Thursday, September 08, 2011


When It Comes to Prayer…

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

It doesn’t matter if the Jew is a Congressman from New York…

Rep. Elliot Engel Sept 2011
17th District Representative to the USA Congress
Bronx, Rockland & Westchester

or a rock star from California…

Jane’s Addiction drummer –
Sholomo (Stephen Perkins) Sept 2011

or a boy from a Mexican village who knew that his mother was Jewish but did not know that he was…

Sept 2011

…you put on tefillin, and thank G-d for all the good that He has given you. Then you ask Him to bless your loved ones, and to protect the Jews who are facing danger all over the world. Not only will He do all this for you, but He will make you feel better for having asked, too.


  1. May you and those you reach out to be truly blessed! I always love to read this and see these pictures becsuse I think that you show EACH and every Jew and his personal life and that he matters. It's great! Keep up the awesome work!
    Also, as I think about it it seems that we are at the ketz and we need to get back as many yidden so it's truly important, yet now more than ever it seems.

  2. sorry doesnt work that way rav gutman ! why how if God answers isnt pshut at all !


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