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Prediction from a Tzadik

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

It’s prediction time again.  I hesitated to share this because the list of unfilled predictions has piled up.  Though let me adjust that thought somewhat.  World circumstances have been growing more chaotic and seemingly closer to the words of the navi’im (biblical prophets) for almost a generation.  While the predictions we’ve been hearing not been happening on time, they have often been occurring or coming closer to such circumstances later.  I sometimes think of this as slow motion geulah, it’s all happening but at a pace that gives us a chance to grasp the situation and react – if we choose to.

Today’s prediction is already circulating the ‘net and we heard about it first hand.  It comes from Rabbi Nati’s and Rabbi Lazer Brody’s rav, the Breslev tzadik of Meah Shearim and author of the Garden of Emunah, HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita.  Rabbi Nati was there when this was spoken, but I’ll quote directly from what Rabbi Brody wrote to prevent any difference in wording…

Rabbi  Arush  gave his weekly address to the Yeshiva yesterday, and said as follows:

-  He  has been informed by one of the Zadikim Nistarim (hidden zadik) [who he  has  known for many years], that the 'Gates of Tshuva' are closing soon [ie,  there will be no more Tshuva – repentance/returning to Hashem - after that date]. The Rav shlit'a said that Moshiach will be here soon; once Moshiach arrives, the gates of teshuva will be closed, so now is the time to make teshuva. The Rav did not say that the gates of teshuva will be closed on September 21 or on any other specific date.

** Rabbi Brody inserts a VERY important thought at the end of this paragraph.  It’s a generally accepted position among mystical Jewish studies that the ability to do teshuva ends with either the coming of Moshiach or the completion of the Geulah (the period of redemption).  The idea being that when the presence of G-d covers the Earth, is apparent an palpable, the ability to perform actions against the will of G-d will disappear (the elimination of the yetzer hara).  With it goes the option to do teshuva by free will (since there remains no other option to turn to, or rather the option to turn away from Hashem is gone.)

-  There is a terrible decree in Shamayim [heaven] that [chas ve'shalom] on 21st  Elul  [20th  September  2011].  It being six Arab nations plan to send up to 3 million Arabs to march on Jerusalem, un-armed.  This might not sound particularly terrible, seeing as they are un-armed. However,  Rav  Arush  stressed  that we do not understand how terrible this decree will be and that we must all pray for it to be rescinded.

** A kitrug, a heavenly decree against Klal Yisroel is always an unbelievably serious matter.  We rely upon our tzaddikim to identify and work against such decrees, and tell us what we can do to help.

-  Rav Arush is taking the message from the Zadik Nistar very seriously, despite  many other of our religious leaders not doing so. He told the Yeshiva (his organization, Chut shel Chesed in Jerusalem) that he personally called up non-religious family members and  asked them to please start keeping Shabbat, and to put on Tefillin and keep any other mitzvahs they can. Now may be the last time that a person will be able to do Tshuva and return to Hashem. No one knows when time will run out, so teshuva can be delayed no longer.

** Again, the qualifications are important.  We do not know the time of the Geulah, the coming of Moshiach, or even the length of our own lives.  Any day may be the last time a person has to do teshuva and return to Hashem, which is why today is a very good day to do so. (I’m reminding myself in writing that as I clearly need some reminding.)  Yet almost everyone seems to be saying these times are pre-messianic, which should lead us to focus even more.

In his post Rav Brody cried…

Hashem's global wakeup calls have included missile barrages, tragic murders, earthquakes, floods, and a killer hurricane. Now, Egypt is about to be taken over by radical Islamis, the Sinai border is hostile, Turkey is aligning with Iran and Hamas and Iran against Israel, and Syria and Hizbulla are itching to use chemical warheads against us. What more do we need to make teshuva? No one seems to get the message.

One of my personal questions in early learning of Torah was how the Jews could go through the 10 plagues of Egypt, leave by miracles, survive in the desert by daily miracles…and then turn around and complain or challenge Moshe rabaynu (Moses our teacher)? 

One of the answers I received is that Jews aren’t affected by miracles!  We maintain our option of free will regardless.  So Israel can miraculously survive wars, missiles can fall and miraculously hit no one, etc, and everyone has the ability to ignore it, call it a statistical fluke, justify it, etc.

We’re Jews.  We don’t need miracles to believe in Hashem.  And, G-d forbid, we can choose to not believe in Hashem in spite of miracles in front of our faces.  The same is true in reverse.  We’re a stiff necked people.  We can believe in Hashem without (negative) motivation, and we can avoid believing in Hashem (G-d forbid) even with strong (negative) motivation.

It’s Elul.  The King (of Kings) is in the field, easy to reach.  Take a moment to reach out to the King of kings and fulfill a mitzvah or two (or three or four or 613).  Do it for no reason, do it for a good reason.  Let’s not (G-d forbid) need a high level of negative motivation to get our attention.  And let’s connect to our Father in Heaven…just because.  Just because we’re Jews.


  1. so it start word nation hoshana rabba 5772

  2. too late for teshuva??? sounds very non-chassidish.

  3. My feeling is that it is going to be wonderful. This is going to be one of the best years ever. Think good and it will be good. Hashem is going to shower His blessings on us. Stay tuned.

  4. The first three or four weeks from September 20th may be rough, but I firmly believe that once the judgments for 5772 are in place, those who have tried to be good human beings as G-d defines good and decent, will have a very good year here in Eretz Yisrael. And in a few short months, Klal Yisrael will be on top of the world.

    For these few short weeks where we can still do teshuvah b'ahavah in the area of human decency, concentrate on that teshuvah and not on the craziness going around us.

    I do believe that teshuvah b'ahavah in the area of human decency is coming to an end by the end of Hoshana Rabbah or a bit later in 5772. The process of ending teshuvah b'ahavah in this area may happen gradually throughout the year, or it may happen suddenly. After that if one has not been decent, teshuvah will only be possible b'yirah or out of fear. How this will develop, only HaShem knows. In areas of Torah above and beyond human decency such as Shabbat, Kashrut, and Sukkot we have more time since G-d has infinite Rachamim in those areas because Israel has been His suffering servant for the last 2500 years. But in the area of decency, He is quickly narrowing our options, for the lack of common decency is an overflowing cup which must be stopped and cannot be tolerated even from one who has suffered horribly, not just amongst Jews but amongst the nations.

    The entire third paragraph is based on the Cosmic Clock where 5771 is the Year of Hoshana Rabba and 5772 will be the Year of Shmini Atzereth. It is also based on the idea that G-d ultimately wants His nation to return to the Torah, but at this time when our exile in the Ashkenazic World at least has been H-ll on earth, He can only expect us as a nation to be decent, for it is kadmah to the Torah. With Rachamim He will return us to the Torah once we become decent again.


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