Monday, September 19, 2011


A Week of Warning

by Reb Dov bar Leib and Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Iron-dome-1Various warnings are coming to the Jewish people this week.  Physical threats against Israel and Cyprus by the opportunistic hater of Turkey, Erdogan.  Spiritual warnings by Rav Shalom Arush, shlita.  Physical warnings by Jewish groups around the U.S. worried about being targeted by Arabs during the Palestinian UN move.  And political warnings against Israel and Jews living in the Shomron (West Bank) because of the Palestinian UN move.

Let’s starting with this, that a friend received from the U.S…

Over the past few years more and more Arabs have moved into my very Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Chicago.  There use to be a family on the other side of my block that blasted their (Islamic) calls to prayer until it stopped suddenly, most likely the Alderman was asked to quiet them down.  Since then I haven't heard any 'calls to prayer' for at least 3-4 years.

Well, today, September 18th, 2 days before the Palestinians are planning on declaring themselves a State to the UN......I'm hearing the calls to prayer with the volume UP for the first time in years.  Our community here was warned by our local rabbinical council to be cautious between now and the beginning of Rosh Hashanah when the U.N. votes on this issue. 

Reb Dov bar Leib responds with these thoughts to the current situation…

West Jerusalem is the safest place to be in the world at this time, for even if the international troops come you have a promise from G-d through (the biblical prophet) Zecharia that the Western half of the City will remain unmolested.

Every Torah observant Jew knows that Sukkot and Shmini Atzereth are the festivals of the Final Redemption, for although that redemption may commence on Pesach, it will reach a climax during Sukkot.  The first day of Sukkot in some time in the near future (G-d willing) may become the grandest day in human history - even greater than the day we left Egypt.

On that day for the last 2500 years every synagogue in the world reads Zecharia 14 as the Haftarah.  It does not matter if the synagogue is Ashkenazi or Sepharadi, inside the Land of Israel or outside Israel, and it does not matter whether or not there is a Shabbat Chol HaMoed either.  (For instance Ezekiel 38 and 39 is only read if there is a Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot as there is this year, but come rain or shine Zecharia 14 is read every year.)

So the religious Jewish community knows that when the world is coming to divide Jerusalem and to expel Jews from half of the Holy City that they should be scrambling to leave the (seeming) security of Galut.  The galut ends at that point and the nations of the world are punished.

There is no invisible wall protecting West Rogers Park from the rest of Chicago or Boro Park from the rest of Brooklyn.  When the punishment is exacted on the world, Jews living amongst the condemned nations will not be protected.  Example:  (Approximately) Ten Jews died during the F-5 tornado in Joplin, Missouri , Rachmana Etzlan (G-d should have mercy).  The tornado did not change its path to avoid the Jews that were in its way. 

When the haftarot, the holy words of the biblical prophets, are read in Shul every Jew should be reading along and listening.  For it appears the days of their implementation may be very close.

There will be no Holocaust here in the Land of Israel.  In the short term here in Yesha (West Bank) there will be local problems.  But miracles will happen for decent people in Israel, such as when missiles do fly to cities in the coastal plain only homes of the indecent will be hit.  Personally I qualify this as the homes of Kadima, Labor, and Meretz voters being hit along with Eliyashiv and Gerrer supporters because they either drove or turned a blind eye to the Disengagement with their leaders caring less.  We saw this in Ashdod just a few weeks ago when the Iron Dome anti-short-range rocket defense system failed on 3 occasions to stop incoming rockets.  Two of them hit Gerer institutions, and it’s my belief this was a microcosm of what a much larger war will be like.

Reb Akiva responded to me, “It still comes back to...wise advise is needed, spiritual and physical.  Yet, if you were in a position to see the holocaust coming - yet knew this was a divine judgment and there was literally almost no way to survive, no way to avoid it and no where to run (which was the case for the Jews of Europe during the holocaust and in some interpretations is the case near the later stages of Gog u’Magog), would you bother to run around and tell anyone?  What’s the point?”

It’s my belief it is not a Shoah (a holocaust), for the decent will be protected from harm.  Teshuvah for a lack of human decency (or for a failure to keep the mitzvot of Bein Adom L’Havaro – the mitzvos of kindness between man and his fellow are still Divine commandments) will be forced upon those who cannot figure it out for themselves.  It will be from pachad (fear), but our G-d will no longer tolerate these inmates running the State of Israel.

So it will be very very good here in the Land of Israel.  By the end of about four months of this, it will be former Kadima voters who will burn down the offices of HaAretz, Ma'ariv, and the Last Idiot (Yediot Achronot) for lying to them all these years.  No one in Yesha (the West Bank) will need to lift a finger.

As far as Chu"l (outside the Land of Israel) is concerned, they have been forewarned and forewarned to leave and return to their home, the home of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, but few are listening.  The last straw is to ignore this attempt by the nations of the world to divide Jerusalem. 

We can only warn them and plead for them to get out.  In America every Jew has it in his power to leave.  Unlike 1939 there are no closed borders to the Land of Israel.  Even more so, while the economy of the U.S and Western Europe is contracting and many are struggling, the economy of the State of Israel is growing and offering more job opportunities.  So people not coming this time is their fault.  Sorry to be so harsh.

We do not know the end or what will happen.  But Rav Shalom Arush, shlita has added an important thought for this moment as well.  Regardless of whether things are dangerous physically for Jews this week, it is the last week of Elul and before Rosh Hashana.  Do we fear worldly judgment or Hashem’s judgment???

Our activism is manifest in prayer and teshuva (returning to G-d). Despite the fact that earlier this week, I said that the harsh decree of imminent conflict has been delayed, that doesn't mean that we can put down our guard or our spiritual weapons. The delay is to enable more people  to have the opportunity to do teshuva and to save themselves and their families. But who knows how long the gates of teshuva will remain open.

Whether the warnings are physical or spiritual, or whether it’s just the last week before Rosh Hashana – it’s a good time for Torah, mitzvot, good deeds, charity, and especially kindness to our fellow!


  1. Dov, unless you have been living in a bubble, the midot of Israeli's from secular to religious are not what you would call decent. There are some for sure, but I would suspect a vast majority will fail, and fail dramatically. I am so distraught when venturing out in public as I dread the incredible ignorance, the rudness, the lack of decency for ones fellow. When I run into a Jew who truly does get it, it's pure delight, but sadly this is very seldom.

    I hope for all decent humans to survive the upcoming mess and finally the Erev Rav, and the rest of the dreck are finally disposed of. May it be soon.

    Otherwise a great article.

  2. Dov, forgot to mention, you are right, that the inmates wont be running Israel any more, but neither will the Erev Rav that have put us in a spiritual disaster.

  3. For the most part, the inmates are the Erev Rav. The majority of G-d fearing Jews were against the Disengagement. From the Admor of Sadigora to the Sanzer Rebbe in EY and the Bostoner Rebbe in America and countless others, voices of loud dissent, were heard. Rav Shalom Arush allowed me a 20 minute visit in his office before the Disengagement, and all we could do together was weep and ask why. He could not console me for he too was not consoled by the coming catastrophe. And I am speaking about a true Gadol HaDor in the deepest sense of the word. And more than any other Gadol except for his Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland, Rav Arush knows what time it is in human history. Too bad the late great Nassi HaDor of the previous generation the Lubavitcher Rebbe is not with us to give us insight into what is going to happen next. But apparently we live in a post-Achronic Era where there is no agreement or consensus on who are our leaders. At least this is true for Ashkenazim while Rav Ovadia Yosef seems to be the undisputed Gadol for Sephardim. And after Rav Yosef realized in January of 2003 that he was wrong to have supported Oslo and Wye, Shas stayed far away from Sharon in the year of the Disengagement. When the Admor of Sadigora went to plead with Eli Yishai to stay out of the government, Yishai calmed down the concerned fighter for Torah's version of human decency, the Admor of Sadigora, and said don't worry, Rav Ovadia is saying the same things you are. Rav Avraham Ya'akov Feldman the 5th Admor of Sadigora, may he be blessed to lead all of Klal Yisrael in the near future. We are three weeks until this final Yom Kippur for teshuvah out of ahavah for all our lack of human decency for all time. This is a momentous time. It is a pressed hour. If Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat we do not say Avinu Malkeinu that day all day until the very end at the end of Neilah, the hour is pressed. There is no time for games. There is no time for not mentioning names that other people think are Gedolim. There is simply no time left. In that vein I will bli neder not mention the names of these men mentioned in this article again. The purpose is not to hate anyone for what they did almost 7 years ago. But this is the Cosmic Neilah in the Year of Hoshana Rabba because G-d suspends the judgment of Yom Kippur until the end of Hoshana Rabba. So please please realize what needs to be done.

  4. I don't know who you are but I think I have an idea of who R Elyashiv might be...I'm not what is called an "extreme" charedi at all but to blame all the troubles of Israel on the dissengagement is pathetic!!! As if we don't suffer from loshon horo, machlokes, tzniuss, bitul torah and the list goes on! I guess you have a direct line with Ribono Shel Olam allowing you to open your mouth on people you have no hassogo of!!!

  5. The Disengagement delayed the Geulah six years ago. It was such a profound event that the Targum Yonatan ben Uziel said in his commentary on the Torah says that it was the last thing that Moshe Rabbeinu saw prophetically at the end of his life. When he saw Ir Tamarim, he saw the destruction of the City of Newe Dekalim by 200,000 of its fellow Jews. It could have only happened if people had forgotten the injunction by Hillel that the entire purpose of the Torah was not to do unto others what you yourself would find hateful if it were done to you. Go and learn it so that you will understand that, for the rest of the Torah is an explanation of it. This was the final generation's existential test. It determined whether we would be redeemed from a kinder, gentler Gog W. Bush or if it would be delayed a bit so that basic lessons in human decency would be learned. Sadly we chose the lower road where basic lessons in human decency must be learned.

  6. I guess I am doomed to die in chutzla aretz. Why? Not because I don't believe what you say is true and I won't go to eretz Israel, but because Hashem has not given me the means to go. It must be His will. I pray that at least my children will servive. There is not much more I can say. There is no point in going hysterical.

  7. so when should jews in ameriac leave by rosh hashana or sukkus 5772 what will happen this week

  8. Dov, it's part of it, but you sure won't listen to the rest of why we are in the situation today, actually for the last roughly 2300 years. It's absoulutly futile and even you refuse to see why. You can't handle the truth.

  9. No one is destined to die in Chu"l. The main test of this generation is with all your possessions. The WW1 test was with all your heart and the WW2 test was with all your life. So as you can see the test of WW2 was with all your life not the test of WW3. There is a survival method for surviving in Chu"l during this transition time of Gog and Magog stage one, Mashiach ben Yosef, and Gog and Magog stage two. When Mashiach ben David finally comes after at least four years of this process, he will gather what we hope will be a rather significant remnant of the exiles.

    1. While virtually no Jews are preparing for the economic collapse of the West in any way, shape, or form, about 25-30% of American gentiles are preparing. You need to find a group of righteous gentiles who are preparing with non-perishable food storage either in a small town or a country location. Please note that you must be able to know who is a righteous gentile and who is not. This is only for Jews who are not quickly making Aliyah for whatever good excuse that they may have.

    2. Make sure that you have a weapon to protect yourself and your family and that the group to which you attach yourself is armed to protect the storages of food and supplies.

    3. Jews will need to leave all large or medium sized cities, for when the economy collapses, Jews will likely be blamed. So the roving gangs of people looking for food will likely target Jews first.

    4. As noted before, I doubt that the government will round anyone up. This is not a b'chol Nafsh'cha test in this generation. It is b'chol Me'odecha. So if you could not take all of your possessions and live with the bitter fruits of the Hand of G-d here in EY for whatever your valid reason might be, G-d has provided a means of survival in Chu"l. Yet I would advise that you start making friends with righteous gentiles immediately and not wait for the collapse to occur. So when the time comes you will already be prepared.

  10. The problem with is that we all have our indecent sides. Those of us who strive for tshuva are aware of some of the midot we are trying to correct, so at any given time, we are all indecent.

  11. Reb Akiva & Dov Bar Leib, I really appreciate the wake-up call.

    Josh, Well said.

    Shilo, with a few exceptions, I haven't found Israelis to be so rude. Sometimes Americans interact with Israelis in ways that either seem bizarre to Israelis or aggressive, and the Israeli reacts accordingly. Meanwhile, the American has absolutely no inkling of the bizarre/negative impression he made. Other times, the Israeli is an overworked clerk trying to function within a very badly run office or business, and reacts accordingly. I've been lucky enough to have been on both sides and it gave me a clarity I couldn't have gained otherwise.

  12. i read that no jews were harmed in joplin


  14. a jew living outside israel is not going to be punished. most of the world jewry is outside israel. this final and complete redemption is going to take care of every single jew with kindness and mercy. A "COMPLETE" redemption means that Allmighty G'd is going to take care of a COMPLETE jewish nation. Hashem will not miss even one jew. Thats what the holy Torah says ,and mainly, thats what the leader and prophet of our generation says

  15. Tali, maybe you have the same midot as do the rest therefore do not see the issues. I know many native Jews well up in age and they too confirm that this behavior is not that of Jews. We have huge problems.

    Dov, MBY is long gone. What Jew today can fulfill Daniel 9:24-27. It's impossible. Since the Tanach refers to two messiah's the next must be MBD.

    Why do you think that the Rav you mentioned would be a leader for klal Israel. Have we not been punished sufficiently for being led astray by the 'leaders'? Have we not transgressed the Torah sufficiently yet? As a dog returns to his vomit, so does a fool return to his foolishness. The only way out of this is to ignore the takanot of these people. It's our only chance Dov.

  16. Shloimie, I will speak to Rabbi Weg, the Chabad shaliach in Tulsa. He knows all the stats about all of the disasters in Joplin, Arkansas, and even Mississippi and Alabama. I will have to get back to you about it. But even the link that you sent me says that many Jewish families in Joplin lost everything.

  17. Further Dov to dispell you claims, unless the Tanach is incorrect, but the prophets speak of, for example, the arrogant will be destroyed. Does this not take alot of Israeli's into account. The Tanach is speaking to us Dov, we are not going the easy way.

  18. All Jew's need to go Home to Israel.
    Now more than ever. Will bad things happen to Jews outside of Israel? Its possible. One thing is for sure your brothers,sisters in Israel are going to need you all home. United and repented. Ready, willing and humble.
    HaShem is our Strength. Now that is the fact's. Oh and those who cant afford aliyah, contact the Jewish Agency or Nefesh B' Nefesh and there are many other agency who will help. Just get home leave the materialism behind and get home.


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