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Complaint, Thoughts?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

complaintA reader sent us some, umm, constructive criticism that I’d like to share.  Since I’m posting this without his permission, I’ve rewritten it to maintain the intent but not post his actual words.

Your blog is very inspiring.  And though I find your posts and Reb Gutman’s posts often uplifting, recently I’ve been stopping myself from visiting Mystical Paths.

The reason?  Some of your posts, such as your recent “The Face of Evil” (a brief post of mine pointing out a Twitter author praising to the heavens the deaths of civilian Israelis during the Eilat highway terrorist attack), posts that you do with an intent to be “edgy”…it’s not good, it’s not healthy, it’s harmful.

So I’m avoiding the positive parts of Mystical Paths because I don’t want to get upset and have it ruin my day.

Please focus the blog exclusively on inspiring and uplifting the Jewish people.

I responded as follows, but I would like your thoughts and feedback as well…

I appreciate the feedback.  The particular article you refer to was not edgy, it was righteous indignation and anger.  My brothers were dying a short distance from where I live and this animal was celebrating Jewish blood.  The world need to see that and know it's for real.

And yes, the Jewish people need to be shaken a bit and know that indeed, we ONLY survive through the hand of Hashem - and that yes, they rise up against us in every generation.   Modern society has wrapped us up in a false feeling of societal protection that removes our feeling of protection by Hashem.  Unfortunately the lesson is growing that teaches us otherwise (G-d forbid it should continue to do so).

I'm sorry my approach is not always warm, especially when my brothers and sisters are being murdered.  Even more so when there are those singing for joy when this is happening.

As far as generally "edgy" stuff for the sake of edginess and attention, we’ve gotten feedback that it’s not really appreciated and have dropped it or toned it down.  But lets be fair, in today’s society just being nice and inspiring can make it very difficult to be heard over the noise of the mainstream media, movies, TV, and all the other things drawing everyone’s attention daily.  We have to use some media techniques to be found.  AKA Purple Cow-ism (the purple cow stands out and gets your attention).

Please let us know what you think.  Do we occasionally become too edgy?  Or are we too calm and boring?  Or just right?


  1. I do not share this commenter's opinion. It is important to face the reality as well as have the tools to overcome the hurdles. Your blog supplies both, with the majority being uplifting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Many of your articles are fantastic. You know what I don't agree with but the only way we will wake up is to discuss things. God forbid we have to do it the hard way.

    Your blog is very much appreciated. Its one of the first I check on daily. Kol hakavod.

  3. Do not change a thing Akiva. This article and the "Face of Evil" article are spot on. Yes, we all have a disconnect because the evil is so great at this time it is hard to stomach. In some cases one might become physically ill because of the onslaught of evil being so great. On those days, I avoid the Internet altogether so that I can remain mentally sane and physically healthy. I would advise that to the commenter that if he does not want to face the Truth of the face of evil, he should not surf the Internet that day.

    And now we have Migron. But the face of evil was Ehud Barak and his Yassamnicks. They expelled three families from their homes at 2 am in the morning. They gave the residents of Migron 15 minutes each to evacuate the homes of all the belongings of the families. Apparently this was a big operation. Hundreds of police showed up to form a human wall around the homes to be destroyed. Then a few residents were allowed in to evacuate the homes of their belongings in 15 minutes or less. Children's underwear were placed on couches, for there was no time to organize. And then the bulldozers destroyed the homes. an efficient operation that may have taken only a couple of hours. The families were not given a hotel room and were left to fend for themselves by the government. I believe that the apex has been reached. The straw of evil that will break the camel's back has arrived. you see, E. Barak is an employee with a big paycheck from the US State Dept. The paycheck from Hillary Clinton is much bigger than his Israeli paycheck. So the punishment will now come swift. After all we are after Mincha Gedolah of the 6th millennium. The stock market will crash so hard tomorrow that America will never recover. This one will be for keeps. The paychecks from the US State Dept. will soon become worthless. Sorry American Jews, you remained in America too long. We pleaded with you to leave for your very lives to no avail. Now we will pray that you will survive what is to come.

  4. Don't e soft, don't dumb it down. We have Haaretz for that. Someone needs to call it like it is, and hopefully scare some sense into (if only...) the Israeli government. (Do they read this?)

  5. Please don't change a thing. you are a shaliach - if you think about it. Why? I believe that Hashem is sending us "wake up" messages everyday. So, then who is sending us these messages? You at Mystical paths. I would rather have my messages come from all of you at Mystical Paths and to take the time to think and change than even for one moment have a shaliach be a hardened criminal with a bent for destruction.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for always answering my questions with dignity and no emotional dissent when I ask things in a pushy way.

  6. BS"D. You are a very fine, EMESDIKA Torah Insight Blog. I have no problem even having young children read or see your blog as you are following a true Torah path. Kiruv Rechokim and Kiruv Kirovim. May Hashem bless you always in Health and Success in such Torah. Please do not change a thing. You are on the correct path.

  7. I check your blog every day. It's fantastic. I come here for emes, emunah, and koach.

  8. Did I miss something here? No one likes to look at evil in the eye in fact i recoiled at that mamzers picture when i saw it BUT this is real. We have to face it and not become hysterical (as I nearly became a few months ago!!) we have to have emunah and take stock of our lives. Lets not kid ourselves it is pretty scary out there. On a broader note, your blog is stable and balanced, I wouldnt change a thing. Kol HaKavod.

  9. i think your blog has it's own flavor, stick with it, (but don't be afraid to let it evolve over time, so it stays relevant and 'alive'.)

    My only requests: Please try to blurr out the faces of resha'im or angry people as you noticed belatedly in the post in question, it's spiritually damaging to look at the face of a rasha, frankly i was surprised by that spiritual insensitivity on this blog.

  10. Reb Akiva et al,

    Please do not stop. Your blog is excellent, I always make it a point to check in every day. If that poster wants to live in lala land, so be it. We live in the real world, with real problems. HKB'H is our strength and our shield, the only One to whom we can turn. We need to wake up before it's too late. (And you are helping with that). Yasher Koach!

  11. B"H
    are you kidding????????? you guys are perfect!!!!!! you guys have heart... you guys care.... you guys have the courage to speak up about a lot of very significant things in the Jewish world that others unfortunately choose to ignore ... you are an internet home for all of us - whether we be "charedi" or "kippa seruga" or "Chabad" or "Breslev" .... truth is, i think your blog is very unique in it being a place where we are truly "Am achad" (one nation), where no one is hiding his "affiliation" and for all of us it is a lesson on how all of us can live in peace with ahavat chinum, caring for every Jew no matter the size or color of his kippa... i think you guys are all about caring about the Jewish people, about tzeddaka, about what it means to be a Jew in Eretz Yisrael... and if anyone is angered by the "reality" posts - it is only out of fear of the truth in your messages... and things are frightening, but then again --- you are teaching us EMUNAH and so.....
    just keep it up, whatever you are doing you are certainly doing it right!!!!

  12. Dov, looks like the stock market in the US did not crash yesterday, actually even for today the futures are up. Not to dispute that the American ecomony is in dire straights, but so you don't become like the infamous Tractor Driver try to keep the predictions quiet for you own reputation. As far as your further teachings on human decency, first as I explained to you via email the source of it and secondly it's not the end of the game for the goyim, it's only the beginning. If you choose to decide to stop them in their tracks, this too is delaying the geulah.

  13. You are right about one thing Shilo. I have to stop making specific predictions. Just to make others aware of general trends as those times approach. I should have said that something destructive is coming upon America in the immediate future for its part in the Migron horror visited on the three families in the wee hours of Monday morning. And sure enough within three to six hours of the destruction of three homes in Migron, 57 Texas wildfires were lit by the winds of Hurricane Lee, and these fires proceeded to destroy over 1000 homes. Why Texas? Because the demonization of Migron did not begin with Obuzzard and Hillary Clinton. It began wih former Texas Governor Gog W. Bush and his Israeli ambassador Dan Kurtzer. Every month for at least four years under Gog from 2001 until 2005, the Migron yishuv was threatened with demolition because of pressure from the Bush Administration. Its destruction was a cookie for the Saudis for keeping oil production at all time highs. Since Texas is all about the oil of the earth in Esau's blessing and serving G-d to make money, the new up and coming Gog, Gov. Rick Perry is no different. He would happily destroy a bunch of Jewish homes in Yesha for Saudi largesse. In short it is much easier to see the Hand of G-d after the event than before it since we mere mortals have no idea which of His infinite tools He will use to effect Divine justice when it is meted out. But comment on it we should.

    Yet, on the front of quick economic collapse, it has actually been made easier now. On Labor Day after the Migron Churban, German parliamentarians made it clear to Angela Merkel that they will doubtfully approve of any more bailouts of distressed European countries. So even though the German Supreme Court today said that the first bailout was constitutional, the German Parliament will refuse to bail out distressed countries again no matter how constitutional it is. This will only become a problem when one of these countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greeece, or Ireland comes to the European Central Bank looking for a handout.

    But is America doomed? for a bunch of reasons including Migron and Pollard and Annapolis the answer is yes. So I still would say Baruch Dayan HaEmeth even though its collapse has not yet happened.

  14. Kol hakavod Dov. Since the judgement of Esav it's out of our hands according to the Tanach. His tools will suprise many, maybe even you. Keeping the sheeple up to date is surely appreciated by many. Have a great night.

    You know why it's Shiloh and not Shilo, because some large rabbi's added a vav. Shall I refer to you as Dov or Dob? I am sure you would prefer Dov.

  15. I won't forget the silent h at the end of your name next time. But some say that the silent hey at the end of words should be transliterated as a silent e since Aleph is A, Bet is B, Gimmel as in camel is C, Dalet is D. So Hey must be E. So how would you like the spelling Shiloe instead? Probably not. We already have Chet for H anyway however.

    As for the name Dov, the rule that words that end with consonants never take a dagesh still applies.

  16. My only issue is when you start with Gog/Magog and predictions regarding Moshiach as well as the autistic messages. Not every leader who tries (unsuccessfully, repeatedly, thank G-d) to divide Jerusalem is Gog.

    I think the rhetoric in that regard can be tuned down a bit without losing the flavor of the blog.


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