Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Yes, They Are Out To Get Me at College

Guest Post by Chaim Clorfene

A remarkable new trend is taking place in some American universities, among them the University of California at Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Irvine, and my alma mater, UCLA. A hate campaign is being leveled against Israel and Jewish students on various campuses. The hate campaign includes frequent angry demonstrations and harassment of Jewish students, mostly females, and professors’ intimidation of students who do not line up behind pro-Palestinian sentiments. A student who expresses support of Israel in these classrooms is almost certain to earn ridicule and a low grade in the course. As blatantly unethical and academically outrageous – and illegal – as this is, school administrators and boards of regents seem to condone this behavior, or at the very least, show that they do not care.

Upon studying videos of the demonstrations (such a video is found embedded in this article, and linked here), the reality of what is really going on here becomes clear. The demonstrations are led by off-campus professional agitators and a few transfer students from the Ahmadinejad School for the Criminally Insane. (One of the main speakers – and I am quite sure about this – escaped from a car wash, or possibly has ringworm, or both).

These bullies rapaciously brandish placards (made by Edward Scissorhands) that label Zionists as Nazis, while openly suggesting that Jews everywhere be annihilated. Duh! As for the anti-semitic college professors, in the tradition of their colleague Doctor Faustus, they have sold their souls to the Devil, and for small money I might add. As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.”

Taken as a whole, this pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist campus scene is a clear expression of the Pinchik Principle: Good guys do not wear ski masks unless they are skiing.

We are left with the obvious question, what should we do about it? Certainly, legal action should be taken against anyone who assaults a Jewish student and against the university that fosters such action. Any college, particularly one supported by public funds, should be punished for allowing its campus to be used as a forum for outside agitators screaming about matters that have no relevance to the school. Every Jewish philanthropist worth his kosher salt should stop giving money to these anti-semitic universities. Since Jews own all the banks and control 98% of the world’s wealth, this should bring these wicked institutions to their waterlogged knees.

To continue: Jewish students can exercise the option of going to other, more hospitable schools to avoid the stress of intimidation, which must certainly diminish the quality of their education. In fact, the smartest of the Jewish students (all Jews are smart, some are merely smarter than others) could earn their degrees online for just under seventeen million dollars from the Liverpool University of Manchester or the Bobby Kennedy College of Antarctica, while spending part of each day, for free, at a local yeshiva or women’s seminary where they might get a real education.

Also, Hadassah, a well known terrorist organization (Did you ever attend a meeting? The noise is terrifying.), could resurrect the Jewish Defense League Sisterhood and holler at the demonstrators.

Kicking it up to a higher level, rabbis could plant thousands of pigs on University of California campuses, thereby driving the anti-semites to Mexico (or Texas, a suburb of Mexico). Note: The Torah permits Jews to benefit from pigs, but not to eat pigs. Moslems are forbidden to have any direct or indirect contact with pigs whatsoever. This is why we see so few Moslem football players.

There are a great many things we could do to fight against these alleged anti-Zionists and their familiars. But what we really should do is … thank them. These anti-semitic scoundrels are unwittingly performing a great service to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel. The sad truth is that Jewish America has been incrementally turning away from Israel for at least a generation. Conservative and Reform movement rabbis have recently made it an official platform to distance themselves from Israel. American Jews are assimilating more and more every day. Many of them have forgotten that they are Jewish and have forgotten about Israel. So G-d is using these angry anti-Zionists to give a wake-up call to America’s Jews. They are reminding them that Israel is an essential aspect of their lives. In fact, they are Israel, the Children of Israel. They may be temporarily estranged from their roots, but they are Israel all the same.

It says in Genesis 2:7: And the Lord G-d formed man of dust from the earth and blew a soul of life into his nostrils, and he became a living being.” We are the dust of the earth, formed by the power of G-d. The dust of Israel is holy and the people Israel who are this dust are also holy, and neither will ever be mundane. Both have a destiny of Redemption and the responsibility of being a Light unto the Nations. The anti-Zionists are merely reminding them of this.

So, all you would-be troublemakers at the U of C, at Rutgers, at Brandeis University, and all other miscreant institutions of higher learning – G-d knows who you are and we know who you are. Keep up the good work and thank you.

May you be written and sealed for a good and sweet year.

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  1. This is a serious issue handled poorly by the writer Why would he want to export anti-Semites to Mexico? There are Jews in Mexico and security issues there are much worse than in the US. Or Texas? Surely removing the problem from his immediate environment is not the solution. So why jest? I would recommend serious thought and a re-write.



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