in his name which is prerequisite for Moshiach ben Yosef even though in his case it is in his last name and not his first name. His name is Binyamin, the only one of Yakov's sons who was not kissed by Lavan. He was also the way that Yehudah redeemed himself from selling Yosef into slavery, at least it was his idea. Yehudah became the Areiv (guarantor) of Binyamin in Egypt by promising Yakov his father that if Binyamin is taken as a slave, he would become a slave in his stead and Binyamin would go free. So when Yakov blessed Yehudah, he said that when Shilo comes, Yehudah's kingdom would become a kingdom for Mankind. So our sages say that Shilo is Shai lo (gift to him), for just as Binyamin became a gift to Yosef in Egypt because Yehudah was doing a complete repentance for selling Yosef into slavery by becoming the guarantor of his full fledged brother. So at the End of Days would G-d (Yud Key Vav or Yahu) give (natan) Binyamin as a gift to him, Mashiach ben David. More on this Netanyahu phenomenon perhaps in a future article, except one thing of note. The Medrash Sefer Eliyahu says that the last imposed leader of the Erev Rav at the end of the Kingdom of Edom would be a man named TRMLO which is Olmert backwards. So who is this Netanyahu?)

So whether Netanyahu or someone else with the Yud Key Vav perhaps in their first name such as Yehonatan ...... (as in he will be released over Biden's dead body) or someone else whoever it may be will be Moshiach ben Yosef, Atereth HaYesod has arrived.

One of the main characteristics of Atereth HaYesod is the following: All attempts to serve G-d at the 33rd level of purity and no further (such as through FreeMasonry and through historically normative Xtianity) will be met with Divine contempt. The purpose for serving G-d can no longer be to just build prosperity in this World. The purpose for Serving G-d must be lishma (for it’s own sake), for only that will build the World to Come.

This was the warning that was sent upon America when both the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral were cracked in that earthquake on the 23rd of Av (August). The reason for America to be a nation under G-d was to create a prosperous society with a common moral foundation which could only lead to more prosperity in Olam HaZeh (in this world). The purpose for serving G-d for the last 235 years was to make money. This is why July 4th, 1776 was the 17th of Tamuz (a fast day on the Jewish calendar), because the original sin of the Jewish nation was the idea that utopia in the form of the Golden Calf was prosperity.

Yet, since we had a Chazakah on the Mon on Lag B'Omer (the 33rd day after the Exodus) for that was the third day that it fell, then serving G-d to make money would only take one to the 33rd level of purity and no further. This is not what G-d wants. He wants us to strive to the 49th level of purity and the 33rd level is only 2/3’rds of the way there. This is why the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill (a FreeMasonic symbol) is cut of precisely at the 2/3’rds mark.

Think of it this way. Bavel (Babylon) is gevurah she begevurah (strength that is in strength). This is the ninth level of purity. At the end of nine centuries after the giving of the Torah, Nebuchadnezzar (the King of Babylon) destroyed the First Holy Jewish Temple.

Paras/Madai (Persia) is Tiffereth she b'tiffereth. At this level Ya'akov competes with Esau's grandson, Amalek. Why? Because Ya'akov only has charisma (tifereth) when he speaks the Truth. Amalek has tifereth when he speaks lies. Since the Truth wipes away all lies, and lies destroy the Truth, Ya'akov and Amalek cannot coexist with each other. If one does not wipe the other out, the other will wipe out the one. This is why it was not enough to out Haman. His sons had to be wiped out too, and all of his animals too. This was Tifereth she'btifereth (the 17th level of purity) because the one who is pure in Netzach, the Gadol HaDor, the Torah scholar of the generation had the koach (the holy strengh) to wipe out the liar Haman.

Then there is Greece that was pure in Netzach for it produced philosophers who would have an almost eternal influence. Who in this generation does not remember Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle? Yes, were they pure. Are they really eternal? Of course not. Yes, we know of them still 2500 years later, but 2500 years is not eternity. Even they will have their end. So at the level of netzach she'be netzach (the 25th level of purity) they can be defeated by the one who is pure in Hod (Our High Priest, Aharon HaKohen). The descendants of Aharon were the Chashmonaim, and they defeated the Greeks on the level at which they depended to be pure (the 25th level of purity on the 25th of Kislev).

And now there is Edom at Hod she beHod (the 33rd level of purity), another in the long list to represent a human image of G-d's Glory to Mankind. In the 1860s it was Glory Glory Hallelujah the watchword of the Northern effort in America's Civil War. In the 1890s just 30 years later rather than giving Gold, Silver, and Copper to glorify G-d in a Temple meant for His Glory, the founders of the modern Olympics were putting gold, silver, and copper around the necks of the world's greatest athletes. So to these athletes goes the glory. Another faker this Edom is. In the end it is all about him, it has nothing to do with G-d.

This would help explain the medrash that when Esau realized that his blessing was only for this world and that he had no place as a nation in the world to Come, he started to cry. Now crying is the way that we do teshuvah out of love when the opportunity arises. So let us count the days. There are thirty days of teshuvah until the end of Elul when we repent out of fear and out of love separately from each other. During Elul it is one or the other but not both at the same time. In short there is no fusion between Chessed and Din until Rosh HaShana itself when we start to say Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King) when we are doing teshuvah b'ahavah really for the first time, for until Rosh HaShana we do not refer to G-d as Our Father, but only as a king who comes into the field to meet with us.

At that level we can do teshuvah in our chessed (our lack of good deeds) and teshuvah in our Gevurah (our sins). But to see G-d as a fusion of chesed and Gevurah which is a Melech Emeth (King of Truth) who takes into account our extenuating circumstances when He judges us, we only see on Rosh HaShana which depending on how it is counted is either the 30th day of teshuvah or the 31st day of teshuvah.

Getting back to Esau, apparently he was able to cry two tears, and a third tear welled up in his eye, but it would not come out. It is said that if it had come out, then Esau's kingdom of Edom would last forever. Can you imagine a kingdom that serves G-d to make money lasting forever? So the first tear that he cried took him from the 30th level of purity to the 31st level of purity (the first day of Avinu Malkeinu). And the second tear that he cried took him from the 31st level of purity to the 32nd level of purity (the second day of Avinu Malkeinu). But thank G-d that third tear never came out, for if it had, his kingdom would be pure at the 33rd level of purity and he would have a chazakah on the Mon (money), and it would fall for him forever.

But alas at the 33rd level (as pointed out before) Esau is a faker. Even in FreeMasonry all the levels through the 32nd level require a certain amount of spiritual work which requires improvement on one's relationship with G-d. The 33rd level requires no work whatsoever, and to be honest with you, it is not clear if at that level the 33rd degree FreeMason is even serving G-d at all. Amongst America's founding fathers there were many FreeMasons. They are too numerous to mention by name. One could almost conclude that the United States was founded as one gigantic Masonic lodge.

Unlike the Edomite nations in Europe, America was not founded as a nation under Xianity and the Xian deity. It was founded as a nation under G-d. It did not see its collective actions as dirty rags before G-d whose citizens all needed the Xian deity for its collective sins. At a very deep level America rid itself of one of Edom's major flaws. It really did (not sure that it even understands this any longer) at one time look at its own deeds as G-d sees them where He only expects Man to make the right decisions based on his own extenuating circumstances. Yet, accountable Man is, for G-d knows what the best choice is available for every human being.

So our acts are not dirty rags, and no deed passes before him without the deepest understanding for how we failed in our potential. Read Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural address on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial, which by the way was not cracked in the recent earthquake, in order to understand how one great American understood this aspect of Divine Providence. Yet, in America the problem lies with Esau's 2nd fatal flaw, not the flaw at its inception, but the flaw of its purpose (its tachlit) as a nation. It more than any other nation in history has served G-d for the sole purpose of making money.

Just like Esau's third tear which failed to fall, America does not quite cut it at the 33rd level of purity. The greatest American FreeMason was its ultimate Founding Father (Gog Washington), for from Gog to Gog there is no Gog quite like Gog. He was such a believer in America as a nation that serves G-d to create national prosperity that at his 2nd inaugural swearing in ceremony, he dressed up if full Masonic regalia and placed his had on a Masonic Bible. More than any other founding father, he was the Grand Poobah of the American Masonic Temple. But alas the symbol that represents him seems to have developed a crack.

yesod1By my understanding, it is over America, it is over in 5772. And who replaces Edom the faker at the 33rd level? Mordechai HaYehudi (of the Purim story) defeated Haman at the level of tifereth’she’be’tiffereth, because Mordechai was the Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses), pure in Netzach, of his generation. Just like The Kohanim from Aharon, pure in Hod, could defeat Greece at the level of Netzach she'benetzach (the 25th level of purity), in the end it will he who is pure in Yesod in the Year of Atereth HaYesod (the scion of Yosef, anointed on high for this enormous task) who will defeat Edom at the level of hod she'behod (33rd level of purity).

But because Edom's scion, Amalek, has his hand on the Seat of Yud Key and divides the Divine Name so that it cannot reach perfection, this son of Yosef will need to bring the Yud Key together with the Vav in HaShem's Name.

Will the real son of Yosef with Yud Key Vav in his name please stand up?


  1. its not a question of ben yosef standing up he told his brothers when he was 16 with the coat of many colors you your father and mother will prostrate to me . He was right 22 years later ! the question is will Hashem let him stand up , hes ready !

  2. Annon, yes in a sense you are right. Will haShem allow it. But since we have free will, why would he (MBY) want to be subjected to verbal abuse, and even potential death at the hands of the religious whom want a halachic state based on today's halachot, the mby has no interest in implementing.

    I think the whole speculation now is mute. The behaviour of the religious will ensure he want's nothing to do with them.

  3. Shiloh: There will be many dati Jews who do not understand human decency for its own sake who will reject him, MBY. Yet, most dati Jews will accept him, for they will understand that forming a society of decent people here in Israel is as big of a leap forward as re-establishing a Torah society by Mashiach ben David will be. I know there is a lot of lack of common decency among religious Jews here, but there are far more that keep the Torah here who understand Hillel's injunction about the purpose for why we keep the Torah: So that we will not do unto others which is hateful to ourselves.

  4. Ok Dov, let me tell you today's episode.

    We put up a sukkah today in the rova Yehudi. Very very wealthy people who's son happens to be the blackest of blackhats. He was not impressed with me being involved because I don't wear the outfit that the Talmud describes as a specific animal sticking his toes out claiming to be kosher. So he called my boss. I am not suprised by his complete uncircumsised heart that in itself is against the Torah.

    Since I do my utmost to live by the Torah of Moshe, you and I both know the arguments between us, this is the type of behaviour I experience DAILY Dov. So, do you think I should ask haShem to forgive them or ask haShem to rid the land of those who's behaviour is worse then the goyim in some cases?

    If, Dov, I could turn back the clock, I certainly would have NOT done that certain event that I emailed to you of which you never responded. If I could see the future I would never have helped one little bit on the one hand. On the other hand haShem sends some very decent Jews but sadly it's few and far between.

    Thennnn, we went to purchase some palm branches for my sukkah. The 'person' who was wearing the 'outfit' told me it was more expensive now. I told him the price was what I paid in the morning and told him that's it, chag sameach. Gave him the right money and walked away.

    The problem is Dov, is their hearts are seared, they have no concious but they are idoloters of the microsopic. They are those exact ones who Moshe should NEVER allowed to join the club. Their neshamah is not correct and the idolotry they follow is making it worse. We are completely for the most part as a nation broken to the core.

    When those two chasidim in the rova came over to me just to wish me good luck, it was such light. Thank God for ones like this. The incorrect halachot can be corrected later. This dog like behaviour must be corrected before we self destruct.

    Have a wonderful sukkot as I am going to build my non-kosher sukkah according to the idoloters.


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