Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Headline: Revenge of the Jews


Drudge Report is THE top US news headline website.  It’s not known to be anti-semitic, racist or liberal.  It is known to be sensationalist, which fits it’s profile as the top headline site.

Still, if an inner city democratic congress seat was lost to the republicans, we have never seen a headline like “the blacks turn their backs” or “the latinos leave the democrats”.  And we’ve certainly never seen a headline of “suburban white smackdown of the pres”.

The story is a major one.  In a U.S. congressional district with a 40% orthodox Jewish population (not too many of those in the United States, maybe 2 or 3), a district which as not had a non-Democrat representative in almost 100 years, an orthodox Jewish democrat candidate lost to a non-Jewish republican candidate.   

I’ll leave analysis of why the democrats lost to all the news organizations and their talking heads.  But Drudge’s headline which pits Jews against the President of the United States and the Democratic party is sensationalism reaching to provocation.  It highlights an increasingly troubling trend in U.S. social dialog regarding the Jewish people.


  1. Many of the bloggers and journalists around today went to universities after relatively mass Muslim immigration began as well as the after the 'intifada' started and the Arabs and 'pro-Palestinians' started utilizing media and other communication tools, organizations on campus including new Muslim groups that had not existed before. I think that since the 1970s, most Americans are not growing up into anti-Semitic environments and apathy is pretty much rampant in general. So when they reach campus, they might not really care about the Israeli Arab conflict, they will still be exposed to it, and the much more provocative Arab and 'pro-'Arab information. It just sinks in, even if you avoid it.

    I think this article is an indirect result of that influence that has reaches the subconscious level. We would tend to think that Jews are going through another heyday now, someone on campus told me that 'Jews are cool', but under the surface, the tension is building. (with the risk of being accused of Godwin's law), I think that most people ARE NOT anti-Semitic, but it only takes a few of the weak-willed leaders with power to cause havoc like we have seen over our history.

  2. Drudge is I think this probably falls more into the sensationalism category than any kind of a Jew he also probably feels that he can say such things...what the effects of him posting things like that...well that's another story.

    p.s. my word verification below is "outbless"! that's great!


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