Sunday, September 25, 2011


Get Ready for the King!

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths


We have been given an incredible gift from Hashem the month of Elul.

Our loving Father tells us we’re going to stand in judgment on Rosh Hashanah, but you know what, He’s going to give you a month to prepare. Better yet He says "I'm going to make myself (the Judge) more accessible during this time, I'm going to circulate around and see your deeds first hand and allow you easy access to Me so that you can plead your case.

Wow! What a great Father we all have!

But do we use our time wisely? Do we spend our time getting ready? We have a huge court case looming over us! Will we live will we die? Hashem forbid! Will we be sick? Hashem forbid! How much Parnosa (income) will we have? Everything is dependent on this on day!

Only we know if we have used it wisely or not.

We have told, or better yet we have had our holy sages recommend how to spend this month, but do we do it? Are we going to go into the most important day of our lives unprepared? OY! Gevalt!

Are we in for a shock? When the day comes and we have to stand in front of the King of kings and be accountable? Or did we reflect on the last years events and feel remorse over not quite reaching our potential.

It's OK if you have not until reading this - you still have time! You can start right now! Just change the channel and tune-in to the spiritual.  Walk away from all the urgent narishike (worldly stuff) that seeks to distract us from the true goal. The goal of Connecting to our Source, to the only One who can help us! He's in the field, He is here, circulating waiting to hear us, waiting to meet us. He has left His lofty throne room to be here with us to better our chances to win His favor. What are you waiting for?  Run - grab the opportunity and leave everything else behind.  Run and plead your case so when we get to court His heart softens towards us.

Forgive each other and start anew. These are the most important issues right now.

Break our arrogance and return to our Father - He is waiting for us, He was told us so.

Is this world and its shtuss (stuff) more important than our eternal souls? Is the shopping, the cooking, the football game or politics more important than this?

Wake up! Run from this world of lies and refocus on the world of truth! Or is it you say to yourself, "I have time, there is next year". WHO SAYS? It is arrogance that caused us to sin. And it is arrogance that keeps us from repenting! It is heresy to say or even think we have another day than this one day, we have now. Do not delude yourselves, your money, status, family ties will not mean a thing in the court room of Rosh Hashanah!

Please! The judgments against us are many and strict, we must humble ourselves and return to the Truth, Return to the way Our fathers walked, return to Hashem and call out to Him and plead for our existence. Our very souls are on the line and none of us knows how the verdict will go.

But we can make a difference right now! We can turn away from the insanity of the heresy we live in and cease the rebellion we are involved in. We can cancel out the strict judgments laid against us.

There three things, three base causes or midot that we have to overcome and destroy, if we are to turn around the world to Hashem.

They are Arrogance, Rebellion, and Heresy. These are the root causes of all other evil in the world today and yes you and I are the very cause. The forces of evil are fed as it were by our bad character traits. These three base character traits of the other side are the ones we have to cancel out and overcome if we want to see the redemption.

Each one brings on the next if not brought into check.

Arrogance (G'IVaH)-We are told by Chazal that this is the base reason we lost the Beis HaMikdash (the Holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem). And it is our own Ego-centric Heresy induced insane Arrogance that keeps it from being built today! Man’s own self importance is the manifestation of this and this has led to our insane rebellion against Hashem and His tzaddikim. Our prolonged exposure to this Galus mentality has caused Emunah Deficiency Syndrome, which has led to the manifestation of an all out rebellion, i.e. us against Torah, our children against us, the uprisings in various nations, and the general lawlessness of the world today are all symptoms of this.

Rebellion (PeRe ODoM)- Because of our Emunah deficient lifestyle we have rebelled against the very source of our existence, the Torah, causing a great loss of Shefa (spiritual bounty) in the world. A spiritually induced anemia. It's Pandemic! We are spiritually dying from this, but you would never know it because of the great job we do at anesthetizing ourselves with the Hersey of this world (hold on a moment, I have to try for high score on Fruit Ninja on my iPhone). We have deluded ourselves into believing we are in control and all is going on as it has. I call it "Hospice Mentality." This is Heresy in its purest from.

Heresy (K'FiRaH)- Because of our refusal to face the pain of our truth of situation we delude ourselves with entertainment to lessen the effects of the spiritual disease we all suffer from.  (pause please, a update on Bloomberg is coming in on my iPad.  Ah, copper is down.  Ok, where were we?)

We call it modern-day life, we are in a constant state of business and motion and preoccupation, thus we are unable to reflect on our actions. (Please wait a second, some important tweets are coming in on my Netbook…)Then worse yet we use all types of distraction to kill time as to forget about it. (One moment please, some friend status updates came in on Facebook.) No time for self-introspection, this is Heresy induced dementia/insanity. Which in most cases is spiritually fatal.

We are overwhelmed by it, everything in the media glorifies superficiality, it is meant to prevent you from connecting to our source.  We are then led away by the thoughts of others instead of the mind of Hashem. This leads to slavery to the system and to the self, you cannot serve two masters for you will come to be unfaithful to one. And the nature of man is to want to be 'Pere' unbridled, so we choose to rebel against our true master Hashem.

This leads to willful blindness; the Ramcal explains "One who lives his life without reflection on whether his path is good or bad is like a blind man".

A major symptom of this final stage in the evolution of the disease, is Dyslexia Ruchani, or Spiritual Dyslexia, seeing everything backwards "The truth becoming lie and the lie becoming the truth" good appearing bad and bad good. This is the Unholy-wood world we live in today where we only seek to be distracted. No longer are we connected to our source because we are all connected to the internet, cell phones, blackberries, Facebook etc. We no longer have a peacefully moment to reflect on our spiritual standing. Look at all the money we spend on it, proving how important it has become to tune out and turn off from our source. OY!

Elul is the exact opposite of this. Elul is a golden opportunity for disconnection from the world. We have to take this time and use it wisely. Have you ever thought of where the minhag to take a vacation in August-September came from? The tzaddikim of the past used to leave their homes and head out to the fields and to the graves of the tzaddikim from before them and spends these days in total seclusion, praying and and connecting to Hashem. They realized how important it was to form a Bracha (blessing) for the New Year, they knew that their lives literally depended on it so much so that they ran away and and returned to Hashem.

Blessings from the holy resting place of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, zt”l, from Uman with a clear perspective for the New Year.  Wishing you and your family k'tivah v'chatima tovah and may we merit to see the geula shleima this year.

Reb Nati


  1. Holy shit batman, we are in big trouble, we cannot see the real cause of our suffering but offer a golden calf to replace the true reasons. Wake up Israel.

  2. Israel is Doomed just wait and see what will happen, people will never wake up until they get shaken very hard. Zechariah 14:2 I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city.


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