Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Help us Help the Poor help the Poorer

Ok, let's explain this fast and short. We're running a tzedakah (charity) campaign. We help the needy for the holidays (Rosh Hashana is next week). We're just a few chassidim helping directly with no overhead, no offices, no salaries, 100% charity.

But what needy we've met! THEY insist, while being in very serious need, on taking some of the charity we bring to give to others in even more need!

If you'd like to help us help the poor and needy help the poorer and needier, you can donate below. We can't offer you 10 holy men praying for you at (insert holy site here). We can't offer you the guarantees of (insert well known holy rabbi's name here) for blessings.

All we offer is an opportunity for 100% charity. No expenses to advertising, phones, office staff, offices, etc. Yes it's legal (a registered Israeli charity), yes we've we have additional rabbinical supervision (being given for free).

Beyond that all we have is YOU, our blog readers and our Father in Heaven, to turn to for help. Please give charity for the poor for the Jewish holidays. And if you find us worthy as your direct agents, do it through us...

Donations will be accepted by Paypal, Credit Card, Check or Bank Transfer… Click here or the button below to donate by credit card or Paypal.

Or By Mail -

Write Check To – Yesh Ma L’asot

Mail To -
Reb Akiva’s Mystical Paths Campaign
PO Box 70029
Ramat Beit Shemesh, 99620


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