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Survive Outside of the Land of Israel - Practical Advice

by Dov Bar-Leib at Mystical Paths

If we are about the enter the times of biblical prophecy, no one is destined to die in Chu"l (outside the land of Israel). The main test of this generation is with all your possessions. The World War I test was with all your heart and the World War II test was with all your life. Since the test of World War II was with all your life, it will not be the test of World War III.

There is a survival method for surviving outside of Israel during the transition time of Gog and Magog stage one, Mashiach ben Yosef, and Gog and Magog stage two. When Mashiach ben David finally comes after at least four years of this process, he will gather what we hope will be a rather significant remnant of the exiles. Ken yirbu.

When we reach certain stages of biblical prophecy, some breakdown of Western society is inevitable. (Given today's news of the downgrading of Euro debt in Italy, a real financial collapse is no longer just the taught of doom and gloomers, but headline discussion in the Wall Street Journal.) Along with spiritual preparation (that's a separate article which is in large part covered here), some physical preparation is appropriate in this increasingly very uncertain times.

1. While virtually no Jews are preparing for the economic collapse of the West in any way, shape, or form, about 25-30% of American gentiles are. You need to find a group of righteous gentiles who are preparing with non-perishable food storage either in a small town or a country location. (Note that you must be able to know who is a righteous gentile and who is not.) This is only for Jews who are not quickly making Aliyah for whatever good reasons they may have.

2. Having a weapon to protect yourself and your family and the group to which you attach yourself is only wise to protect people, food and supplies.

3. Jews will need to leave all large or medium sized cities, for when the economy collapses, Jews will likely be blamed (see yesterday's "Day of Rage" protests on Wall Street, New York, where signs blaming Jewish Bankers were readily found).

4. I doubt that the government will round anyone up. This is not a b'chol Nafsh'cha test in this generation. It is b'chol Me'odecha. So if you could not take all of your possessions and live with the bitter fruits of the Hand of G-d in the Land of Israel for whatever your valid reason might be, G-d has provided means of survival outside the Land.

Yet I would advise that you start making friends with righteous gentiles immediately and not wait for the collapse to occur so when the time comes you will already be prepared.

Righteous people are to be found among all the nations of the world, and certainly in America and the Western Nations. The righteous will need to stand together to survive.

While last week this was extreme talk, this week as the Palestinians prepare their United Nations move the Euro and therefore European economy is teetering on the edge (News headline - Euro crash will cause US Depression) and the President of Turkey is threatening war against Cyprus, Greece, and Israel (simultaneously) while Greece and Israel have 'activated' a mutual defense treaty (News headline - Turkey's president likely to start World War III). Without taking into account ANY religious considerations, at this moment the world is on edge.


  1. Dov

    For a Jew in a place such as Europe where citizens are disarmed (except for criminals and certain police forces) and can little afford to make Aliya, what course of action can you or anyone else recommend?

  2. Take a train to Athens which I am sure is cheaply priced. Then take a boat to Haifa. That would be the best way to leave. At least from Europe, the cost of traveling to make Aliyah is very inexpensive.

    If the issue for not making Aliyah is legitimate as in taking care of an aging parent who cannot be moved from a nursing home along with any other valid reason, let me think about it. I must admit my background is American where almost any sane person can own a gun in accordance to America's Bill of Rights. Living in Europe at this time will even be more difficult than living in the USA. At least America has a historic heritage of being a nation under G-d. All the European nations were nations under Yoshke. Their doctrines of tolerance are totally secular in origin and therefore cannot be trusted at all, unlike America's doctrine of tolerance which is rooted in being a nation under G-d which can often be trusted, but not always. So I need to think about the Jews in Europe problem.

  3. My own personal issues preclude me from making a living (which I've spoken to you about a while back), while me and my family are indeed looking after an aging parent (with my family not getting any younger either).

    When the time comes, even though there are those arguing about whether to expect miracles in moving to Israel or to take practical steps in merely surviving and making Aliya. There are still going to a lot of tough (even questionable) ethical choices that will have to be made, such as what to do with a parent / grandparent when their diabetic medication runs out or at what point should one try to save only themselves and other such grim situtations.

  4. Dov Bar-Leib,
    I don't think it is right to put people into an unnecessary panic. There are people who look up to you and soak in your every word. I have been reading your stuff for several years now. However, not everything you say comes to fruition.
    There was a time when (approx. a couple of years) that I would tune websites like this out because it would scare the daylights out of me. I didn't need that. Once I put complete faith in Hashem, I was able to view these sites again and walk away calm and assured that G-d in in complete control. Not the interpretations of current events by someone in the study hall.
    It's all in G-ds hands. No one-not one single internet rabbi, rav or reb knows the answer.
    Pray to Hashem. make a relationship with Him. Do teshuva. And if these messages cause you to lose focus, then tune them out.

  5. The purpose of this post is to get people to prepare. It is not to cause panic. Preparing for what might actually happen is a must. Listen, we here are dealing with the potential for international troops to come for the purpose of protecting a 23rd Arab state and of dividing Jerusalem. We prepare with our hishtadlut, and pray to G-d to take care of the rest. Why don't the same rules apply to Chutz La'Aretz? If it does not happen, you will have a lot of food for the next year. You won't have to go shopping. If you don't prepare and it does happen, then you may regret not listening to our advice. Plus you will have made a few more good friends too, albeit gentile friends, but friends nevertheless.

  6. so when will jews start fighting by 25th ellul or by rosah hashana after un vote palistiena state

  7. Many want to be thought of as neviim but few really are. The rest of us should stick to the bread and butter - avodas HaShem including teshuva, tefilla, and tzedaka-- in these days.

  8. there's a site - jewishpreppers.blogspot.com by jews who prepare for such scenarios by stacking food, weapons, etc. I'm sure they'll be happy to help and give advice to people. You can contact them through their site, it also has a lot of info to read.
    Stay safe.

  9. I really like that jewishpreppers blogsite. Thanks for sharing it with us. Find a nice place to store food in the Catskills or the Missouri Ozarks and you will be set and prepared. The difference being that in the Catskills a group of Jews could be prepared without having to rely on righteous gentile generosity. Do teshuvah, and G-d will reward your efforts.

  10. Search on the internet for a close group of Benei Noach. These are righteous gentiles. Some Jews do live in the country. Search for them too.

  11. dov Leib,

    Are you saying that in Eretz Yisrael the economic collapse will not happen and only those in Chutz Laaretz need to should prepare?

  12. This coming collapse is going to happen in the fourth year of the Sabbatical cycle, this year 5772. The Talmud in Sanhedrin says that the Depression from the collapse of Edom was supposed to occur in the third year. HaShem had much mercy upon us by delaying this until the fourth year. In the third year of the Sabbatical cycle there would have been massive starvation. So through HaShem's loving kindness and the good behavior of Greek PM Papendreou when he stopped all those flotilla ships, the Depression of the third year has been reduced in scope and placed at the beginning of the fourth year. It will be worldwide when it occurs. In Eretz Yisrael because of the rise of Mashiach ben Yosef within the next few months, the economic travail will be half of what it is outside of EY. So one should stock up in EY too, but one only needs a supply for about 6 months instead of a year in Chutz. Also in EY there is no need to flee cities since there will not be anti-Semitic gangs here. One should secure their storage of food in their homes though. Also when the missiles do fly here, we will see miracles, Pesach with the missiles. Only the wicked will lose their homes and possibly their lives. If one has not voted for Kadima, Labor, or Meretz, and if someone voted for United Torah Judaism, they have made a stink with their leaders for supporting Sharon, and if one has tried to be decent in his/her life and done teshuvah for lack of decency, such a person will be alright. But everyone should store up on food even in EY. Here in EY a six month supply should suffice.

  13. There is a nice community although Reform, because there is nothing else! in Marquette Michigan. Its safe and allot of real decent Gentiles there too. It is cold but it is a dry cold, really very beautiful... Go now before the snow falls. Look at the news paper there for rentals http://www.miningjournal.net/
    There is Western NC or N.E. Georgia Mountains contact Mountain Synagogue and Shalom B Harim look them up on the internet. They are congregations of various Jews who live there. Stick with the county Reform Jewish people they are accepting and nice.... And do not require you to change your level of observance, most of them actually look up to those of us who are Shomer Shabbat and Frum, and want to learn more. So get out of your comfort zone and move fast... NY is way more expensive than these places for now. Rabbi Leib please consider getting a list together for Jew's places to run too.


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