Sunday, September 25, 2011


Netanyahu invokes The Rebbe and Yishayahu

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

The farce at the United Nations continues.  The Palestinians have stood up and declared their demand for a state in all of occupied Israel (that comes from a quote by their leader on all parts occupied in the last 63 years…which just happens to be the independence age of the State of Israel).

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with a forceful reply, stating how situations like right now with the Security Council being led by a Lebanese government controlled by terrorist organization Hezbollah makes the U.N. a theatre of the absurd.  He also quoted the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and biblical navi Yishayahu (Isaiah).  If you’ve got 45 minutes, well worth listening to.


  1. Bibi looked good, but theeeennnn, he regressed into the political realm. Why do the faithless leaders want to declare a 'two state' solution with the fake people? He was on a roll but does not contain the spine to really tell the truth of another Lie in order to rid us of our land.

  2. Shiloh: At this stage of the "game" he has no choice. He has to give the appearance of actually wanting to make a deal with the about 3.3 to 3.5 million stateless Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza by actually proposing a reasonable deal. By demanding that Abbas recognize Israel as a Jewish state that cannot be flooded with 5 million more stateless Arabs as the first demand in negotiations and not the last, he guarantees Abbas's rejection so that no negotiations occur at all. By making the reasonable case why they cannot flood Israel with another 5 million Arabs, he keeps the wolves at bay. He is a smart cookie. Too bad he does not yet have a spine to tell certain people to go to H-ll. When the US State Dept. at will has their highly paid political hacks such as Ehud Barak destroy 3 homes in Migron, Bibi says nothing because they threaten him with one thing or another such as withholding spare parts for US aircraft or something else. So his candidacy for MB Yosef is in serious doubt. He simply needs more emunah and bitachon, and at this stage it does not seem possible that he will ever have it. Yet, he is not of the Erev Rav and is obviously far better than the secular alternatives here. According to the Medrash Sefer Eliyahu the last leader of the Erev Rav in EY would be Olmert. So it can only get better from here, not worse.

  3. Dov, I hope it get's better on one hand, on the other hand let's get it over with.

    I have said for years that he was not erev rav. He does not contain the characteristics of them.

    Dov, unless any Jew today can fulfill Daniel 9 24-27, you simply cannot make the claim of MBY logically. MBD is next, but only after haShem does his part as outlined in the Tanach.

  4. One of our big problems as humans is the natural tendency to project our value system and attitudes onto others. Ex: If I am western and modern and my leaders wear a suit and tie, then if their leaders wear a suit and tie, they must also be similarly value-oriented. The whole west does this for the Palestinians, and so do most of us as well. If we are a secular and modern society, then we assume that all other countries are the same, even if they are run by Hamas and the ayatollahs.

    In contrast are the Arabs. Their mindset is religious and 'orthodox'. Even if they are secular, they see others and all Israelis in the same two-dimensions - religious and orthodox. It does not matter that Netanyahu does not wear a kipa, it does not matter that Tzipi Livni couldn't care much about the temple mount - the Arabs assume that we all want the same thing they do - a religious country based on the entire Middle East. Since they all accept the Koran even the secular moderates, they assume that all Jews, most of whom are not religious' want the same goal as well.

    They do not trust Netanyahu either, even if he makes speeches about a two-state solution. The Arabs readily accept that their leaders will be two faced in order to please the foreign ears, and assume we are the same - saying one thing to the world (peace, concessions, etc...) and other things internally.

    Bibi did not help his credibility by quoting scripture as well as his story of the pilgrimage to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This merely enforces their view that he is a religious Jew with great respect for pious leaders and as hard-line as their own Abu Mazen, even though most of us have lost hope with Bibi supporting the expulsion and continue allowing families to be torn out of their homes in the middle of the night.

    Some on the left are finally waking up, slowly though. It is impossible to ignore this recent and very public Abu Mazen freudian slip that we conquered his land 63 years ago. It would be good for Netanyahu and Lieberman to continue being hardline, it has won us more respect in the world and less pressure to surrender more.

    I wish you could read Guy Bechor's recent post. It is very insightful. If only more Israelis would be reading this 'good news' instead of hearing from their tabloid media about how our situation is so bad in the world and the lie that everyone is against us:


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