Sunday, August 28, 2011

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The Well Equipped Nuclear Conference Room

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Welcome to the well equipped Israeli (business) conference room…


The Israeli business conference room is located in a hardened physical room on the office floor with 2 feet of reinforced concrete (called a mamad in Hebrew) and a heavy steel door (painted in pretty colors), aka a mini-bunker.  The door and room is air tight, with rubber seals around the door.

1 – This is a blast muffler on the air intake for the room.  The pressure wave from a blast can kill and air intakes into a bunker can actually focus the killing force.  The blast muffler prevents this.  A must for every well equipped safe conference room.

2 – Electric centrifugal vortex-style air pump with hand crank backup.  This guarantees fresh air for you and 50 of your colleagues should your business meeting turn into protective experience.  Should the power fail, a handy dandy hand crank can be attached to check out the muscle power of the group.  Very important for any conference room acting as a bunker for a large group of people.

3 – NBC, Nuclear Biological Chemical air filtration system.  If your enemy really want’s your meeting to end in a genocidal fashion, this system will keep you alive.  At least until you open door.

4 – White board.  For drawing, presenting your ideas or doodling while worrying about survival.

Such rooms can be found in office buildings and office towers throughout Israel.  At least someone is taking seriously the words of various surrounding madmen who have nothing better to do than threaten genocide against Israel and the Jews.

May Hashem bless us that all such equipment is a complete waste, never having to be used.


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