Sunday, September 11, 2011

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9-11 of Truth and the Decline of the U.S.A.

Reb Gutman Locks requested I write a bit about 9-11, saying “Maybe it would give information to the young Jewish college kids who are hearing that Israel and the CIA did it? They hear it from so many that they are beginning to wonder if it is true.”

The United States of America has a twisted historical relationship with peoples of Islam and Arab nations.  All the way back to the time of Thomas Jefferson (one of the founding fathers of the USA and an early president) over 200 years ago, the U.S. was dealing with (at war with) muslim slavers and pirates (the Barbary pirates) intercepting U.S. ships and enslaving their crews.

In more modern times, for about the past 50 years, the U.S. has been the target of many terrorist attacks from Arabs and Muslims.  Oh, it hasn’t been a one way street.  The U.S. has been intensely manipulative of the political circumstances of many Arab nations.  But unlike the colonial powers of the past, the U.S. has been out for business and resources and has paid for both.  With those payments the Arab rulers became rich (and if they didn’t build a functional economy or country with the money, that wasn’t the U.S.’s fault.)

Modern times have seen the propagation of the knowledge of men, individual men or small groups, to perform great acts of destruction.  While the U.S. bend their military minds to building expensive smart weapons that hit exactly what they’re targeted at, the Muslim radicals bend their minds to building cheap weapons with great damage potential – such as suicide bomb vests and truck bombs for taking out groups of civilians or buildings.

The United States honed their military to be able to destroy the military of almost any nation on the planet in days while minimizing the deaths and damage to civilians.  The Muslim radicals learned that presenting a military was a losing proposition.  Instead their cheap but effective destructive power would be part of the civilian population, exactly what the U.S. was working hard to avoid targeting.

As the Muslim radicals began attacking the U.S., each attack grew in strength while blending in with the surrounding civilians.  Civilian planes were hijacked and people killed by “civilians”.  A U.S. navy warship was rammed and bombed by a small civilian fishing boat, almost sinking it and killing many crew.  And the Twin Towers were bombed and almost destroyed by a few guys with a truck load of fertilizer bought for a mosque garden.

The U.S. found itself in a conflict that directly contradicted it’s military and social values.  It was at war with civilians, not a country.  And people of a particular religion, where targeting anyone for their religion was a value the U.S. had just spent 35 years stamping out. 

This came to a head on September 11, 2001 where 4 groups of 3 radical Muslims hijacked 4 civilian jumbo jets.  Each was turned into a flying bomb filled with tons of jet fuel, 3 of which were successfully rammed into major U.S. buildings, one into each of the Twin Towers and one into the Pentagon.  The 4th, designated for the U.S. Capitol, failed when the hijacked passengers attempted to overpower the hijackers and the hijackers flew the plane into the ground.

The U.S. responded initially in traditional fashion.  It tracked the perpetrators back to the country where they received training and support…and leveled the government and military (such as it was) of that country (Afghanistan).  The U.S. then revamped it’s intelligence services to go after an “organization” instead of a country and launched a covert war, assassinating hundreds of Muslim radicals.

Along the way the U.S. also leveled the government of Iraq, because the ruler was rather belligerent and supportive of terrorism, was also somewhat threatening and also just to make a point (don’t mess with us).  While the physical war was won, the cost crippled the U.S. and the point (don’t mess with us) was lost on an enemy that could fade away and spread like a virus – infecting cells around the world with their ideas.

Whenever the battle was physical, the U.S. could not be stopped.  But the U.S. was also the boogeyman of the Arab world.  And now the boogeyman was seen getting hurt.

The U.S., and even more so Europe, was (and is) hobbled by their social and military culture.  The enemy is a segment of a religion.  And he is mixed within civilian society.  He can’t be attacked directly without a lot of “collateral damage” – something no longer acceptable to Western militaries and society.  And he can’t even be identified without violating a social more’, targeting someone due to their religion.

By September 11, 2011, ten years after the attack, most Arab societies were continuing to dance and celebrate when Americans are injured or killed in terrorist attacks – even while the stability of their country’s is maintained by U.S. foreign and military aide.  Though they can’t overcome the U.S. head to head, a thousand pinpricks is taking it’s toll and part in the decline of the United States of America.  And the politicians of the U.S.A., heavily influenced by contributions and lobbying from the wealthy Arab nations, continues to ignore this reality.

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  1. I think there was another plane on which was later found box cutters stuffed in the seats, maybe the terrorists chickened out.

    The US is certainly in denial about it's Muslim problem. On one hand, there is a desire not to generalize and accuse a people for the actions of some 'extremists', on the other hand, the price of this political correctness might mean many more deaths.


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