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Fisking an Anti-Semitic Xian Muslim Convert

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Blog IsraellyCool had the (dubious) honor of being visited and commented upon by the sister of the former British Prime Minister, who has gained infamy as a campaigner for Hamas terrorist rights and (somewhat) recently converted from Xianity to Islam.  Her comment deserves some religious response, which I’ll do here…

IsraellyCool - Anti-Semite Lauren Booth has paid us a visit to respond to my post about her mother being Jewish. 

boothOkay (expletive deleted), as you are so obsessed by the wish to have me as some self rejecting member of your supposed ‘Chosen Race’ let me once and for all put this idiocy about my mother’s ‘religion’ and background to rest.
My mother had a Jewish father who divorced her mother when she was little. She met him about three times and was raised in a secular Christian household. Thus when I was born rest assured no signs of any Judaism entered our world at all and my mother talked of (Xian Diety Name) and God. The end.

Now how about you lot try to address the really important questions; like your Occupation of Palestine, slaughter of children in Gaza in the name of the Jewish state and your tragic assertion at being ‘Chosen’ by God to rule over the rest of humanity. LOooool.

Ok Ms. Booth, let’s address your really important questions.

“Occupation of Palestine” – The Jewish people have reoccupied the Land of Israel, given to them by G-d as told in the Torah.  As someone raised in an Xian household, you can find this place and giving even in your edition and type of bible.  Now if you belonged to an Xian sect that followed replacement theology (the belief that the Roman Catholic church replaces the Jewish people as the recipient of G-d’s promises for their “new” half of their style of bible), then you would believe the promises of the Land of Israel flow to the Vatican.  In either case, the Land of Israel doesn’t belong to Arabs. 

And if you want to follow international law and the transfer of the actual property rights of Israel (which you referred to as palestine), you’ll find that the Ottoman Empire owned 95% of Israel.  When they lost it during World War I to the British, the rights transferred to the British as a protectorate.  Those rights were transferred by the League of Nations, as well as the British abandonment of Israel to the nascent Israeli government.  Further, at the same time a Jewish organization was formed that spent over 75 years BUYING much of the Land of Israel.  Between the two, most of the current Land of Israel is legally owned by either the State of Israel or the Jewish National Fund (93%).

“Slaughter of Children in Gaza” – The Torah not only permits but requires the engagement in war when innocents come under attack by an enemy.  International law similarly recognizes attacks on civilians as a causes belli (a valid legal cause for war).

The children of Gaza are used as human shields by terrorists who DAILY commit war crimes by firing rockets at civilian population centers in Israel.  If they don’t want their children to die, they simply need to do 1 of 2 things… either STOP FIRING ROCKETS AT JEWISH CIVILIANS or STOP FIRING NEXT TO SCHOOLYARDS.

On a final note, the Israeli Defense Force has a lower rate of civilian casualties or collateral damage than ANY ARMY IN THE WORLD – including the United States in Iraq and the British Army in Afghanistan.  A MUCH lower rate, multiples lower.  Why aren’t you crying for the dead Afghan children killed by the British Army?  One would think you’re out to get the Jews or something.

“Tragic Assertion of Being Chosen by G-d to rule over the rest of humanity” – First I’d recommend you check your medication dosage.  Either that or put down your copy of Mein Kampf.  Then pick up your bible.

When doing so you’ll notice the Jewish people being described, by G-d, as a holy nation, a chosen people, who are to be a light to the nations.  While your ancestors were abusing their serfs, Judaism was teaching the rights and proper human treatment of every person.  It was also teaching literacy, education, and charity while your ancestors were chasing the Jews down to burn their books, steal their children and kill them while simultaneously working your serfs to death or taking from them to the point of starvation.

That is tragic, but perhaps you prefer the Dark Ages. 

As far as ruling over the rest of humanity, I’ve yet to be given the secret decoder ring for access to that club.  If you could forward me the address so I can get in on it, I’d appreciate it.  Clearly the only place you could have come up with such an idea really is Mein Kampf or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  And if you’re reading those, you are indeed demonstrating a mindset and desire for the Dark Ages.

As you go down that path (which you clearly are doing regularly in your public pronouncements), I’d just remind you that loosing the mobs rarely turns out well for anyone.  Though the Jews tend to ‘get it’ first, they’re never the last.  And as a woman who has converted to Islam with daughters, you may want to closely examine the life and rights of the women of Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries to see exactly what you’re in for.

Frankly, it must be nice to sit with a famous family relationship and therefore public podium in England, with full rights of a Judeo-Xian ethic and society, and complain about the Jews and Western society.  Go fly to Saudi Arabia, rent a car and let me know how it goes from there.


  1. Excellent Response on your part. Should be posted in every major newspaper. A bit of truth wouldn't hurt anyone.

  2. It is also quite likely that Lauren Booth's mother, Pamela Smith (Cohen), is not Jewish, but only has a Jewish father. Much like many other Cohens in America, the most popular one being ex-Senator Bill Cohen, who suffered antisemitism growing up because of his last name!

  3. Excellent response.

    I must confess I thought you were going to ascribe replacement theology to all of Christianity as some Jewish bloggers often do. Though Christianity have Tanach interpretation differences with Judaism, we're definitely not enemies.

    The "anti replacement theology" message has gained solid ground among evangelical Christians and is being spread by campaign among other churches. There has been deliberate campaign among evangelicals about Christianity's obligation to Israel for a while now.

    I am also impressed by your pointing out the fact that, the freedom misguided Lauren Booth enjoys in her country came out the Judeo-Christian values enshrined in the Bible and not the Koran.

  4. Great response, your last line was the best.


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